Logging Failed Unlock Attempts forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I'm trying to find a log file which will tell me when a user incorrectly enters a password at the gdm lock screen.The end goal is to detect when a user incorrectly enters the password and run a bash command when they do.If there isn't any way to detect this, is there another way that I can lock the screen which will log password attempts? Thanks

hugin 2014 doesn't work forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. hugin in the official repo is 2013 version. i tried the ppa of 2014 version and doesn't work. the error is some assert related to wx. when this important software will be upgrade? someone has the 2014 version working? best regards Thanks

mint 17.1 (64 bit; cinnamon) citrix receiver forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I came back to linux after a 8 year leave to osx. So I am rusty and to begin with I was never a power or very technical user (in whatever os). The only issue that keeps me from being able to ditch Windows alltogether is I cannot get Citrix receiver to install. There are some tutorials around for getting it set up in mint 11 or mint 13. But they don't seem to work in 17.1 Is there...

Application shortcuts disappear forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Please I need your help. I've install Linux mint three monthes ago, everything turns good but I've two problems : - I can't access to my interface graphic and applications (banshee..). Before it was possible but one day and I don't know why, the shotcut have disapear. - I can't finsh to install my packets in the terminal, something happens that makes that I can't actualize. You...

Flash PlugIn for FF and Palemoon updates forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. LM 13 Mint 32-Bit Since Adobe finally released a fix for the buggy Flash PlugIn, I would like to know if this fix was included in the latest update of mint-flashplugin. I have mint-flashplugin installed. However, both FireFox and Palemoon still show the buggy version of the flashplugin (Adobe version number Do I have to dump mint-flashplugin and install the Adobe flashplugin...

L?p ??t Camera Qu?n Ho?ng Mai, Tp h? N?i forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. quan Hoang Mai duoc danh gia la thi truong giau tiem nang, thu hut ngay cang nhieu su quan tam cua cac chu dau tu, khach hang. Trong tiem thuc va suy nghi truoc day cua nhieu nguoi, quan Hoang Mai noi rieng va phia Nam Ha Noi noi chung la khu vuc con nhieu han che, cach xa trung tam va cac dia diem trong diem cua thanh pho. Nhung suy nghi do duong nhu da thay doi hoan toan sau vai nam...

get_iplayer changes! this may help? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Dec14 UPDATE: it looks like get_iplayer has been updated and is working again, see https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer/wiki/ubuntu . Note: I'm not convinced it's working ok though as stuff is listed on the website which doesn't appear in get_iplayer, like when I checked there are 4 episodes of The Missing are on the site but not shown in get_iplayer! 28Dec14 new version...

Brief desktop freezes during disk IO forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. Whenever my laptop is doing something with a bit of intensive IO (a very common one is running an update via Update Manager or via the CLI / apt-get) the Cinnamon desktop will briefly become unresponsive. This can be anything from 5s to about 30s. It feels like it has become more pronounced as time as gone on, however it could just be that I have noticed them more as I have no real metric...

Problem with Mint shared folders (samba) forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I am trying to get some folders to be shared across the network with windows machines. I set it up using the samba configuration utility and it looks fine but windows refuse to see any one of them. I though that was working a while ago. I think there has been a samba update lately, not sure again. I scan to samba.conf file but nothing seems to be wrong. Can anyone give me a hand here...

Battery meter on panel suddenly stopped working! forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. This concerns the battery aplet in the panel. It was working perfectly, when I moved the cursor over the battery Icon it indicated the % of battery left and estimated time left . Then suddenly today it's stuck at "discharging 100%" and "8 hours left" Despite running the laptop for a long period of time it doesn't change,Always 100%. I tried rebooting several time but it always the...

Untrusted Packages on upgrade? (13 Cinnamon LTS) forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I just ran update/upgrade for the first time in about a week and most of the packages to be upgraded generated the warning: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# Resolving dependencies... The following NEW packages will be installed: lib32gcc1{a} libc6-i386{a} nvidia-331{a} nvidia-settings{a} The following packages will be REMOVED: nvidia-settings-319{u} The following packages will...

Applet has no connection forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. An error occurred while trying to access the server.Please try again in a little while. Details:<urlopen error [Errno 111] Connection refused> Thanks

Sound-theme-freedesktop app installed , no can find forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I saw that Sound.Theme.Freedesktop was installed in the Software Manager. I searched for it to load in Menu, but it was no where to be found. Went back to Software Manager to uninstall then reinstall. It said it could not remove it, check internet connection (which was just fine) . I then went to Synaptic Package Manager to uninstall it. It said no dice, you need to fix broken packages...

How to Install utorrent on Linux Mint 17 KDE? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I'd like to bump this up. Using LM 17 KDE. Followed the steps to install utorrent server in http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-install-utorrent-on-ubuntu-debian/ . It works well. Is it normal for the Konsole window to just sit there and do nothing after doing "sudo ln -s /opt/utorrent-server-alpha-v3_3/utserver /usr/bin/utserver"? It still works when I go to Firefox and bring it up but doesn't...

[Solved] Path/name of gnome contacts addr book? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I am using modem-manager-gui with my huawei GSM dongle; I am using gnome-contacts to manage contacts, as that is all that the modem-manager allows. What is the path to the address book data file?I will make a symbolic link to another file elsewhere on my portable data partition.* -TYVM -Sadhu *that's how I handle ALL data files: documents, downloads, desktop, music, etc etc etc.:...

Can I Customize How Chrome Apps Show when Minimized to Panel forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I'm using Rebecca/Cinnamon. I have several web apps that I use that I've turned into Chrome apps that I launch from the panel. I've created shortcuts for them and they work properly. I would like to differentiate them visually after launch when they are minimized. Right now, they all look alike Chrome when minimized. It would be great to be able to assign a different icon for the web apps....

Fullscreen Steam movies playing in bottom left of screen forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. See my Github bug report for this here and please comment to help confirm this bug: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/3699 I'm getting this on two completely different computers with different hardware and different displays.When full-screen Steam client Flash movies play they reflect the size of the Steam client window, except their position is always in...

How to get libsystemd dependcies for building evince forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I'm trying to build evince (the gnome PDF viewer) from scracth on Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon. Following this guide https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Evince/GettingEvince I've run Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# jhbuild build evince and searched for the dependecies reported as missing, adding them one by one (Is this really how it's done? ) I'm now down to only missing the followi...

Whatsapp web not working in Mint Chromium... (SOLVED) forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. but it works in Arch's. A while ago Whatsapp announced a web interface for its messenger ( https://web.whatsapp.com/ ). When I accessed to it in Chromium, it told me it only worked with Chrome at the moment. Silly, since it should work in Chromium too being both almost the same, but whatever. Now, it was surprising that the web interface actually worked with Opera (while also using...

File Explorer Crashes [SOLVED] forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. whenever i plug in any external storage device my file explorer closes, icons get removed off the desktop and the start button becomes unresponsive. ts is a newly installed mint 17 OS on X64 (about a week old install). i have done a update and upgrade of the OS and ts did not seem to help. i used to have ts issue before i did a format and its now back - at first i thought it...

Inkscape (0.91) Not showing in Applications > All [Solved] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I've come back to Mint after having affairs with other distros. Settled on Mate All is still in the honeymoon period but there's been a slight hiccup. I've just installed Inkscape but it isn't appearing under Application > Graphics like I thought it might. If I go to Application > All it isn't even listed there. Searching for it brings back the option to install it. I know it is install...

[SOLVED] XFCE fails to render whole Google Chrome window forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I have this weird problem when I switch between workspaces and I have on one workspaces opened Google Chrome or Chromium and when I came back to it XFCE seems to fail to render whole window. I have to focus to Chrome or sometimes also maximize it for XFCE to render it completely. I am not sure if this is the problem with XFCE or maybe just problem of Chrome. Also before I updated Chromium...

Simple Samba help forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. Ok, from my searching maybe no Samba question is simple. But what I would like is a simple full access share available to windows machines (win 8.1) with no username/password needed. I followed the guide here: https://www.howtoforge.com/samba-server-ubuntu-14.04-lts I am seeing the share but getting permission denied when accessing it. Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# anish@KingMedia...

Mintupdate won't update? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Over the last few days I've been receiving the following when doing my usual sudo apt-get upgrade (even after doing a sudo apt-get update): Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Calculating upgrade... Done The following packages have been kept back: mintupdate 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded. Why...

How to get the "tool box" back in Kolourpaint? [SOLVED] forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. having a bit of an issue getting the "tool box" to show in kolourpaint. Somehow it disappeared on me one day. I have it set to show the "tool box", but there still isn't anything there on the left side where it should be. Any ideas? Here is a picture to show you what I am looking at. Thanks

So frustrating!! Can't even install a simple program forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. So, I've downloaded the package XNViewMP-linux-x64.tgz to my Download folder.Following the Linux user manual, I open Synaptic Package Manager and seach for XNViewMP.It shows up, but I can't do anything.Instructions say to "Tick the box and select Mark for Installation."THERE'S NO BOX TO TICK.Whatever I try, the computer just sits there and does nothing.So I try through terminal mode.Type...

Trouble emptying/formatting ext.HDD (with GParted) forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I'm trying to 'make new' an external disc drive, using GParted to delete the partitions I had on it before, then put new partitions.The problem is that there's something on the drive that I cannot see, and that deleting prior partitions doesn't help (I know it's there because almost 15gig used, out of 1TB, on the "empty" drive - perhaps this is just something inherent to the drive itself,...

mysql-server install failure forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon Attempting to install mysql-server, which fails because of unmet dependencies / conflicts. Attempted: sudo apt-get install mysql-server Response: The following packages have unmet dependencies: mysql-server : Depends: mysql-server-5.5 but it is not going to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. Attempted: sudo...

software manager (mintinstall) not working forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I did an update (via panel which told me there were updates to perform). No after the updates of the system (mint cinnamon 17.1) software manager does not open anymore. I have tried reinstalling mintinstall but still the same. Starting it from the Mint menu it will ask root password then it will not do anything. Starting it from Terminal ($ sudo mintinstall) it gives me this: ...

wine software and nvidia-331 recommended drivers (SOLVED) forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I'm a very new user of Linux Mint 17.1 and I have this issue with wine software and nvidia-331 recommended driver. I have Acer E1-750G notebook with Nvidia GT740M graphics card. So, the problem is that, when I change to nvidia-331 recommended driver in Driver Manager, I cannot use wine and playonlinux, because they just vanish with the installing of nvidia-331 driver. And when I try...

Mint17 Desktop Workspace switcher forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I installed the desktop Workspace Switcher. Unfortunately the option disappeared to display names in the desktop switcher windows rather than just numbers. Anyone have an idea how to get display names to show ? Also if you know of a different desktop switcher I can download and replace this applet let me know. Thanks

can't install wine or any other software forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. can you help me out with this error im having when im trying to either install anything or updating mint@mint ~ $ sudo apt-get update E: Malformed line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/additional-repositories.list (dist) E: The list of sources could not be read. Thanks

Skype cam stop after few seconds of working forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. i have a problem with Skype cam last version from Software Manger Linux mint 17.1 After few seconds from cam conversation my skype video cam stop working and freezes i don't know what is the problem with it before i did this to lunch 2 skype sessions at the same time http://askubuntu.com/questions/171138/how-to-access-multiple-skype-accounts-in-ubuntu-12-04 but i delete the...

Suddenly I've got an Ubuntu logon screen forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Yesterday I uninstalled two things that I never use: cowsay and fortune.Each of these had dependencies that it said it would also remove, so I went with it, assuming that these must no longer be needed.I'm assuming that this has resulted in the following behaviour. When I shut down last night, I briefly saw an Ubuntu 14.04 screen and when I booted this morning, I now have an Ubuntu...

Silverlight alternative forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I've noticed some web sites are using Microsoft Silverlight (Hooter's Online ordering). Is there a Linux substitute package avialable? I saw something about Moonlight but nothing definative. I am a newbie to Linux. Thanks

64-bit runtime module for 64-bit apps under 32-bit Linux. forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. In the mid-nineties there used to be the Win32s runtime module to run 32-bit Windows programs under 16-bit Windows 3.xx, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Win32s . It was in the era when Windows 95 was developed, some features of that OS were backported to Windows 3.11 and 32-bit applications were on the rise. Is there any Linux counterpart with 64-bit runtime modules to run 64-bit Linux...

Software Manager won't accept account info forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I am trying to leave a review on Software Manager (very positive about ASUNDER) but it will not accept my password into Mint-community and will reject my review. I can sign in to Mint-community on any browser and my ID and password are accepted. Adding my Mint-community user name and password to my Software Manager (in >Edit>Account info) seems impossible. Anybody ever had similar problems?...

LinuxMint 17.1 and GCC 4.9 backport forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Now Linux Mint based only on Ubuntu LTS, so more-less newer version of software now look like a myth. So, simple qeustion: does GCC 4.9 backporting planed from Ubuntu 14.10 or not? Thanks

grub gui not found forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have been using grub for several years on a variety of distributions.All others, including older Mints(12.04, 12.10), allowed use of grub in a gui.Now, in Mint 17.1 xfce there is no gui.Is that an oversight?My ignorance?Or what?I typically have 6 distributions installed in 6 different partitions and cannot do so without a grub gui to edit and modify the boot menu.What can I do?That is...

Firefox(35.0.1) secure connection failed forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. Mint 17.1 xfce on amd64 Firefox(35.0.1)->Tools->Get Add-ons yields: ======================= Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to services.addons.mozilla.org. Peer's Certificate has been revoked. (Error code: sec_error_revoked_certificate) The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be ...

Firefox outdated plugins ... forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I am using Linux Mint Maya with satisfaction. A few days ago I have updated Firefox browser and now it appears a message saying: Firefox, outdated plugins: Adobe flash player, Quick time plug-in. My question is: how can I update them? Best regards Thanks

google-chrome-stable problems [Solved] forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. After the mainline upgrade of chrome (today 22 Jan) on one of my Xfce boxes I've run into some rendering problems. When I switch workspaces and come back to the one with Chrome running I get half a page of chrome, more often then not it's the top half of the page missing. I am running 17.1 Xfce and I've reinstalled chrome deb twice. Any thoughts guys? Regards Mikael Thanks

Spreadsheet forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. guys how are you, i do hope, pray and believe you are doing great. I'm looking for a spreadsheet application for mint with formulas which are similar to those of MS office, e.g countif, among others, libre office calc is a bit different from MS office, and im worried about editing those documents in MS office Thanks

mintsources update issue forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I have Mint 17.1 Cinnamon with KXstudio repos added as PPA's. The latest update of mintsources is telling me that if I update it will remove the KXstudio repos and KXstudio desktop. I dont want this to happen. If I update will I then have to re-add the PPA's to get back my KXstudio repos ? And any other PPA's as well ? Seems like the mint devs have dropped the ball on this. Advice please. ...

migrating files or libraries from Win to Mint forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. Is there a way to migrate my music library and photo library from Win 7 to Mint 17.1? I just installed the new Mint as a dual-boot to see how it works and I would now like to replace Win completely, but I don't want to lose the contents of these libraries. Also, I have multiple games installed (Sims, Halo, Doom, etc.), and the packaging on some does not indicate Linux compatibility-would...

Adobe-Flash (SOLVED) forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. UsingLM17.1 MATE Since the update to Adobe-Flash on 15 January 2015 (adobe-flashplugin I have been unable to view anything on YouTube.Is anyone else experiencing the same problem and, if so, have they managed to overcome it, please. Thanks

[Solved] I installed Conky, but where is it? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I've just installed Conky standard from Synaptic, but I don't know where to look for it... Here's what I have done, thinking it was enough: Thanks

Synaptic Package Manager won't launch (SOLVED) forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I have a problem in LM 17.1( Cinnamon 64 bit This is a Compaq Presario SR182ONX with 2.1 GiB of mem, AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3400+ x1.)This has an Nvidia C51(GeForce 6150LE) video card that i had to install the drivers from Nvidia in order to keep the video screen from blacking out. When i try to install any software with terminal I get the following message: pw@pw-3400 ~ $ sudo...

(Solved) How to change or add a new ring in Conky Lua. forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I have installed Conky luna and changed the line destined to show the percentage of swap used to show the percentage used in a NTFS disk (I changed "${swapperc}%" for "${fs_used_perc /media/Data}%" ). The problem is that now conky show me the percent in text properly, but the ring doesn't work, it's always on zero, and I don,t know how to fix it. I am using Mint 17.1 Rebecca. This...

[solved] SRW iron flashplugin not working forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. i am using the iron browser. unfortunately, i cannot make the flashplugin work. i downloaded the newest version of the libflashplayer.so and created a symlink in the /usr/share/iron/ directory, but the browser doesnt recognize it. flash applications dont work and the plugin its not listed under chrome://plugins/ i also have a firefox installation which is using the new libflashplayer.so...

Submit PDF forms from browser forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I know this issue has been discussed, but I can't find a solution. I, unfortunately, need the ability to submit pdf forms from within firefox. With Mint 13, I was able to open the pdf within firefox and submit the form. I now have a new computer with Mint 17 and I can't get the same functionality and I don't remember how I set it up in Mint 13. With Mint 17, I installed acrobat...

Calendar desklet's incorrect week numbering forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Mint 17.1 Cinnamon calendar desklet repeats weeknumber 13 and thus offsets all weeknumbers for rest of the year. Any solutions ? Thanks

[SOLVED] Totem/Movie Player High-DPI plays in 1/4 of window forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Totem movie player plays in the bottom ~1/4th of the player window.Even in full-screen mode, it still does it.Makes it completely useless, have to use VLC instead.This ONLY happens in Double High/Hi-DPI mode though.I'm on a 4K monitor and need this mode. Anyone else having this bug? Thanks

SOLVED Mint 17.1: no 'open' notifications on Panel forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Recently Mint's notification area on the Panel has stopped showing open windows like Firefox and Thunderbird sessions which had been minimized. It seems that minimizing actually now shuts down that application, and clicking on its icon in the Panel starts a completely new iteration. Help appreciated. Thanks

VLC stopped "launching" forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. An unusual situation I need to solve. VLC Media Player stopped launching from the menu.I have uninstalledit several ways (menu right-click, software manager, synaptic, terminal, etc.) and reinstalled, but always the samesituation.So... anyone have some ideas about this? Thanks

Virtualbox VM Acces denied [SOLVED] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I have been struggling for two day's creating a VM that can be used by multiple users. I run Mint 17 rebecca. Virtualbox 4.3.20 r96996 Purpose is to have a windows 7 machine available as VM for a couple of programs that wont run on Mint. I created a directory for the shared machine /Vbox Changed the group to vboxusers. Changed the rights to rwxrwx Problem is that each time a...

Riven (Myst II) on Linux Mint? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Every operating system I try I attempt to run this game and it never fails to fail. Has anyone ever got it to run on Linux Mint?I had hopes this time but I've worked with it about 3 hours tonight, both with Wine and PlayOnLinux and no dice. :/ http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/pc/windows-games/myst-ii---riven---part-1/ Thanks

adobe-flashplugin version is messed up?! forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. dpkg -l |grep -i flash iiadobe-flash-properties-gtk control panel for Adobe Flash Player plugin version 11 iiadobe-flash-properties-kde control panel Adobe Flash Player plugin version 11 iiadobe-flashplugin Adobe Flash Player plugin version 11 iimint-flashplugin-11 Adobe Flash plugin 11 I...

php5 not running after lamp installation - Solved forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Using tasksel I installed LAMP.Apache server displays 'it works' page.From the terminal php --version shows 5.5.9.But php does not display the test.php page I created.View source shows it's there. One video instructs to add # include /etc/php5/apache.conf to apache2.conf.Restarted server, no joy.Also looked and there is no /etc/php5/apache.conf file, so that seems like a wasted step. What...

Chrome - high memory usage forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I have problem with chrome browser - to much memory usage. Do you have same problem or this is normal for chrome and mint relatioship? Picture with details attached. Thanks

nemo cut & paste forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I am using Linux Mint 17.1 64bit. I have found recently that cut and paste from the context menu in Nemo doesn't work. If right click on a file and select copy and then move to another directory and right click the paste option is not available. Sometimes if I do a nemo -q and then launch nemo from the terminal paste is available for a while. the copt-to option also seems to work as...

Synapse not working in my Mint 17.1 forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I made a Mint 17.1 clean install yesterday and installed Synapse but I do not succeed to make Synapse work. Once Synapse is open it closes immediately when I type the first letter on my keyboard. A mouse click -left or right- on the desktop also triggers Synapse to close. Any idea how to fix that? Synapse worked without any problem on my Mint 17 installation. Thanks

Remote Desktop Application forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have been looking long and hard for a program RDP to access a computer running OS X, from Linux Mint 17 64 bit, on a side note I also need to be able to RDP into another computer running Linux Mint 17 64 bit, and if I can kill two birds with one program that would be ideal.If anyone can help, so far I've tried "gnome-rdp" and I had no luck getting it to open. I am a bit skeptical of installing...

GHOST glibc Remote Code Execution Vulnerability forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. From Kaspersky: https://threatpost.com/ghost-glibc-remote-code-execution-vulnerability-affects-all-linux-systems/110679 Has this been patched for 17 LTS? Thanks

Doom3/Dhewm3/RBDoom/Idtech4 forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I am trying to compile and run this so I can modify it. I have to get offline from the library, but I will be posting my progress here. This engine could make linux useable for gamers it runs on lower spec machines using dds Thanks

manually putting a WINE program in launcher forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I use Kubuntu on two other PCs, but I've decided to give Mint/Cinnamon a try on a little netbook.I've started loading up my favorite software, including some titles that will need to run under WINE.One of them is Ultralingua 6, a language dictionary that I purchased for Windows ages ago and which really helps me with my French and German.The edition I have of it does not have an installer,...

RESOLVED: GIMP swap errors forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. After upgrading from LM14 to LM17.1 both Mate, I get these warnings from GIMP all the time: "Unable to open a test swap file" and related errors, see screenshot. I didn't change anything, this was the way GIMP worked as shipped with LM17.1 Mate right after installation. I tried to uninstall and install GIMP again, same issue. Here are the directories that GIMP complains about:...

Failed to fetch forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I have installed the Linux Mint 17.1 and when doing the updates I have received this: W: Failed to fetch http://packages.linuxmint.com/pool/main/m/mintsources/mintsources_1.3.9_all.deb 404Not Found [IP: 80] Thanks

Cinnamon has crashed after update to libreoffice 4.4 forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. After update to libreoffice 4.4 when i reboot i get "Cinnamon has crashed. You are now running in fallback mode." I install sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/libreoffice/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install libreoffice No network eth0 and wlan0 are working anybody have the same problem? Thanks

Sid Meyer's Beyond Earth texture issues (but not in Ubuntu) forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I recently installed Sid Meyer's Beyond Earth on my System76 Galigo Ultrapro running Linux Mint MATE 64-bit.When running on Ubuntu, Beyond Earth had no issues, but after installing it on Linux Mint, the land textures and city textures are missing.This results in black earth and invisible cities. Is there some sort of texture compression software missing in Linux Mint that is installed...

Missing buttons in VLC forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. Only just seems to havehappened in the last couple of days. --The Min & Max buttons are missing from the top right of VLC Media player. Very annoying; all I can do is go to the menu & hit Quit. --Any solutions? Rgds. Mint 17 (64 bit Mate) AMD A6 -- 3.6GZ 8GB RAM Radeon Turbocache 6200 graphic Thanks

Firefox Vs Opera Vs Chrome Vs Chromium forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have a slow EDGE connection and I want to know which browser is best for me. I kinda like Firefox but Firefox 18 is a snail and I want something faster! Does anyone know the difference between Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Chromium Thanks

Great RDP (remote PC control) App forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I have quite a few OS's running around my house, one is a Vista machine I use for various things (hay..its been good to me) so I wanted to remote in to it from my Mint laptop, dug around in the software manager and stumbled on Remmina. It works so well I wanted to give the app a shout out as plain awesome. I installed the program, then the Remmina RDP plugin from the Mint software manager,...

[SOLVED] Update Manager doesn't auto refresh (Mint KDE 17.1) forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. No matter what frequency I set the Update Manager to auto-refresh, it never does. I can set it to refresh every day but the green tick still indicates there are no updates weeks later.If I then refresh the repo data manually using the refresh button (or at the command line), then new updates are discovered and the blue icon appears showing me that there are pending updates. Does anyone...

Linux 17.1 Mate 32bit & VBox guest additions forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I installed VirtualBox 4.3.20 and then after a few hours installed Mint 17..1 Mate 32 bit successfully, and then tried to install the guest additions of virtualbox. I looked at the help file, watched youtube videos, and checked forums. I could not find the commands to install the guest additions in a pure step by step manner so here I am asking for help as I am at a loss. Thanks

broken dependencies repair forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Evening: Recently, I installed LinuxMint17. A little while after install, I ran "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade". What a mistake, for i realize, now, I should have only run the "sudo apt-get update". Immediately after running the command, things started getting insane. Finally figured out O.S's got 'broken dependencies". So, got Chrome fixed, but need to know how to check...

I messed up Lazarus installation <SOLVED> forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I recently installed Mint 17.1 I thought I would experiment with Lazarus and assumed I could just select it in the Software Manager, when I first ran it I ignored a warning (cant remember what !) and now when I try to run it I get a heap of warnings about missing .lpk files : FCL, LazUtils, LclBase etc etc. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling and get same result How do I get rid of...

Simple-scan for Mint 17.1 KDE 64 bit forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Please, can someone tell me how to install Simple-scan? The online directions,in as much as there are any, are quite confusing. Thanks

Running Windows Batch File in Crontab forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I have a Windows batch file I need to schedule to run daily at 4:00 a.m. I've tried using the GUI Task Scheduler first. I've used all of the following comands there, too: wine start "Z:\home\amber\UpdateEPG.bat" wine cmd /C updateepg.bat These work when run in Terminal mode, but when scheduled as tasks, they never actually execute. I've tried opening Terminal and running crontab...

deleting .tmp files forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I have a growing collection of .tmp files in a folder on my NAS drive. They have been generated by MuseScore and I cannot delete them. The reason reported is that the file or application using the file is still open. This is not so however, it still happens after a shutdown and reboot of my laptop and MuseScore is definitely not running. I presume that MuseScore should not be leaving...

How to make "Transmission" run at Start up SOLVED forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I am running Mint 17 and would like to make " Transmission" automatically run at start up. I keep forgetting to load this ! - is it possible ??, also it would be good to include "Skype" Thanks

Website Text Sizes forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. When I visit various websites using Firefox 35.0.1, every one displays a different text size (usually too small).When I adjust them to the size I want, the next time I return to a site the text has reverted to its former size.Did not have such a problem using Firefox with Windows.Is there some setting I'm missing that will correct this.Using Mint 17 v2. Thanks

Automate command line at startup forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I don't know if we can call this programming, but didn't know where to put it.) I'm trying to automate two command lines, a synclient and a syndaemon. They both work well if I type them manually in a terminal, but if I do a littre script to do this, tap to click and scrolling don't work anymore. This is the script I wrote: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# #!/bin/bash synclient...

Google Earth installed, but cannot find. (solved) forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I have Google Earth installed in Linux Min 17.However, I cannot find it anywhere in my computer! Is there something that I should be doing? It is definately installed. Thanks

anything that promps for password never opens forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I just installed 17.1 Mate and I noticed that anything that has to ask for my password never actually opens.For example if I try to go to system settings or anything like that, it prompts for my password, I enter it, and it never opens. Is there a way to fix that? I think part of the issue is that the default user that got created used ID 1000, which is the same as my main user on...

Can someone recommend a file finder for Mint? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. The file finder I've used in Kubuntu has been KFind.I've also used it in Mint/KDE.It works great in both these KDE-based distros, but it fails in Mint/Cinnamon.It doesn't crash, but no matter what you're searching for, it says, "Error.0 files found."I therefore either need to find whatever KDE module is missing to restore KFind's functionality (if that's even possible) or find a different...

unable to locate Systemback [Solved] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. in Mint Cinnamon have run the lines $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nemh/systemback $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install systemback but get "Unable to locate package systemback" Any solutions ? Thanks

login screen is not fullscreen forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. linux noob here" installed linux mint 17.1 64bit today. my problem is login screen is not full.its about3/4 th of the monitor. my pc uses onboard graphics.old g31 chipset. Thanks

Update Manager problems on Mint 17 forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I think I am having this problem with the (panel) Update Manager not showing updates. Now, I know that Mint is free, and it is great in many ways, but, really, this is something that has to be got working! I have filed a bug report. EDIT: I've posted the bug here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/linuxmint/+bug/1415316 Might I ask others who are affected by this problem to go to that...

FTP Users Cannot Delete Files forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. My FTP project mentioned in previous posts is now just about there. The FTPusers are able to login to my machine and pull back the data files they need. After they have been pulled back and processed I no longer really need them. Rather than me do the house work it would be ideal if the FTPusers could delete their files. Herein lies the problem. Although they can read the files they cannot...

Save VLC Stream forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. How do I save a stream using VLC? Where is it saved to? I stream something, press the red Record Button. How do I save it? Thanks

Can't get authorisation to Win7 Homegroup printer forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I'm trying to give new life to two redundant computers. On one, I've installed the Win 10 preview, found the Workgroup, found the Win 7 m/c with the printer on and then finally by using the Workgroup's password accessed the printer and printed a test page. On the other m/c I've installed Mint, and using SAMBA, I've got as far as seeing the Win 7 m/c I'm looking for in the Workgroup...

Problems installing Google Earth Pro forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Google announced that Google Earth Pro is now free. (Here is the link... http://gizmodo.com/google-earth-pro-is-now-free-1682987518 ) So last night I registered and downloaded the program (33.2mb) but when I attempt to install it does nothing....no install process...nothing, just sits there. When I downloaded it Google sent the file GoogleEarthLinux.bin, so I didn't get the Windows or...

Newbie query - how do I copy a DVD in Mint 17 forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I just installed Mint 17.1 and tried to copy a 5.7 GB DVD using Brasero 3.10.0.I clicked on the "Disk copy" button and when the copy function finished and I inserted a blank DVD R+ nothing happens.Ideas? Thanks

Installing bitmask forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I followed this guide to install bitmask but it didnt work. Im using xfce x64, 17.1. https://bitmask.net/en/install/linux Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) To install sudo -s add-apt-repository "deb http://deb.bitmask.net/debian utopic main" wget -O- https://dl.bitmask.net/apt.key | apt-key add - apt-get update apt-get install bitmask leap-keyring Linux-Home ~ # apt-get...

Software to monitor CPU, RAM etc forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Ive seen some screenshots of people having a desktop widget showing CPU, RAM, temperature etc. Ho do i install / enable that? Thanks

Trouble with AqBanking online banking setup for GnuCash forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. The one program really keeping me using Windows is Quicken which I use for accounting in my chiropractic applied kinesiology practice. GnuCash looks promising but one feature in Quicken that's a great time saver is the ability to sync with my bank online. When I try to set up online banking in GnuCash, I get about two steps in to the AqBanking Wizard and then nothing. I see a box with...

DLNA / Apache issue [Solved] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I'm having problems with software using the apache web server. Neither spotcommander ( http://olejon.github.io/spotcommander/ ) nor minidlna seem to be able to get anything out on my local wifi. I have used minidlna to stream to my android devices on other ubuntu-based distributions (lubuntu, xubuntu, elementaryOS), and I have used spotcommander to control my spotify client, but...

Black Screen after login forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Can someone please tell me how to fix this. I have been using Ubuntu and wanted to try ou mint. I installed it alongside Ubuntu and it worked fine. I had problems with Mint's internet connection being slow, when Ubuntu's wasn't (I got that fixed later). So I found this one tutorial that said to type the following (add some repository that I cannot remember) sudo apt-get install...

[Solved] How to list available backport packages forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. Linux Mint 17.1 I've enabled backports repository in synaptic. How do I list available backport packages, looking for vlc, gnome-commander ...? How do I install them a) from synaptic, b) from the commandline? Haven't found any good links on backports in google. are there any useful links. Thanks

Installing and running WebCalendar forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Another ?Newbie? to linux running on mint 17.1. My first download, extract, and install was ?TrueCrypt?. No problems with that. My next download,extract ?WebCalendar-1.2.6.tar.gz?,creates WebCalendar-1.2.6 folder, ok. Folders and PHP scripts all displaying on screen ok, How do I get it to run? Thanks

Laptop shutdown when playing video forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. All, I am new on this forum and have installed on my laptop Linux Mint Rebecca version 17.1 32 bit. When I want to play a video true youtube the laptop shut down. I have to restart the laptop. Is there a solution for this problem? Thanks

weird flash error message forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. ok,I'm using linux mint 17and have screwed something up,which I do from time to time I've been having issues updating flash,andbrowsed a few sites that recommended downloading a non free flash player thing?which I did using sudo.It didnt workbut I finally got a flash updatethat I assumed would take care of it,but now youtubevideos in firefox I get this error message http://forum...

Update Manager no longer downloading updates forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. A couple days ago, update manager for Mint 17.1 has stopped downloading updates, or times out because it can't connect to security.ubuntu.com/dists/trusty-security/InRealease Thanks

Catalyst control center forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. After experiencing video tearing with the open source ati driver for my HD 6450, I decided to install the proprietary ati driver, version 14.5. (I used https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD Step 3) It worked. However, I cannot access the control center GUI. Whether I try to launch it from the menu or from the CLI, it does nothing. When Irun "gksudo amdcccle" it...

Android Keyboard/Mouse for Mint forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I'm looking for recommendations for a keyboard/mouse app on Android that can be used to control Mint.I am on Maya Cinnamon and Android 4.4.I've done some looking and have tried Andromouse, which uses a Java application on the server side and WiFi or bluetooth to connect.The Java application seems to cause issues with web browsing and the GUI on the Android app is pretty bad.I've also...

Chrome as default & importing Yahoo/Att.mail address book? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Okaythen,,, Question #1,,, how do I make Google Chrome my default browser and Question #2,,,how do I import my email address book from Yahoo/Att.mail ? dick Thanks

vncviewer forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I'm using the default vncviewer provided. There is a issue with black-and-white scroll bars. Is there a way to replace them with normal scroll bars? Thanks

automatic mountpoint assignment on mount? SOLVED forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. Mint 17 Mate 64-bit When I plug in a USB device it automatically mounts to a directory in /media/$user/ named after the device label, and when you unplug it that directory disappears. When I do 'sudo mount /dev/sdx' I must specify a directory, that must be created aforehand, otherwise it will not mount.Then when I do 'sudo umount /dev/sdx' it does not remove the directory. This creates...

unlock and delete files forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. when i used windows i had 'unlocker' for the stubborn files that didn't want to be deleted. is there something similar i can use for mint 16? i've gone to the software manager and haven't been able to find anything yet. Thanks

GParted Live cd forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Guys, I recently put a post on about formatting an old hard drive and the answers said to use GParted, I have downloaded the ISO and made a CD but now I don't know how to install/run the program! I am a complete newbie and am struggling to get used to Linux (I have come from Windows!!!). Please help!! Thanks

Text editor Kate forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. After installing the Text editor Kate using Synaptic, when I open it, at the first glance the window doesn't have the same aspect the "Get screenshot" as in the synaptic has, less buttons and bars. But it'n not all, the worst is that it can not be used, since any option like open, save, save as, etc. causes the application to close right away. Does someone knows how to manage this? T...

Wysiwig HTTP editor .... forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. It's a few years since I've needed to do any serious web-page editing.I used to use SeaMonkey as a wysiwig editor.I can do HTML in a text editor, but I'm just idle!I found that there are no packages available these days, even from the Debian repos.The only installable package I found was Amaya, and that seems to be quite broken currently.I have found both SeaMonkey and BlueGriffon.Neither...

Installing f.lux or redshift forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. For f.lux ive tried this guide but it doesnt work: There is a tgz but dont know how to install it, if that solution is better. https://justgetflux.com/linux.html sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kilian/f.lux sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install fluxgui $ sudo apt-get update E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable...

Package lists error forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Can anyone understand this error and what I can do about it? It happens when I try to install any application using aptitude. I am using Mint 17 64 bit. Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# sudo apt-get install hplip-gui Reading package lists... Error! E: Encountered a section with no Package: header E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/packages.linuxmint.com_dists_qia...

Citrix receiver firefox .PAC script HTTP Download failed forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I'm trying (for several days now ) to get citrix receiver 13 to work on Linux Mint 17. The .deb file works just fine in Gdebi. I can go to my company's login website in firefox, but then it stalls. The error i get: Cannot detect proxy server Contact your help desk with the following information: .PAC script HTTP Download failed: Connect failure. With the utility hdxchec: ...

[SOLVED] No usb devices in Virtualbox forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I have XP installed on Mint 17 as a virtualbox program. I want to use an electronic keyboard instrument on the XP. I have not been able to get Virtualbox to recognize the usb connection. I have read and attempted to do what the help files of Virtualbox say, but so far unsuccesful. Here is what I have connected to my computer: Bus 001 Device 004: ID 058f:6377 Alcor Micro Corp. Multimedia...

Gedit embedded terminal color problem forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. everyone! I have a problem with the gedit embedded terminal plugin , the color scheme makes it unusable, and it doesn't seem to be changeable from within the program. I have extensively searched this forum and other resources and tried all the solutions proposed, but to no avail. -The http://blog.pengyifan.com/change-gedit-embedded-terminal-colors/ didn't work for me, because gedit...

Installing Leafpad *Solved* forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. So, im trying to install Leafpad to lower my swap. sudo apt-get install leafpad Reading package lists... Error! E: Encountered a section with no Package: header E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_trusty_multiverse_i18n_Translation-en%5fUS E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened. ^ This comes up when i use the install...

Installing Chromuim (Software Manager) *Solved* forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Im trying to get Chromium but my Software Manager wont run. It asks for me to input my password and once i do, it just exits. I click on the application again and it asks for my pass, then exits out again. Whats wrong and how can i fix it? Thanks

SaviHost forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I wonder is anybody else has had any success using savihost on LinuxMint http://www.hermannseib.com/english/savihost.htm I have found a couple of very old postings: http://music.columbia.edu/pipermail/linux-audio-user/2005-November/028340.html http://quicktoots.linux-audio.com/toots/vst-plugins/ However, neither of them have helped me Savihost is such a useful little program...

remote control volume level [solved] forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. LinuxMint 17 Cinnamonx64 I would really like to remotely control the volume on my PCfrom an android phone. I tried several apps I found while googling around, but none of them work. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks

How do I fix my file system after BleachBit wrecked it? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Ran BleachBit with "Wipe Free Disk Space" it stopped or something and the screen locked w/o responding, hard reboot then Mint comes up with 0 bytes free on file system. I check properties of FS and it says 0 bytes free and 140TB space. I don't have a 140TB hard drive, it should be 80GB. How do I fix the file system? See image: http://i.imgur.com/aB68HE4.png Thanks

alternative for: cd box labeler pro forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. in my time of only windows I used to use the cd box labeler pro program to make excellent cd covers for jewel cases etc. - My Question is simple. Is there a similar prog in linux with sort of same quality? Thanks

Youtube download problem. forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I'm using Firefox (the repository version) on 17.1 x64 KDE. Flash also from repository. Although I can see without problem the videos on various sites (mainly Youtube), the video download addons (and I tried some) doesn't seems to be able to locate the streams and download them. Does someone else faced this problem? Any hints? TIA! G. Thanks

Icons of Chrome apps in window forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I run a lot of Chrome apps as stand alone window, for instance Tweetdeck, Inbox, Calendar etc. When I do this on a Windows machine, these windows have their respective icons in the task bar (favicons). On Linux however, they have the default Chrome icon, making my task bar a long line of buttons all with the same icon. Even Hangouts has the Chrome icon. Is there a way I can change this...

XScreenSaver is reporting that it is a VERY old version forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. My XScreensaver keeps telling me that it is a very old version - I try to update from the Software Manager it tells me that it's the current version, I try to update in APT and it tells me the same thing - if I try to download a new .deb file from the website it tells me that the dependency is unsatisfiable.Can we please get an updated version of XScreensaver for LMDE Software Manager? ...

Disks tool - Secure Erase/ what password is used? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. booting from a live 17 mint Gui Udisks utility to clean the disk(Secure Erase). at this point a power outage. now I have a locked drive. Unlock the disc requires a password. issue a password using Disk Utility? How can I regain disk space, I do not need the data. hdparm -I /dev/sdb /dev/sdb: ATA device, with non-removable media Model Number: ST1500DL003-9VT16L ~~~~~~~ Security: Master...

Get rid of Firefox! forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I don't understand why LinuxMint continues to include Mozilla Firefox as the default browser. Firefox has devolved to the point where it is more of a hindrance than an aset. It needs to go. The first thing I do when installing Mint is replace Firefox. Why? It is incredibly unstable. It freezes constantly, it continually tries to override my Lastpass plug-in making Lastpas almost useless....

Worried: Auth. req. for hibernating, other users logged in forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. When I want to hibernate my computer, I am prompted for password with this message - see screenshot: Authentication is required for hibernating the system while other users are logged in. I've had this computer for nearly two years, upgraded to LM17.1 Mate a few weeks ago, never been an issue before. It worries me that someone else might be logged in to the machine. No-one seems to be...

PokerstarsEU forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. my name is leviera and I am a linux newbie.. I tried to work my way through the forum in order to resolve my issue but cant seem to make it work(and sometimes I do not get the advise given ). My System:CPU~Dual core Intel Core i5-2520M CPU (-HT-MCP-) clocked at 800.000 Mhz Kernel~3.13.0-37-generic x86_64 Up~54 min Mem~1019.0/3835.8MB HDD~250.1GB(15.1% used) Procs~186 Client~Shell inxi~1.8.4 and...

Installing Irfanview forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. Real newbie here.I've downloaded the installer (iview_438setup.exe) but no matter what I try, it doesn't work.Yes, I do have Wine, but obviously don't know how to use it.Now what?I'm real close to giving up and going back to Windows. Thanks

Where to get quality traffic for my affiliate website www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I am trying to find good traffic source for my affiliate website and I would like to ask you for help. I am not able to find traffic source with lower CPC then adwords and with quality traffic. I know sites like trafficvance etc. but the problem is high minimal deposit because I do not want to pay so much money on deposit. Now I do not know If I could focus on adwords and trying to find...

Screen blurs in and out at random forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I re-installed Mint 17 Cinnamon yesterday and since then it's been blurring the screen in and out randomly.It takes a half a second to go from fully sharp to blurred, waits some apparently random period of time and then sharpens again. The best analogy I can think of is when a web browser downloads a picture and displays it has enough to displays a low res image as soon as it can and...

Looking for commission sales/advertisers! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Looking for people to advertise my site and receive commission based income! I have a site where I am currently only selling one item, but I have a high stock of the item and the price is good. I used to sell the item on ebay at a rate of 4-5 an hour but since it was considered a prohibited item on eBay I stopped selling it there, though it is a completely legal product (and of good qu...

You tube echo forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Hope this is the right section. I had to remove SolydKBE yesterday after a disasterous upgrade rendered it unuseable on my hardware, I installed Mint 17.1 KDE in it's place and used the /home partition left by SolydK (to keep my data intact). Now I have a couple of issues, one being a very bad echo and scratchy audio on YouTube. I got rid of the scratchy audio by removing pulse audio (have...

What would be the best affiliate for my site? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I am curious on the best affiliate site for my simple gaming website, instagameplay . Right now I'm getting around 300 visitors a day with 0 marketing. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make money off this either affiliate programs or selling the site as a whole? Thanks

Obspy for rebecca forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. to everyone, I have Linux mint 17.1 rebecca that has problem installing obspy. Infact the same obspy says to install python3-obspy that is not possible to find. Can you help me? Thanks

Looking for chat offices that can generate clean sales, no fraud are allowed www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. For all interested office that can promote and generate sales through chat traffic you are all welcome to this thread looking for a long term business relationship AFFILIATE DETAILS -30pps -weekly payout -1week holding period - trial membership landing page link to sell -easy to market program for more details add me in skype and lets talk about business. skype name: g...

Bombono DVD disappears forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have Bombono installed for a while and have recently come to use it again. After producing a video file with Shotcut, I have come to transfer it to DVD using Bombono, but Bombono crashes. Bombono opens no problem, but when I try to import any video clip, the program simply disappears and is no longer running. It use to work fine. I'm still getting use to Linux, so please be patient...

MySQL Workbench Performance forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. As my database grows (not that many entries but quite a few BLObs) the performance of MySQL Workbench is deteriorating significantly. Whilst I would not be surprised on a table(s) that used BLObs and are growing I am surprised that the same is happening on a fairly simple table (integer auto-increment index, two character strings, an integer and a single character field ? the boolean...

Adult Cam Traffic Support Thread (looking for tips) www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I, like many others, am using Tumblr to snag a $hit load of adult related traffic. I was sending this traffic to my site and then advertising with both plugrush and chaturbate. I decided to switch it up a bit for three reasons: 1) my conversion with charturbate (the free sign up) seems to be getting $hittier 2) i read about people getting $screwed by chaturbate as their earnings grow. 3)...

VLC issue with opening mkv files forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. since installing Linux Mint 17, every time I open a mkv file with vlc, the last frame of the last video I opened is shown in transparency. This issue does not show with other video formats. Screenshot here--> http://it.tinypic.com/r/2i6kuth/8 Does anyone have any clue? Thanks

Social Media/ Instagram Affiliates/ Affiliate Program www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. My product sells well through instagram. I wondered if there were any affiliate programs where people could promote my product on their social media site and I could pay them on a CPA basis if someone goes through their link or their discount code and buys? Thanks

Speech Recognition for Mint forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. dose anyoneknow/try anySpeech recognition software for Mint? admittedly this is just curiosity at the moment but I still want to know if anything like this exist. Windows 7 have a built in engine so I was curious if Linux also have something like it. Thanks

Has anyone tried Oojoo? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Has anyone tried oojoo ? is it legit? i have heard afew reviews not so encouraging about it, how about you people? Thanks

[SOLVED] Digikam won't start on cinamon 17.1 forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I've installed digikam from the official repository and at the start, I get the splash screen of digikam and the nothing, it quits. here are the logs: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# digikam(20541)/kdeui (KIconLoader): Error: standard icon theme "oxygen" not found! Object::connect: No such signal org::freedesktop::UPower::DeviceAdded(QDBusObjectPath) Object::connect: No such...

Direct Linking on Twitter www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Does anyone know Twitters rules for direct linking to adult cam sites via your affiliate link that has been shortened via bit.ly? I have some offers I would like to push but don't wish to get banned. Thanks

List of O.S. difficulties forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Afternoon: Those who cruise any of the forum 'topics" will have seen my posts. I'm going to list ALL the problems I've had/am having since install of LM17 (now 17.1) cinnamon 64 bit. 1. Cannot get webcam to operate. Have tried cheese, VLC, and guvcview 2. From splash screen to complete boot-up takes almost 1 minute. 3. Just recently, does not install programs (tried to install...

Synaptic stuck on ttf-mscorefonts-installer SOLVED! forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I tried to install ttf-mscorefonts-installer, but it freezes my Synaptic Package Manager. When I try to install the ttf-mscorefonts-installer, A 'DOS' looking window appears and asks me to <Ok> the agreement. Nothing I do will allow me to continue the install, Stop the install, or Cancel the Install. A Window pops up saying that my "Installation of the mscorefont-installer has not been...

Help a newbie xD www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. BHW people, I have been lurking for ages and reading about people's upsides and downsides with affiliate programs so I decided to try my luck and see what it will bring. I have had several unsuccessful tries with other things so I am going to give this another try. I would be grateful if you help me understand some things that are confusing me: 1. The Niche -Okay, so I have...

File Transfer via PuTTY forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I am able to login to a Linux server from my Mint 13 laptop using PuTTY-SSH. I need to be able to transfer files in both directions and the suggested way is 'pscp'. The problem is that I cannot seem to get it to work having reduced one test file to zero bytes! All the online documentaion I have found seems to deal with Windowz to Windowz or Linux to Windowz transfers. What commands do...

What's a good affiliate program for an apparel brand to join? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I run an apparel business and we sell fun, cool, whacky, outrageous cut/sew sublimation printed clothing. We target non-generic keywords that are searched for over 100,000 times a month for example "[insert name of drug] clothing" and would like to get some affiliates to help promote. What's a good affiliate network to join for this? Thanks

Online head shops with bongs and glass pipes www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. Anyone here interested in being an affiliate for a online head shop selling bongs and glass pipes. Items ship from USA at the lowest price for higher conversion rate. Beautifully designed website. Fastest shipping, no need to wait 2 months from international websites. Drop me a PM for more info. Would love to chat. Thanks

Can't install Grive tools forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Seems to be quite straightforward but doesn't work. I've followed this steps: Add the repository... sudo apt-add-repository ppa:thefanclub/grive-tools Then... Hit the Enter key, type your password when asked, and hit Enter again when asked if you want to add the repository. Do not close the Terminal. Installing Grive Tools and Grive Now, paste the following commands...

Can I see What your wordpress affiliate page looks like? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I was hoping someone would be kind enough to show me their layouts of there websites that are making money via affiliate advertising. I joined this forum in order to try and make money from home due to being sick with cancer... I cant work anymore in the real world and I been doing my best from home with trying to make money.. So far I became a virtual assistant and I also opened a...

Can't get rid of held broken packages forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I'm trying to install Grive tools but I receive error messages about broken packages. When I try to delete those packages I have this message: E: We were unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. E: Error, pkgProblemResolver :: Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages. E: can not correct dependencies E: Error, pkgProblemResolver :: Resolve generated...

how to make monodevelop left-to-right forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I've installed monodevelop but it appears to be right-to-left, the curly brackets are reversed , like this for example public void a() } { he marks "}" as begining and "{" as end, I think the problem is with my locale, I'm using ar-SY linux mint 17.1 64-bit cinnamon rebecca, I changed monodevelop's language to english,same thing, what do I do ? Thanks

Aliexpress Affliliates extension for Chrome www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I have created an extension for Chrome browser to make my stats in Aliexpress Affiliates portal more informative. In particular it shows a country of the user who made an order and also calculates future commission. It's free and you can find it in Google Webstore by HelperAli name. Feedback is welcome! Thanks

Mint cinnamon installation problem forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. Mint experts. I posted this problem in a different category and several answers tried to address the problem albeit indirectly because of the wrong category. no one was able to provide a good answer or solution so I am trying again here. I'll give the problem history to better illustrate and explain it. I downloaded (from several sites including Mint Home) Mint Cinnamon (rebecca)....

Backup and restore Linux Mint forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I would like to completely backup to an external hard-drive, and then later restore my linux mint (I'm trying out Debian, actually*.) Naturally, I'm doing this by partition. However, how do I tell Mint about the new swap space once I put it back on?Is there a way to move them both at once?What issues am I likely to encounter (boot flags, ect) moving the partitions back and fourth? I'm...

Stellarium - Only Get Flash Screen forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I recently installed Stellarium on a pretty fresh install of Mint 17.1.I just used the Software Manager to install i.When I tried to open it all I got was a spash screen and then nothing. I looked around and couldn't find a system log file for Stellarium.I did find the following system log for the time that I tried to start Stellarium: Feb 19 13:59:53 tom-ThinkPad-R61e wpa_supplicant[963]:...

Mint 17.1, VLC- Equalizer won't load user settings? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. HI all- Believe it or not, I just moved from 9!!! So, I went in & adjusted VLC eq- now sounds great....except, when I close & re-open VLC, the settings are there, but with EQ no longer "ticked"? So, it's "flat", until I tick to enable? I have tried all I know. Help, my Mint gurus? Ta! Thanks

Adult Version of Ad Sense www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I have an adult blog that is getting about 600 visitors a day.Does anyone know of adult version of adult sense I could put on it? Thanks

[SOLVED] Cannot get Enigmail installed forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I'm trying to install Enigmail via the wizard but it cannot find gnupg file. It is definitely installedand I can see it in the Home/user directory (.gnupg) but the Enigmail wizard cannot see it so I cannot install enigmail. Where to now with this? I have limited knowledge of both Mint and encryption. Edit: I'm using the latest Thunderbird, gnupg and enigmail and running Rebecca 17.1 Cinnamon ...

starting up with affiliate market ???????????? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. now its almost a year and still i am searching how to make money on google but results are all fake. I have read at many places that there is some real money in affiliate programmes. I just want to start with affiliate programmes but don't know how to do it properly. My aim is to earn 1000$+ per month. All i know is- 1.choose a product 2.sell it 3.earn commission per sale now my...

[Solved] How to report bugs with Linux Mint packages? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. What is the most effective and efficient way to report problems with Linux Mint programs - from a users point of view? There has to be some thing that is quick, easy and usable. What and where is it? Thanks

There are mobile traffic from the United States - looking for an affiliate program. www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. There are visitors from the United States, the source - mass mobile SMS sending. I am looking for an affiliate program that takes these visitors (Bankruptcy, Home Security. Etc.) It is best Pay-Per-Call. Thanks

Pgp isseus <SOLVED> forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. as a novice Mint user I keep encountering troubles without setting up pgp Keys to secure my mail. While generating New Keys under a root or superuser account does work, it just keeps budging under my normal account. Also my regular account is linked tot the superuser/root group with elevated rights. Plz help for I never encounteredthese problems under Arch Linux of any other distribution...

I share my Coupon code on retailmenot! which is wrong arvixe or retailmenot www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Last day i share my arvixe coupon code on retailmenot. I see onretailmenot 14 people used it on last day. It's so shocking i do not geteven a single cent. My Question is there have any error? Either retailmenot showing error or arvixe doing something bad. Is there anyone have any experience like this or any one can advice me what wrong happen with me? Thanks

Mint Backup tool bug? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Minters, I'm happily employing Linux Mint since a couple of years and always been satisfied. I found what may be a bug, but before filing I'd like to understand the correct behavior of the mint backup tool. I have an external hard drive where I use to backup things in an "incremental" way. WHen I started preparing my backups with the backup tool, in the past, I always required to...

Make $$$/BTC for referring Bitcoin traffic. BitQuick affiliates, earn up to 50% commission www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. Disclaimer: I am the founder of BitQuick.co. Please ask any questions you may have. The BitQuick team is very happy to announce the launch of our https://www.bitquick.co/affiliates ! Thanks

Gespeaker doesn't recognize mbrola voices [solved] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I've installed "Gespeaker" in LM17 from the package repository by using synaptic. I've also installed "mbrola" package and mbrola voice en1. Gespeaker works well with espeak voice but unfortunately it seems unable to recognize the installed en1 mbrola voice. The same goes with other mbrola voices installled in /usr/share/mbrola On the other hand if I use the command: Code: http:/...

Can you review our brand new Affiliate Program? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. We have just completed our brand new website and affiliate program.Are we allowed to post the URL here and request a review of the program? Thanks

Rsync - Luckybackups - FWbackups - SSH Troubles forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. So, if I understand the research i did to its fullest, which I am convinced I dont... When you want to backup to another Linux machine via SSH on your local network, both machines need to have Rsync installed. This research came from errors within luckybackup trying to backup to another Linux Machine. That machine did not have rsync on it. I cannot put Rsync on the other machine as...

Best Affiliate Tracking Software To Use? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. What is the best affiliate tracking software to use? I run a service that I charge monthly for via PayPal and would like to set up an affiliate section to offer affiliates a chance to earn X% of monthly subscriptions. Any suggestions much appreciated! Thanks

Cannot find libpulsecommon-1.1.so shared library forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I am using Linux Mint Nadia. I'm having a problem with the library libpulsecommon-1.1.so I was installing the program kile. By typing "kile" the terminal shows: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# kile: error while loading shared libraries: libpulsecommon-1.1.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory At first, I tried to search the library, but this command returns...

Possible Affiliate Niche? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I thought I might've found a profitable affiliate niche, but the problem I ran into is that the main niche targeting keyword receives roughly 9,000 searches a month.BUT there really isn't many reliable keywords along with it.Is it possible to get traffic while using 2-3 keywords throughout your whole ENTIRE affiliate site that would promote about 30-40 products? Thanks

Dolphin not working [solved] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. yesterday I reinstalled my Mint 17.1 Cinnamon 64bit, and when I installed and started my favorite file manager, Dolphin, there was a big surprise, cause there is only a gui with textboxes but no icons, it can't even show a folder anymore. What am I doing wrong, I installed it with the software manager...? Greetings Thanks

A good cam affiliate PPS program? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. can you advice a good cam affiliate PPS program? I already know jasmin but i would like something else Do you have any advices? Thanks

Mac to Linux - iCal to Evolution forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I have set up Mint on a Dell D630 laptop and it works fine, in fact couldn't believe how simple it was. However I cannot seem to be able to figure out how to get my Calendars (iCal) from Mac to (Evolution) on Mint. Could someone please give advice on this. Thanks

What is the best affiliate program for porn webcams? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. As the topic Whatis the best affiliate program for porn webcams ? Imean the one in which sticks nicely earn and thus it will be a longtime to sit, and I'll count the profits. I would like to join thisco-pays 100%. Best if they were payments weekly, or daily rate if itis possible, of course, after an appropriate balance in your account.When it comes to recruitment portal that will...

Scrolling in Linux Mint forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I moved from Win 7 to Linux Mint 17.1 some time ago and find that the method--or absent method--of handling scrolling on web pages is the greatest single incentive for moving back to Windows. Thanks

100% honest and trusted hosting program that you recommend ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I mean some really concrete co-pays on time, the best day or even a week's payment. It would be good if immediately ranked among the shares after the sale (in the sense of them verified, accept, or sell and Depending on the type of payments be it daily or weekly, for example, I withdraw. Paypal account). I want to promote without hands, eg. To the customer in person, by mail after e-mail,...

Wine, VLC is trying to open 'browse virtual C:/ forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I installed Wine and Play on Linux on mint 13 Mate x64. Completely without thinking about it I double clicked a Windoze EXE file to install a midi player, named Spider Pro (bit like Winamp but better). It installed perfectly! Installed the special sound font and am now listening to beautiful Midi files that I thought I could only use in XP! Problem is when in Programs I click on...

Does Anyone Know How To Get Amazon Signature 4 www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. i need a signature, looked at amazons stuff and it didnt tell me anything, does anyone know how to get your signature Thanks

Linux Mint 14 Goes into sleep mode when unplugged forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have an old Toshiba laptop that I have installed Linux Mint 14 MATE on.The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A205.I am looking to upgrade to Mint 17 because it is a LTS.Anyways, I am trying to make a list of all the current features I currently have so that I can install them on the new operating system.When I first installed Mint 14 I had some format issues so I formatted over it and installed...

Seeking (not only) Affiliate partner www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. Have you experience in Affilate, WP, Prestashop or anything else? We can chat if you want... PM me or Skype, or elsewhere Skype: desert.eagle6963 Thanks

Install trial Ibm notes 9.0.1 on Mint 17.1 not possible forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I want to install a trial of Ibm ( Lotus ) Notes client 9.0.1 on my mint rebecca 32 bit. Many errors: difficult to untar the package, impossible to install because of dependency errors. Most important of them: Notes depends on libcupsys(2) but in Mint that has been renamed/changed to libcups. I searched many websites for this problem but no results till yet. Seems to be a unique combination:...

Affiliate Program for Clothing Sales www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Tried browsing through this forum section to make sure I'm not violating any rules, so hopefully I'm not.Anyways. I run getonfleek.com which is a clothing site, and I offer 20% commission + 10% refferal commission through shareasale.com.Basically looking for people who are interested. Thanks

/etc/bash.bashrc & bash_aliases forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I noticed that when a new user is created in mint, no Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# ~./bashrc is added. also there is no such Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# /etc/skel/.bashrc. Thus, I would like to suggest to add for all new installs to: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# /etc/bash.bashrc the following code: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# if [ -f ...

Trying to get my Google calendar into Thunderbird forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I normally just use gmail, online, but decided to try Thunderbird.The mail seems to be easy enough, but I'd like to access my google calendar in Thunderbird.I've tried to install Lightening, and followed the directions for getting it to sync, but while the calendar is there, it is not syncing.In fact, when I click the "sync" button, nothing happens.I do not know what to try next.Can someone...

chinese characters in text editor forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Whenever I download a txt file and open it with the default text editor the letters of the file appear like chinese and I don't understand anything . How can I change the language of text editor? Thanks

Affiliate that works well with Wordpress www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I have a business and am looking for an affiliate network/software/plugin/ anything that will work with Wordpress, Thanks

[SOLVED] Update Manager error forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I can't use the Update Manager to apply updates. It gives me an error message. This is what it displays: E: install-info: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 127 I made a printscreen that might help to. Regards Daniel Claesson Thanks

Totem - player not working in Linux Mint 17 Qiana [Solved] forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I have Linux Mint 17 Qiana 64 bit installed on my home desktop computer and I am using the Mate desktop. I cannot figure out why the Totem video player will not open. I do have another computer here at home that I installed Linux Mint 17 32 bit Qiana on and the Totem video player opens and works properly on that machine. At one point I tried to uninstal Totem via Synaptic Package Manager...

Amazon Associates traffic generation -- CPA or SEO?? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. My website is nearly completed as a seller for amazon associates and I need to start getting traffic. I realize that it probably depends a lot on the niche that I chose, but my questions are just based on general practices.My question is this: What do you think is the most efficient method for long term profit? 1) Should I get out the wallet and buy some ads to get the traffic?If so,...

File Managers forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. In the Windows world, you can tell Explorer to display certain bits of information, for example, the album of an mp3 player, in the file listing as a column.Is there a linux file manager that can do that?Everything I've found so far doesn't allow me to do that. Thanks

Non-spammy Looking Content Locker? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I have a large following via social media + on various pages and groups I own.They all know me well and trust me.I want to give away some eBooks and was thinking of using a content locker to monetize them, but most content lockers I run across seem to be very very spammy looking. Can anyone recommend something that doesn't look ultra-spammy? Ideally it would just be a survey they...

How to get Imagination Slideshow software to work on Mint17. forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I am a relative newbie.Have been working with Linux for about a year.Now running Mint 17.1 with the mate desktop on an Acer Aspire 4520.Has 2 gig of ram and an AMD Turion 64 X2 processor.Have a Kingston 240 gig ssd.System is running very nicely and very fast.I cannot get the Imagination Slideshow software to work properly.No slide transitions or motions.Installed from the latest repository.I...

High Affiliate Payouts? Should I be skeptical? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. So there is an offer on maxbounty for a website builder where you get $160 per sale, and in the actual company's affiliate program you get $300 per sale. Thing is, the sale is $9.99 per month. How can a company afford to payout affiliates this way? Should I be skeptical? I would rather do this through the actual company's affiliate program since the payout is significantly higher. T...

How to customize quotes on Vartiey ? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I saw that Variety also fetches quotes in "local text files". As I dislike most of the quotes it fetches automatically, I'd like to set it to fetch only those local quotes (and to define them myself), but I don't know how. I found a "quotes.txt" file in /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/variety/share/variety/plugins/quotes, I deleted its content and replaced it with a content of my own. I made...

anyone had this problem with crakrev? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I'm getting over 100 clicks a day on my links when I have it linked to a certain adult affiliate. All I do is change where my link directs to, and I send it to crakrev. Crakrev is only reporting about 5 clicks a day. Either crakrev is shaving, or my other affiliate is vastly off in their calculations. Thanks

Parley forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. i love cinnamon, but yesterday i was testing the aplication parley for vocabulary trainer, and i don't know why,.. but shows me on the menu, a various menus with the text "no next", as you all can see in this image And when i close the aplication, no ask me if i want to save the session in a file,what can i make?, Thanks

Paying taxes from income of affiliate programs www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. this is my first post on BHW . But anyways, i have been working with CrakRevenue lately. They don't take taxes out of their paymentsbut i want to keep it official to keep the feds off. How would I go about doing this? Any advice is appreciated Thanks

What is the best method to earn money CPA or CPL ? and mention that affiliate progra? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. BHW, Can anyone please guide me which one is the best one to earn money whether it's CPA or CPL? and which is the best ratio of money earning in both them. Mention that affiliate programs of some of them? Thanks

Xfe: copy path to clipboard? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I hope this is the right forum for this sort of question... I've just switched from Windoze 2000 to Linux Mint 17.1, so I'm a first-time Linux user (and struggling greatly, initially!). Having been a long-time Windoze user, and relying on Xplorer2_lite with rjhExtensions to copy file paths to the clipboard (to save memorising and typing when the full path is needed in another application),...

Recommend an affiliate program www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I'm currently the owner of a YouTube channel, averaging 3500-4000 daily views. The niche is music, mostly free. I would like to start earning some passive revenue in addition to the ads. I was thinking about Amazon affiliate but it seems to need an actual website (which I own, btw). The thing is that I'd prefer to use the channel, via in-video calls or descriptions, etc. I am completely...

Setting up Python3 with Django forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I'm completely new to Linux and I've been learning Python for some time by now, and I intend to get started with Django, but I had trouble finding clear, fairly recent instructions on how to installDjango on Mint/anything Ubuntu based for Python 3 and I don't know whether I should be using virtualenv and if so how to install and use it. I'd also highly appreciate advice on where to look for...

German adult dating affiliate program www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I'm looking for german adult dating program. I know datingfactory or whitelabeldating, but i'm looking for something dedicated for germans. Thanks

gufw won't launch from Menu [SOLVED] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. It used to work (and works on my other computer) but now when I select gufw from the Menu nothin happens - no errors, no spike on SystemMonitor, nothing. I can launch it fine from the terminal. I have tried: - Uninstall/install (keeping profiles) - change the launcher command from "gufw" to "gufw >& ~/gufw.out" but no output is caught and no file created - sudu ufw status: active with...

Make money with a gaming website! www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. this is my first post on this forum. I don't know if this website has been talked about before, but it's worth your while to read on. Recently I came across this website called G2A it's kind of like a marketplace for gamers. And as most sites they have an affiliate program in place were you get an affiliate link and promote it... somebody clicks your link and buys something you make money...

Control Panel Applet broke after 17.1 upgrade forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. After upgrade to 17.1 I seem to have lost theBackgrounds in System Settings. Clicking on the Backgrounds item opens a blank window with no controls at all as you can see from the included screen shot. I tried reinstalling the cinnamon control center through Synaptic pkg mgr, but no joy. Any ideas how to fix? There are files in /usr/share/backgrounds but the control panel applet seems...

Need some guidance working with affiliates www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I have a three really nice websites in the field of Insurance, Loans and Mortgages. I don't want to work again with AdSense, and I want to work directly with Affiliates via advertising banners, links and especially with landing pages that gather leads. I really need some guidance here: I tried contacting dozens of affiliate program in Insurance companies in the US, UK and Australia....

[SOLVED] RDP Option in Remmina forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I posted this on the LM16 MATE RC Release page, but I thought I might get a faster response here - Quick question: I cannot get Remmina to give me the RDP option when I install it from Software Manager?? I get sFTP and SSH options, but no RDP. I?ve used Remmina in all version of LM before, and even many Ubuntu machines I have and it's always worked fine and shown all 3 options. I'm running...

Add filetype/extensions to file manager? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I'm fairly new to Linux. I work with GIS, which creates a great number of files (several per dataset).It is helpful to be able to sort these by filetype but this is not an option that I can find.I understand that Linux works differently to Windows & that extensions are not (that/at all?)important, but is it possible to get the file manager to acknowledge them for my benefit, even if the...

Help with Aweber Setup! www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. So I set up my list and tested the form by using my own e-mail address. To my surprise, the confirmation e-mail went straight to spam. How do I avoid this from happening? My domain is new and I set up an e-mail address e.g mailto:contact@domain.com and using this e-mail as the "From" option in list settings. It cannot be my message that's causing this because, I'm pretty much using...

Show all windows - bind xbindkeys forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. i would like to bind "show-all-windows" to my thumb-button. I am using xbindkeys. I am questioning, if there is a command i can bind onto this button? Or does anyone know another solution? Cheers! Thanks

A amazon affiliate question. www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Can I put my amazon affiliate link shortened by goo.gl into forum/blog commenting directly? or have to place the amazon affiliate links on my site, then put my site into the forum/blog commenting. Thanks

[Solved] conky disappears after fresh install Mint 15 RC forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. im running conky for a wle now, after a new install i just copy the .conkyrc file to home directory and it works, but ts time after i installed mint 15 its always disappearing usually i have own_window_type desktop ts time own_window_type desktop:conky disappears when i close the last open window own_window_type normal: it comes and goes when i t show desktop own_window_typeoverride:i...

Need pubs for datinf www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. Need pubs for dating We are looking for skilled publishers for dating site. If you are interested pm me if I need to move thread I do it Thanks

usb image writer forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. G'day, I have been using a Linux Mint version since 12 LISA and for someone who will be 80 next year I'm glad I have. An active mind is a healthy mind. However I seem to have a small problem in Mint 17.1 My problem. After using USB IMAGE WRITER in MINT 17.1, I get the following, Unable to mount usb Error mounting /dev/sdb1 at /media/pops/pclinux: Command-line `mount -t "vfat"...

what kind of website I need to have in order to be accepted in most CPA networks?! www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I'm about to start applying to a bunch of CPA networks and almost all of them requires a website, I have many websites but they are niche websites and I doubt that what the CPA networks asks for! I heard that I need a website related somehow to marketing that can represents me as a marketing agency! Is that true? or creating a new website just to get approved makes no sense? please...

Thunderbird attachments [solved] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. When I double click an attachment it saves it in /tmp even when I have specified another folder. Whichever folder is specified, the attachment does not open with the specified application. I have to save the attachment manually and then open it with the application. Any ideas? Dave Mint Cinnamon 17.1 Thunderbird 31.4.0 Thanks

Amazon Affiliate Dead End ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. All I started out with Amazon affiliates a few months ago and I just would like to seek some advice as I have tried everything I know so far but with no success on conversions. I have a friend who makes 90k GBP a month from Amazon affiliates ! grrr and he motivated me to get into it I have set up a niche site I have used most traffic services you can think of ! All niche specific and...

Chrome : Changing tabs works only once; forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I've just installedLinux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon 64-bit on my new HP Pavilion 15-p115na Notebook PC. It has a touch screen but I can't reliably change tabs in Chrome. Tab changing works the first time it is tried. After that if fails. The pointer moves to where I tap, but the tab is not changed. However if I minimize the browser and the maximise it again I can change tabs again, but just once. I...

French affiliates launch calendar: does it exist? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Do you know Muncheye or jvlaunchcalendar? Of course, you know, I'm stupid ... I would like to know if something like these sites exists for french affiliate. Or, if there is a way to know if english/USA affiliates product will be translated in French. I know you can see it on Clickbank (there are french products there, not a lot, but there are), but I would like to know it BEFORE...

Chromium Start-Up Tab *Solved* forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. So I did some things to get flash player working on my Chromium but now, theres a new problem. Whenever I open up Chromium, these tabs come up. Pic: http://imgur.com/B9aDnxq First tab is http://chromium-browser/ and second tab is http://enable-plugins/ . I did mess with some configs so pleas tell me how to get rid of these two tabs opening without me losing my flash player! ...

Big Company looking for YouTube views provider www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. We are the biggest provider of YouTube views in Poland. Right now we going with our service to Europe and USA. We are reseller of YouTube views, we have tons of clients but still didn't fount right provider. We used QQTube, Xlviews etc. but no one can provide us 1mil of views or guarrante views which are not droping or losing. If you are able to bring 1mil views per 1 video just...

Accidentally removed Downloads from Nemo sidebar (SOLVED) forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. dumb question here.A little while back I accidentally removed Downloads from my list of places in the Nemo sidebar, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it back.Any suggestions? This is rather frustrating as it's the location I use most often on my computer... Thanks

Looking for a partner to do business with www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Hey Guys I have a publisher account with CJ, adwork media & tapgerine , but i really do not know how am i going to promoto these affiliate links. I have tried posting jobs on freelancers and elance but they seem to be waste of time . I even tried to publish some of the tracking url on google ad and facebook but they either get denied or ended up costing me more money than i was gonna...

SOLVED! problem switching from cinnamon to mate forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. My system kept freezing and after lots of searching I thought the best thing to do would be to switch from cinnamon to mate.I followed the instructions to run "sudo apt-get install mate-desktop" in the terminal.The instructions said to logout, then login, then select mate and make mate my default.When mate did not appear on the session menu, I discovered I also had to install mate-session-manager...

Looking for bloggers / website owners! www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Fed up with futile affiliate programs? We are happy to introduce our Unplag Affiliate Program! We?re the world leading plagiarism checking tool and we are happy to announce that our Unplag affiliate program has been ramped up! Check it out! Here?s 7 reasons for you to join us. Get remunerated 30% for every single sale, 15% for any subscription prolongation, and 5% for your...

AMD Catalyst installation forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have a Lenovo G510 notebook with AMD Radeon R5 M230 graphic card. My OS is Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca. I have downloaded the drivers from AMD site for linux 64 bit, which are *.deb files. While I start install AMD Catalyst, the installation process stops saying "you do not have the correct adapters" or smth like this. I do not understand, because I have an AMD graphic card. If I install...

any book on affiliate marketing for an "I have no idea what I'm doing" kind of noob? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I found this forum about 3 months ago but some personal life issues came up and many things got screwed up for me, so I didn't even have time to study any of the great material in here. Now things are kinda improving and I have some time to invest in learning it. As I said in my introduction post long ago, I was strongly motivated and still am as of now and am willing to put a lot of...

flashplayer forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Can't get flashplayer working in mint 17 64bit on a ThinkPad l540 laptop. I downloaded "install_flash_player_11_linux.x86_64.tar.gz", followed the readme and still doesn't work jozien Thanks

200? to invest - Don't know where to start. www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. Hey BHW. I am here to seek help. I have been playing around with G2A Goldmine for some time. Could never make much out of it, roughly 20? in a few months. Now I have 200? to invest and was aiming at making a steady profit of 200?+/month, autopilot or minimal hassle to manage, and don't know where to start. If anyone has any idea please PM me (I am not asking to be spoonfed, just...

Music management forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Good evening guys, I have been trying lots of music players lately. Coming from windows xp (and after a year getting mad at the windows 7 auto sorting in explorer), I have now found equivalents of most of the software I was using. There is just one problem. I definitely, totally, absolutely hate those "music library" softs that are available on Linux. I never understood why a music...

SOLVED My applications menu has dissapeared forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. On the bottom panel my Menu button (Application Menu) has dissapeared and I don't know how to get it back. There must be a command line that would restore it. Are there any takers on this? I'm running Rebecca. Rebecca doesn't seem as stable as Quiana. Thanks

Help! I need to make $4000 in 2 months. www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I'm new to the forum, although I've been reading threads for a while now. I'll skip the boring introductions and cut right to the chase. Right now I'm in a very precarious situation, and I need to make $4000 in 2 months. I did some adsense stuff back in the days when Google cash was the rage and made a bit of money before getting lazy about the whole thing. Now that my life depends...

Copy files over samba forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I would like to know how to copy a file from one computer running Linux Mint to another computer running Openelec, using terminal, because I would like to create a scheduled task/crontab that runs everyday. This is the scheduled task I'm currently using: cp '/home/USER/WebGrab//xmltv.xml' '/run/user/1000/gvfs/smb-share:server=the618,share=videos' It worked overnight once, but has since...

Buy an account supersonic ads www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. current reg new an account on website supersonicads verey difficult, so i want buy an account if you have please inbox me skype maianhtaivns Thanks

VMWare Files *Solved* forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I have a file i want to use for Vmware and i need to know the way to transfer the file from my Linux Mint folders to the Vmware one. Pleas halp! Thanks

[ALGERIA] + wellhello www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. hey ! I want to sign up in wellhello program but don't know how to find my ChatID ! And how to complete "Promotion information" Should I have a site towork with the group ? anyone ? Thanks

Can't see the icons on the Krita tools panel forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. This is my first post in the forums. There's an issue with my Krita installation on Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon. I can't see the icons on the tools panel but I can select them though. I already did the command that appear on the release notes (apt install kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins). Is there a way to fix this? Thanks

Application for Amazon Associates UK - EU rejected www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I'm wondering what's the reason why my application got denied... The site that I'm having is pretty OK, getting about 5k/m unique visit.. (but the site 'maybe' thin. Just about 12 pages.. but I've got approved by Associates US with just a single page website..) I'm using Amazon Associates US currently but when I analyzed the demographic of my visitors, about 30% are from EU (mostly...

Wine Questions forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I am having a problem with the Wine software. I have downloaded it and dowloaded adobe acrobat reader, which says is accepted on the AppDB list. I downloaded the installer as you would in Windows and then attempted to configure it, which is probably where the problem occured, and then I made a shortcut on the desktop and right clicked it, I clicked open in with other program and chose...

Anastasias Affiliate! I hope they'll pay me next week! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. i made a good amount of cash in october with anastasia. Next week the should pay me. Anyone else with anastasia? regards, Thanks

user preferences file deleted forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I think I accidently deleted a system preferences file ( I am unfortunately not sure of its name) while I was trying to delete the preferences file for firefox. My problem is this: When I for example set the power settings to "turn of the screen when inactive : 1 hour" the system completely ignores me, and turns the screen off in 10 minutes anyway, I am not sure how to restore this...

*** earn min 100$/month via affiliate *** www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. It's the momentto earn from your blog, i am sure to make more money in ShareASaleAffiliate marketing compare to Adsense.In this threadI am going toshare my ideas for effective blog earnings technique in simple way. Lotof us having passion in Blogging, butthey don't know" How to makemore money in simple way " If you have a Blog with decent traffic, youare eligible for this ShareASale Affiliate...

[Solved] Okular Default Paper Size--need LETTER as default forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. As a long-time user of Linux Mint, I thought I had everything figured out--more or less... However, the paper-size when printing from Okular is driving me crazy.It defaults to A4 as the size.I can change it to letter each time I print, but the next time I go to print from Okular, the default is back to A4.How annoying!! I've been using Adobe for just this very reason, but it isn't...

Lingerie/Erotic affiliate program wanted! www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I run some websites for lingerie, monetized with amazon, but I look for a lingerie affiliate program that can offer proper lingerie/erotic products. Any help appreciated! thx Eric Thanks

Openbox on 17.1 Cinnamon Conky launch issues forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I have set up an openbox desktop on linux mint 17.1 cinnamon. All has gone well until I tried to install conky. I can get conky to run by going into the terminal, changing to superuser with su, and entering 'conky'. The conky comes up perfectly on my desktop. In the openbox menu using the openbox menu GUI, I have - execute 'gksu conky &' - which brings up a password request and successfully...

200k imp. at day from Russian Traffic - how to monetize it? - Help www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. All, As I mention in the title I have 200k impresion at day from Russia and I'm looking for good options to monetize it. I saw in other post about: admulti begun But I'm looking for a few more options. Thanks

[Cinnamon2.4] Error,Bug When File Save As forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. i been using this cinnamon 2.4 environment because it is simple and nice but a having issues when using it. when i save a image, as SAVE AS the cinnamon environment crashes and when the message pops up and says do you want to restart cinnamon? i click yes then the cinnamon environment changes to a blank state or to a different environment fix please Thanks

Update Browser/Java/Flash/Driver Offers www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I want to know what affiliate networks are running these types of offers. The only one I see with these are ClickDealer right now. If you know of any others or your affiliate network is running them i'd love to know. Thanks

Chromium Download *Solved* forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Hey hey, Im downloading some files through Chromium for my vmware to run, just application files, and the download drops. It would be about 200 kb then it would drop to 0 kb in about 10-20 sec and stay there. Ive looked up online to see if other people were facing the same problem and there were quite a few, but I couldnt find the solution. Pleas halp, I need to get these files fast! ...

Is it better to be paid for free sign ups or paid member? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I am using adultfriendfinder's affiliate program and it is pretty good. However they have 4 different types of ways you can be paid. PPC, Per free sign up, percentage and per member order. I have been using free sign up and make about $4 per sign up. However the per member order is $130. I feel like I could make more with the member order but I want to get a second opinion? Thanks

Nixnote: can't connect to evernote forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I installed Nixnote (LM17 Xfce) and when I click on connect I get a empty window with the title "please grant nixnote access" , that disappears quickly... I tried to uninstall and re-install to no avail... ??? any idea? Last time I did this (under Cinnamon) it went like a breeze and I had quick acces to all my EVernote notebooks... Thanks

Affiliate program for website with wishes? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. guys May you recommend some of affiliate programs for website with wishes (new year etc.)? I think about popups/messages and teasers... Thanks

Firefox and excessive CPU/memory ressources: other browser ? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I have been using Ubuntu/Linux Mint and firefox for a long time, and now I'm getting really fed up with a classical problem that everybody faces with this browser since many years : memory and CPU usage is really crap and firefox always eat more and more memory, more and more CPU, until we are forced to kill it and restart it. Today, I made a instructive test : I was using firefox since...

Investing on a latest cryptocurrency OneCoin might get big www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Investing on a latest cryptocurrency OneCoin might be big "OneCoin is aiming for the sky and becoming one of the most successful currencies on the cryptomarket" So far it's looking good and members are pouring in. "OneCoin provides a great opportunity, revolutionizing the business world of todays digital economy. The OneCoin concept is born out of the success of the pioneering...

Partial Files % in var/cache/archives Questions forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. ive got a question on .deb files in the var/cache/archives folder. several of the have % in them. are these incomplete packages? and would it be wise to replace them with a full package and re run the package manager to re install? ive hadd issues with wine for quite some time not installing programs properly and assumed the program was just not going to work in wine. my wine 1.4 packages...

I want to get started with affiliate programs. www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. everybody, I am a person who spend too much money on guides to how to make money and i'm tired of it. BHW seems to be place better than Hackforums and i hope i can find some more help here. I want to get started with affiliate programs, but my knowledge about how to make money from it is too low. I wondered if maybe i can get some good advices right here about what to start with,...

Cannot change locale and LC_ALL variable [SOLVED] forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. everybody, I've been using Linux Mint for a few years and now I'm down with Linux Mint 17 Qiana, Cinnamon as desktop environment. But some problem came up with locales. As Ibus is not currently working because of Debian issues, I tried to install fcitx to write in Chinese. Somehow it messed up with my locale configuration. I have to say that I use linux in english because it is easier...

Make Money on New Image Hosting Pay Per View Affiliate Program www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. It is my pleasure to introduce to BHW, my new invention, 100% owned funded and backed by me... So basically, I am a forex guy, I made a small fortune on the foreign exchange market and I had an image hosting program made but with the much needed twist of an affiliate program that works on pay per view and pays well. I introduce to you - Picq.us First, off. Notice the catchy...

Software doesn't show up after installed forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. There have been a couple times where I've installed a particular software from the Software Manager and after it "installs" I go to the Applications menu and it doesn't show up anywhere. It's so annoying as it's done that several times lately. Any ideas? Thanks

Remote support for call centers around the globe www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. members, I am currently out of work to be more focused on my studies in IT. I am completing a certifications program with Microsoft and Cisco to work as a First Line Support Engineer once completed the exams. Since the position would require to answer phone calls and help customers, I thought that a similar experience would enhance my career perspective in the future and also help...

Can't set Adobe Reader as default application forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. As much as Adobe Reader stinks, I really need to use it more than the open source alternatives, mostly because it's the only one that can organize separate documents into tabs under one window, which none of the others I've tried can do. I have to work with multiple pdf documents constantly, and tabs are really the only sane way to do it. Anyway, I've recently installed Mint 13, and...

Easy method to earn money from Facebook page/group (500?/mo with 100.000 likes) www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. This was posted in a bad sub-forum, hope this time it's ok here) Hello everyone and sorry for my bad english. I'd like to share a new web-service that let's you earn money simplysharing a YOUTUBE video in your Facebook fanpage (or website or Twitteror whatever)! They'll pay about 20-30 EUR per 1.000 views ... I know this is a highrate but it's not scam, I can provide the proof of...

Digikam is always 4.0.0 forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I tried to install Digikam 4.5 on my Linux Mint 1.7 Cinamon Rebecca with the ppa/ philip5/extra but I always get digikam 4.0.0 . This was also the problem with Mint Qiana... I also tried wit the backdoors method. Another point... in Windows 8.1, Digikam 4.2 gives me a lot of skins but under Mint I have only one. anyone some suggestions for a newbie Thanks

The best Ebook to earn more than 70 000$/month www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Last weeki finish reading an ebook about earning money online methods This ebook is from JOHN SHOW the best marketer in the world, he make more than 1 million $ in month . And he write this Ebook to share his method to earn this BBBBIIGG number . And after practice and applying some methods ,and i repeat some methods , now i have 10 000$ in my Clickbank account . I recommend this ebook...

How can I send Wine audio to Pulse? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I would like to be able to send the audio from a game running under Wine to Pulse Audio. It seems at the moment Wine is grabbing the soundcard, preventing other non-Wine programs from accessing it. In particular I would like to be able to: -Have sound mixing - play music in VLC and hear Wine game sounds at the same time -Record game footage with audio (with Simple Screen Recorder, using...

Google Earth And the Missing Packages forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I have been having trouble with many packages when installing almost all my software. I am installing Google Earth (almost every single way I can find on Google). When I did Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# apt-get install googleearth" It would give me googleearth : Depends: lsb-core Depends: libcurl3:i386 but it is not going to be installed And I will try to install everything...

Best place to advertise my Affiliate Offer???? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I am about to launch a website that offers a GREAT service that is in VERY high demand! The site will do all the selling...very simple. I want to get as many affiliates as possible to help market. Each affiliate will have their own link and they will also be given banners with their code in them. We will have real time affiliate tracking software they can log into at any time. They payout...

Nemo crashes when opening Trash forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have a problem with nemo. It crashes whenever I open the trash folder, either from nemo itself or from the taskbar applet. The problem can be very annoying, specially when I need to rescue some files (I know I can do that from the terminal). Any ideas? I have LM 17.1 Rebecca 64 bit cinnamon and Nemo 2.4.5 Thanks

Looking for a Gaming affiliate program www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Looking for any gaming ( mmorpg )affiliate program that pays for leads. CPL must be higher than $0.50. If anyone knows of any, please let me know. I was a member of an affiliate network that offered CPL for a MMORPG. With a few weeks of tweaking my Adwords programs I was able to make some nice money. I was making so much money that the affiliate dropped their payouts which brought me...

[ASK] Movie CPA www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. folks.. I wanna ask something about Movie CPA... What do i need to build a movie niche landing page that steal reviews and psoters from IMDB? and is it possible to register in an affiliate network using my LP? or i must register with another blog? i'll be happy if someone teach me..but if no one, i'll learn it step by step, by myself. :bad: Thanks

"/proc" in graphical file managers ? kernel panic forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. Some month ago I opend "/proc" in Nemo and I wondered about the many folders named after numbers. Yesterday I wanted to look into that folder again. When I had finished the double click to "/proc", I got a kernel panic directly. If I type "ls /proc" in a terminal, it shows me a lot of folders named after numbers etc. Now I had to reboot. I tryed it a couple of times, but I got a kernel...

Tracking Software For CPA Network!! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I actually plan to open an cpa based affiliate network for privately used by me and friends so looking for any good and cheap tracking software for now. I know the cake marketing, link trust, hasoffers , hitpath etc, but the prices is damn high so looking for any good and alternatives of them. Thanks

su username - permission problem forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. When i issue the terminal command: 'su username' I get the following error: /bin/bash, /root/.bashrc: Permission denied Why on google earth would it be trying to access these root files switching to a user? Thanks

How big is the sex product affiliate market? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I am currently thinking about launching a product geared towards men. I was wondering how big is the affiliate market for these kinds of products? Are there alot of affiliates out there pushing male sex products? Thanks

[Solved] Xscreensaver error "Can't open display: :0.0" forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Linux Mint 17.1 Xfce. At the command prompt, I issue 'sudo -u murray xscreensaver' and get back: No protocol specified xscreensaver: 01:11:39: Can't open display: :0.0 xscreensaver: 01:11:39: running as murray/murray (1000/1000) xscreensaver: 01:11:39: Errors at startup are usually authorization problems. 1) What protocol is it expecting and who is expecting it? 2) Why can't...

Kworker CPU Hogging on LM 13 forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I have looked at the thread about this on the LM forums as well as threads on the Ubuntu forums. The possible solutions seem rather complex for those who are not deep into Linux. LM 13 was released almost 3 years ago. Has Clem and his team come up with a solution to this?I am using Linux Image/Headers 3.2.0-76.111. Thanks

A few questions about affiliating www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I need your help in sorting the stuff out in affiliate marketing. I am newbie in this, so would be very grateful if you give me some pieces of advice, in particular I am interested in the following: 1. Do I need to register as a private entrepreneur in order to resell somebody's products/services? 2. How to handle the law? I mean, taxes etc. Is this sort of income taxable? 3. If I start...

How to enable "remember root pwd" GUI like in LMDE ? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I briefly tried LMDE recently, and I wasn't convinced since I really like an 'out-of-the-box' distro (for which mint is really perfect). But there are some features I found really great, amongst those: the fact that when I ran software needing root access (ie like synaptic) a prompt came up to ask if I wanted the password to be remembered for this software. Is there a way to implement...

Does Amazon Affiliate allow you. www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. Does amazon affiliate program allow you to put an affiliate link under an add to cart link were I have a list of a lot of other things? Like can someone click my affiliate add to cart link and land on an add to cart page with a list of already added items. Preferably more than 1? Thanks

Clock update issue forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I'm kinda new to Mint. The clock applet on the desktop in the notification area wont update outside of telling me if it is two minutes past the hour. I dont know how to fix this and none of the themes seem to effect it in any way. Does anyone know how to fix this. PS. If this is in the wrong section please move it to the right one. Thanks

unity web player forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I want to install Unity Web Player on Linux Mint, I search a lot on internet, but I didn-t fin solution which were orking. Could you please help me? Thanks

Automating Wordpress + Amazon with Data Aggregator? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I have made a data miner, reviews miner, etc for Amazon/Walmart/K Mart/TONS of webpages/review sites. It can pull reviews, use custom "reviews" that are spinable based on data it pulls, post to WP blogs hosted or non.I just haven't had the time to finish it due to other projects that are currently successful.I don't have time to throw back links at the posts to rank.I've seen a few...

Filebot problems on 17.1 forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I just came here, searched the forums....but....there's really, not an answer (Go Figure LOL) I've been using Mint for a LONG time now - Along with Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian...You name it - Until i came across Petra, and was Dazzled by how well thought out this project was. I'm not really Familiar with Debian, which is why i use the Ubuntu build - but, i'm ever-growing and changing....So,...

Would you become affiliates of this site? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. The site offers personalized pics and vidsby the prettiest models in the world. Some only found on this site. The site charges a membership of $12 per month and the users have access to pics the models paste in pvt areas and you get $5 every month to spend on buying the personalized pics and vids. affiliates get 20% of the membership their referred user pays every month. The other...

Terminal launches SLOWLY after connecting two displays forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. So I have what I consider kind of a weird problem. I have a laptop that I connect two external monitors to at work. Once these monitors are connected, if I launch terminal, it takes a VERY long time for the terminal to launch - somewhere between 30 seconds and a minute. And while it's launching, my system is completely unresponsive, I can't move the mouse or use the keyboard. If I just connect...

UBL Affiliate Program - AdsLocal Pay Per Call www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. UBL Affiliate Program - Ads Local Pay Per Call ? UBL (Universal Business Listings) - Sale 20% Universal Business Listing, aservice of UBL Interactive, is an established leader in the boomingonline marketing sector of location-based search, with over 100,000businesses using our services. UBL helps business owners get theirbusiness listed correctly in major search engines, online...

STACKS standard autotools install? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. So I am trying to install the software program STACKS on my computer and the manual for the software gives this explination for installing in ubuntu: % ./configure --enable-bam \ --with-bam-include-path=/usr/include/samtools \ --with-bam-lib-path=/usr/lib I have already installed all of the prerequisite packages, but when I run this it says bash: fg: %: no such job and without...

[NEED] Adult Dating for mobile traffic www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I am looking for a good adult dating offer (PPS) I would prefer something like Fuckbook where the user submits their Credit Card. A mobile landing page is a must. Ty. Thanks

can't launch seamonkey [solved] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Mint 17 KDE 64bit I have 'seamonkey' browser installed, but I must hit alt+f2 or open a terminal to launch it. Can someone please tell me how to launch it from the menu? Thanks

Looking for insurance leads (us,uk,canada) www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. If you are generating insurance leads no and can push volume shoot me a msg. This deal is direct with advertiser and paying $5+ a lead. Bad credit insurance leads accepted as well. add me up on skype: carlfebzz If you are generating insurance leads now and can push volume shoot me a msg. This deal is direct with advertiser and paying $5+ a lead. Bad credit insurance leads...

LM17 Qiana - Blueman stil not connecting my devices<SOLVED> forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. Four weeks ago I submitted a couple of posts re lack of success in connecting to headphones/speakers using Bluetooth in LM17, all of which worked OK in LM16.It seemed quite a few others were suffering similar problems. Yesterday I thought I should try again and have downloaded LM17 again, added Blueman again and still no connection. All four sets of devices I tested (speakers, soundbars...

Find out the popular product selling these days. www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. IM Ninjas, I want to know, How and Where can I find out the popular product selling these day ? I tried google trends but It doesn't give you the results about product selling these days. What strategy or website you use to find out or shortlist the product to promote. Lets discuss it over here So that we can learn and earn by sharing our experiences. Thanks

17 Cinnemon high RAM use after loading volume forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. everybody, I use Linux Mint 17 Cinnemon since a few months beacuse windows screwed me over and I recently have a huge problem. First I hope that this is the right section to post this question. Now to my Problem: I have a 1 TB HDD volume in which I made a partition for Cinnemon of 100 GB. Of the 900 GB left I use 300 GB and till today everything went good. I discovered that if I load...

Get 25$ and millions of my gratitude for your help !!! www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. anyone, I'm never ever get approval when sign up to mobile network, i think the reason is my English is not good. Can anyone here will help me ! I will pay 25$ for once time with one network, it's not much but I just wanna show my gratitude for your help. I want to get approval in 3 mobile network. PM me on skype, I will very grateful. Skype: longlive.mrBB007 Thanks

Steam: Wrong elf. forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I have been having some problems with Counter Strike crashing, I have been getting this error message: ERROR: ld.so: object '/home/loon/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_64/gameoverlayrenderer.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64): ignored. the I've been to Steam support, but I'm running Mint 17, which they don't support... Thanks

Affiliate Programm for Custom Software Development www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I am interestied in affiliate program with "mobile appplication development" and "custom software development" specialization. What could you offer? I have special interest in CPA, CPS, CPL models. Thanks

Firefox: Remove pre-installed language packs forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. On my Linux Mint 17.1 Mate 64 bit with Firefox 35.0.1, there are a bunch of language packs pre-installed that I want to get rid of, they clutter my right-click-spellcheck-menu,. However, I cannot find them anywhere in the settings or add-ons. English Australia, South Africa and US appear in my right-click-spellcheck-menu, but nowhere else. It is those languages I wish to remove. I found...

what should my ppc budget be for Amazon store www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I have 10 amazon stores and I am looking to do some ppc advertising. The sites are niches and have things ranging from $40 to $700. My goal is to at least make 40 or 50 a month through amazon per site. But this is my first time doing ppc and I am not sure how much to put in adwords for my per day budget. I cant put a lot if I might only be able to make $50 a month. Just curious what a average...

[REQ] someone create OpenVPN .ovpn splitter App please forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. its very hard to run VPNs on Linux (mint 17.1 MATE) but on Android & Windows 7 its very very easy. Linux requires ".ovpn" file to be splitted into THREE separate files "ca.crt", "client.key", "user.crt" only then it works on Linux/Ubuntu/Mint QUESTION: please can anyone create an App with GUI and simple file selector which splits ".ovpn" into THREE separate files "ca.crt", "client.key",...

Very quick question about Amazon Affilite program www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Lets say product original price was $100 and now it's on sale 50% or 75% off so if I gona promote it how much commission I willget ? Willthey give me my commission on original price basis or on discount price? Thanks

NEMO 7Z AES forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I have got just one little question... Using 7z compression within nemo and password option: Will the compressed file(s) be encrypted using AES-256 with my chosen password as key? I'd also highly appreciate any documentation. Thanks

How I make over $10k in CJ alone. Whitehat method that works with any network. www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I was asked the following after stating my $10k average earnings on CJ. diandr4 said: http://www.blackhatworld.com/goto/post?id=389850#post-389850 how much you spend for bought the traffic??? ru using a landingpage or some other method? Thanks

Banshee question forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. i'm pretty tech savy, so when i have questions, normally i have a bad feeling that there is no solution. But, might as well ask. This is a simple thing really. In banshee, I want it to sort my music by the folder structure I have on my drive, not by artist, or album, or song, w/e. Many of my songs do not have meta data for banshee to sort and they fall under "Unknown Artist" This...

when launching update manager some packages fail to download forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. recently when I was adding the mono project repository so I find the latest release in the software manager, I click "update cache", ofcource it launches update manager and download the changes in the packages but I noticed some packages just fail to download and it tries to download them and just stops, I don't know why, I followed the instructions in the official site of monodevelop...

Adult Friend Finder Affiliate Tax Help www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I am an affiliate of AFF. For payment they ask for some tax information. I am from India with NO connection to US. Can anyone tell me which tax form I would fill? Thanks

Team Viewer - crash and computer froze forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Newbie Linux user here. I am running a Linux Mint 17.1 XFCE recently installed with all updates installed including level 4 , no level5 I downloaded Team Viewer because I had to do a remote session to fix some virus issue on my relatives computer running Windows. The version I used is from Team Viewer's site but the one that doesn't require installation ( http://www.teamviewer.c...

Do you know any pay per load trust web site ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. Actually i am a marketer . I want a trust ableAdult Pay per lead web site . Any body know any trust able web site such as loaded cash ??? I really want a professional web site who can paid me for per lead$4? Thanks

images from Firefox cache or download twitter gallery forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I have been downloading a few pictures of various things from twitter but it's rather tedioususing right click>save image as, to download images one at at a time through firefox.Some twitter users have thousands upon thousands of images so does anybody know a way i can download a twitter users complete gallery, or how i can pull pictures out of the firefox cache? I have been googling...

[looking] video views affiliate program www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I have a Fb page with +250k Like and I would like to monetize it. I tried MyLikes in another pagebut I don't like it because MyLikes don't approve Video's Galleries. I'm looking for VIDEO AFFILIATE PROGRAM or Youtube view promotion or any new adultaffiliate program with high CPC. - Thanks

Tracking down software caused disk I/O errors. forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I imaged my desktop with Mint 17.1 MATE at the beginning of the year.x64 system with the x64 version of Mint.I have a separate volume mounted at /home which is comprised of two WD Caviar Green WDC_WD20EARX hard drives in RAID1 mounted to /home.The rest of my system functions fine.When I use my computer, at least once a day, and as many as three or four times a day, my /home partition...

Feedback & Growing our Affiliate Program www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. Guys, We have recently launched our new affiliate program and are looking for feedback & suggestions from the BHW community. Code: Link: https://www.stablebox.com/affiliate-program-earn-cash-now/ Here are is kinda the information we are looking for in general: 1) What are you initial impressions? 2) Would you use our affiliate program, why or why not? 3) What would you...

giPlayer working again forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Anybody in the UK who wishes to use giPlayer (the get_iplayer GUI wrapper), I've fixed the dependency problem. Sorry it took so long, I didn't realise there was a problem until I upgraded to Mint 17. Download from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/giplayer/ cheers Thanks

Cashmylinks missed payment and not responding www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. My 4 figure payment was not send and my affiliate manager does not answer my emails, skype etc.This surprises me a great deal given the fact that i've been working with them for a couple of years and they never did anything like this. Did you guys manage to get paid at the end of march? Is Steve (from CML) well? Also, do any of you guys know what form of legal institution they are?...

Mint-X Login screen customized forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I customized the default theme by making a copy and editing. I replaced the path for the images in the slideshow.conf file by putting 50 image file in my home and changed the interval time in 10s. In preview everything flows well, but once Login black screen or show me 2 pictures and stops. Maybe 50 images are too many? Thanks

Oh Wizards - 3d Graphics package advice sought forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. New to Monodevelop, new to graphic programming, not new to Linux - but has been awhile so am dusting off my knowledge as we speak (heck, I still have two NeXt boxes!). Am conversant with C#, having built a couple of non-trivial data and accounting apps in the past, and had been using Visual Studio 2005/2008. What I am doing: Want to build a 3D geological graphical app that will -...

Need advise about mass advertising software www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I'm looking for any software or application that can advertsing live events, for example, soccer websites that play live gamesevery week or other live events through which we can make moneythrough google adsense or through other direct offers. I should do this through email or mobile ? I'm very appreciated with any advise, Thanks

software spans multiple discs won't read 2nd. forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. My laptop came with win 8.1. I can't install microsoft Flight Sim 2000 on it. Just won't work. So my idea was to install linux and wine and then fs2000. Everything goes well until the installation of fs2000 says to put in disc 2. (fs2000 came on 3 discs) So I put in disc 2 and click continue but nothing happens. The only thing I can do is exit the installation. Any thoughts? I'm running...

Finally! An Affiliate Program for an Online Head Shop that Converts! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Welcome to the Billowby Affiliate Program! With a product catalogue of 600+ products and growing, Billowby is the world's best online head shop. Don't believe us? Just Google our competitors and you'll see that our design and branding are far superior ... which means that our conversions are some of the highest in the industry! We pay 10% on all purchases, offer a $10 signup bonus,...

Dropbox won't work with Mint 17.1 (SOLVED) forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I am not a total newbie, but I'm new to Mint.I just recently changed over from Ubuntu 12.04and I like Mint 17.1better.So far, I've been able to transport everything I needfairly easily. But, I am having a problem getting dropbox to run.Sometimes the icon appears in the panel, sometimes not, but either way it won't work. I can see it as a choice under the internet menu, but when I click...

$3.00 US amazon reviews www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I need reviews via aged USA amazon accounts with several reviews that are not all 5 stars. If you have an account and feel you fit this description, please add me on skype ethan.hou2 Thanks

Simple text editor forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I'd like to have a simple text editor like gedit, having an historical list with all copy/paste (clipboard) strings, like Textpad in Windows. Thanks

Picture show application, with music forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. Is there an application that will allow you to create a picture slideshow with music and captions for the pictures? My wife is a kindergarten teacher and she makes "picture shows" for parent's nights. She is using a web based Roxio, but it is painful to use when uploading a lot of pictures. Plus the batch upload doesn't seem to work with linux, so she is using windows. But, doing it...

Have a few questions about Affiliate Marketing www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I read a short story about a guy who made a lot of money from Affiliate marketing, and it said the only thing he did to make all ofthis money is affiliate marketing, but through email lists. Now I was wondering, is affiliate marketing through email lists that good? I would think yes, if you entice the customer with something free and then direct them to your landing page.You can buy...

Google Chrome Stable launches Kate, then other problems forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I installed Google Chrome Stable from the Mint Software Manager.I have never had so much trouble getting a browser to run.I have searched this subforum on the terms Google Chrome Stable Kate, and got no relevant hits, so I must be doing something wrong. When the Kickoff menu icon is clicked, Chrome appears in the taskbar, but nothing appears to be happening on the screen.Then Kate...

Any good affiliate for developers? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I have domain which get about 25k UIP of stackoverflow traffic. Some shops and parking sites... all about 0.1% clicks Developers... So I'm looking for some affiliate focused on developers, maybe something like freelancer, etc. Countries are: 20% US, 20% Thailand, 10% Russia, 5% UK, 5% EU Thanks

I'd like help with the *COMPLETE REMOVAL* of Wine. forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Recently, I've installed Wine, but I've learned that not only do I not need it like I thought I would, I've heard that since it simulates a Windows environment, it is more susceptible to viruses. (Again, this is what i heard, and it sounds reasonable.) I've tried Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# sudo apt-get remove wine I'm pretty sure it said it was removed. I looked again. It...

The Awful Mistake Most Beginners Make in Affiliate Marketing www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. One of the worst mistake most new to affiliate marketing, or any online business for the matter, make is choosing the wrong niche to compete in. You may have come across affiliate marketing when you are looking up on ways making money online witout a product, and purchase an eBook on Internet Marketing. Turns out that the eBook is an affiliate product itself, and most of internet marketing...

Update forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I just did one update and got another one to do - Linux kernel headers for developmen. I don't do any development, so do I need to do updates that don't come preselected? Thanks

Caja Music "hover" no longer working 17.1 XFCE forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I'm running xfce on mint 17.1 and I use caja as my default file manager.The music "hover" feature (hold mouse over an mp3 file and it plays the track) worked fine on 17, but just noticed that it's no longer working since updating to 17.1.Any ideas as to what may have broken this feature? Thanks

Cinnamon is unresponsive forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I have read through a few threads related to the UI in Cinnamon becoming unresponsive. I have seen this too. Prior to the cinnamon release I never saw this at all. It now happens at least once per day, sometimes more. What occurs is that without warning the OS freezes. Text cannot be entered in any application. At first I thought the KB was dead but I can ALT F4 to close an application...

serious question! and please I need a clear answer www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I am a publisher for many affiliate store programs (CJ +...ext), in some cases I earn a flat amount for every sale I made. Can I ask poeple to make Incentivise sales by skype or elance. after that I send them the cash via paypal. is this method make my account banned? Thanks

[SOLVED] Xampp - phpmyadmin error forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. After I changed the password of root user [I wanted to change it just for a database I created, didn't know it would crash the whole thing...], I got the 'access denied' error. Exactly like this guy: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11482970/1045-access-denied-for-user-rootlocalhost-using-password-no I did what the best answer claimed, messed with config.inc.php file, and then I...

Viber is making cracking noise in Mint 17 qiana forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I just switched from ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Mint 17 Qiana. Everything is just fine except for Viber which is making disturbing cracking noise while sound effects. Tried the solutions for skype but didnt work, which led to major problem with recognition of sound card and I had to purge and reinstall ALSA. I dont have any problem with skype or any other audio or video players. How can I solve...

Copying to USB 99% hang forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I have USB3 external passport drives and a 16GB flash. I have noticed quite often when copying files to these that it hangs at 99% for a few minutes before closing. What's going on there? Is it bug? Normal copying that just takes time or what? Thanks

Need suggestion and help www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I'm newbie. I have purchased an old domain Ecommerce, His niche is shopping online store . How can i promote ? What sites can i use for build new store ... ? Thanks

My first try to make some money online www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. Hey Guys, my name is Kevin and i come from Germany, my English is not the best so i hope you understand me . I try to make so Money with a Blogger Blog and a Instagram account. Im trying it for the first time until now i have only ever ready about this. My niche is a "3 Weeks Diet Program" and i want to sell this with Blogger and Instagram. My Blogger + instagram account are new. Every...

Swap space and encryption forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I am running LM 17.1 Cinnamon on my desktop, a quad-core AMD with 8 GB memory.I encrypted my home folder during installation.After intermittent freezeups and failure to resume after suspend, I thought I had traced the problem to lack of a swap partition. The System Monitor shows no swap space available.Is a physical swap partition necessary or does LVM create a swap partition on encrypted...

How works parley scripts? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. i got to fix scripts parley by installing libkrosspython0, but now, i want to know, how works the scripts xd, Thanks

looking for affiliate offers www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I have about 2000 daily mobile traffic and a CTR of about 4-5% Im using low paying PTC ads. I am looking for established affiliate products or even just ONE highpaying affiliate product.Or maybe you are interested and want to payme (PPC) to run your banner ads. PM me MUST: Allow and track mobile traffic Allow you to create banner or supply their own 300x250 or 320x50 banners...

Mp3 editing software forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I've got an mp3 of a song that I want to remove the voices from, so that only the background music remains. I may also need to shorten the mp3 and cut off the first 5 or so seconds. Does anyone know of a good tool to do this with in Mint? AND, if you've ever done anything similar, I'd appreciate instructions. I don't have much time to research this Thanks

Who is the Best Hosting Provider To Make Money With? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I am giving away websites and need a good hosting company that has a affilate program, id like to be paid atleast once a month and not have to wait any longer than 30 days to get started with getting paid. So who do you all suggest? Thanks

Recommend an IDE for C++? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. As you've no doubt figured by the title, I am looking for a C+ IDE. I was thinking Code::Blocks as it has a lot of support (right?) and plug-ins. The syntax-highlighting doesn't look too bad either. But I'd like something made for C++. For example, I won't be using Sublime Text or Notepad++, or anything like that. It would also need to have a built-in compiler. This will be...

Wordpress or Coding www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. BHW, This forum motivated me to start working in affiliate marketing area. As a newbie I have the problem to decide the way I make my website(s). So which one do you guys suggest(and why) using Wordpress or coding. Thanks

Installed Ubuntu packages - now Cinnamon won't start forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I faulty installed some Ubuntu-specific packages with the command (which I found on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack ): Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-utopic xserver-xorg-lts-utopic libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-utopic libegl1-mesa-drivers-lts-utopic I was in a hurry and was a little bit confused on which desktop...

After normal update, LibreOffice not printing. forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. As one of the normal updates that come regularly with Linux Mint, my printer (HP 2350 all in one) no longer prints any LibreOffice documents. The printer is definitely working (prints test page okay), but when prompted to print from LibreOffice nothing happens except that the page freezes. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling and upgrading the LibreOffice program from the web, all...

best and high paying Affiliate network? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. i have a big facebook page with majority likes of US i can provide traffic to websites i want to know which is the best and high paying website plz help me.. i have tried mylikes but they trim alot of money Thanks

How Do I Install Flashplayer in Chrome? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I found flash-plugin-installer in synaptic package manager, but that didn't do it.I downloaded install_flash_player_11_linux_x86_64_tar.gz from adobe. The readme was not plain at all.How do I install flashplayer on a 64 bit machine with Mint 17.1 and chrome?I'll need you to be very specific. Thanks

How to promote Vemma/Verve? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. You might probably know Vemma and their products like verve, bode et If not, this is their website http://www.vemma.com They offer a website for affiliates (username.vemma.com). My question is, what is the best way to promote their products. Adwords? Facebook Ads? Sb Blasts? Twitter? etc. etc. Thanks

Javascript forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Java script seems to be freezing up my desktop.Either Mate or Xfce.If I disable Javascript the issue seems to go away, if I re-enable it the problem reappears. The issue is that the desktop doesn't respond to mouse clicks and I am unable to start apps.If I reboot the dsktop <alt><control><Backspace> It works again until I run a web browser session, then the problem reappears.I was using...

Profit kings media www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Just got into profit kings media affiliate.when i googled profit kings media heard there are lot of scams by yousif yalda.Anyone who has already using profit kings media please help me regarding the payments and reviews with profit kings media Thanks

anyone from profit kings media www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. IS there any Manager From Profit Kings Media My Account got approved a week ago but still i havn't received any feedback regarding login credentials .i have send them few mails but no reply from them yet. Thanks

simple question: can I assume bluray discs will never work? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. Just for fun, I tried to get a Blu-ray movie to work with VLC, but of course I get the UNDF error. I'm guessing it has to do with the decryption.So can I assume that I can forget about getting a purchased blu-ray movie to work on my blu-ray disc player under Linux?Is my only hope to buy something and install it in my Windows 7 VM? Everything I'm finding on the Web is years old,...

Is wine broken in Linux Mint 17 forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Went to use wine from the commandline but it just hung. Then went to uninstall/reinstall in Synaptic and commandline, tells me I have broken packages: apt-get install wine Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved...

Good CPA affiliate program for email marketing www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. Im searching for partner ,someone who work with affiliate programs, my part is that i have about 1.5 billion leads (email contacts) and i own VP servers who are ready to send to inbox. Message me in private or here on this thread, im open for work. Thanks

[Solved] Mint 17.1 and Kodi crashes forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Both Kodi and VLC keeps freezing and crashing on Mint 17.1 and I don't knowwhere to start. At the same time I got "No signal" errors on TV while watching some random channel. TV shouldn't affect to Kodi right? So this should be a problem in Mint or Kodi (or VLC)? I don't know where to start. Thanks

Advice on how to move product - maybe affiliate arbitrage? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I have a friend who runs a good size consumer electronics deals site (~15mm+/month gross rev) who told me he'd let me have access to large quantities of certain products at cost (10-15% off their prices) and he'll handle fulfillment.They're a deal of the day type biz so their margins are pretty tight.Items are in the $5-100 price range and brand name stuff - beats, d-link, skullcandy,...

Getting microsoft exchange access in linux mint forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Does anybody know of a solution that works for getting access to microsoft exchange email services in linux mint? I need to access my company email desperately. I have tried evolution and both the evolution EWS and MAPI plugins and neither work. The EWS plugin takes my information, and I get to the main program, but see the account nowhere. When I restart the program, the wizard pops up...

Adult Affiliate Marketting Question www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. First and Foremost Sorry For My Bad English.. ive been Working on a company that requires you to sell their sites ive been doing this for a year right now and its good but this year i got some problems cause my way of selling those links from them is getting saturated and im using Adult Dating Sites To Sell My Links. Right now i dont have any sales because of saturation.. is there a...

MATE 17.1 - Hide tray icon forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. to all. Is it possible to hide a tray icon from the lower right corner of the panel? I have installed a program called "f.lux" (which sets the warmth of the monitor based on time of day), and I really like the program, but it's tray icon doesn't match my transparent panel with black icons. It's just too "orange and blue". I would like for the app to be active at all times, but hidden...

Where can I find site that have affiliate programs for fashion/travel niche? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. So as my title says, where can I find site that offers a good commissions for affiliate? I'm looking for travel, fashion, or any kind of "real product" niche. I can't find any other site other than amazon or alibaba. And clickbank are more focused on virtual goods, ebooks etc. Thanks

[SOLVED] Installing plugins to gedit forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Just moved from Win XP after a harddrive crash and because of that I also need to move from other programs as well. In XP I used Notepad++ to code html, and what made it good was that it had a lot of plugins. Gedit is supposedly similar with syntax highlighting and a fairly decent plugin system, but there's one plugin that I just can't get to install, https://github.com/mikecrittend...

Incentive web advertising programs? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. i've built a site to convert incentive mobile adds. I split visitors: are they android/ios/web - users. For mobile visitors i got some good offers with content lockers for android and ios. But i need for my web traffic a kind of "content locking ad" for a "freebie" or so. I don't wanna "waste" my web traffic . This ad has to provide some "usefull and free or semi-free (trials?)"...

'Select area to grab' screenshot option as default forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I would like to make the 'Select area to grab' option default on the screenshot taking utility, so I wouldn't have to open the app every time I want to take a screenshot this way. This is option does not seem to be available in the GUI, but I wonder if there is a config file in the file system anywhere to do this. I am on Mint 17.1 Cinnamon Thanks

US Amazon Reviews $2.00 www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I need amazon accounts based in the USA with an account that has at LEAST 10 reviews. Please message me if you are interested! Thanks

How to get the full path of running sh process? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I run some files in different directories, they contain the same name and can not distinguish them through htop. They are running over the SCREEN. I need to finish one but do not know which is which. Which command to use to find out which process to use certain file? I try Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# ps -aef | grep SCREEN root2312 10 Feb17 ?00:00:00 SCREEN ./run.sh root2431...

Affiliate Store Plugin for Wordpress? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I've been using Datafeedr for a couple months and initially it was supporting itself with the 19$ a month fee but I think I have too many products in my store and want to scale down to 10-20 products with higher commission rate. I will be affiliating myself with private companies so I dont want a amazon/ebay only plugin. Do you know any that allow you toput a picture/price/description/...

Which country buy most from Aliexpress www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I like to target my affiliate link to the country that buy aliexpress products most. Who have idea of country that buy most from them ? Thanks

[Resolved] Teamviewer Not Installing forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I am running Linux Mint 17 Live CD from a 32 GB Flash Drive. I am trying to get teamviewer installed to see how it will work before actually installing on my server. At this time though, I have been unsuccessful. When I go install Teamviewer it popped up saying that there were depencies missing. When I go to verify the missing depencies and to install them, I am not able to. Below...

For Every Sale www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I created a product that retails for 29.95. If you are able to convert a sale with your code I can give you, then I will give you 25% of the sale. I just signed up for Shareasale, but they want $500.00 to just get on there site, so I thought I would give that $500 to people who are actually going out there and promoting instead of an OK plateform. Message me for more details. Best, E ...

Strange address bar behavior [ solved ] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I am brand new to this and just installed 17.1 today right away I notice bar with black and grey when on websites ... but not if not actually on a site see screen shotsfile Thanks

Adult Affiliate Marketting Help www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Ive Been Using Chat Traffic for This Money Making Method.. But Right Now All the Websites that i know is already Strict To Create New Account i will get Banned After 20 Secs Even i Dont Start Talking to Clients... is there any Website, Dating Site that you will Recommend Except POF OMEGLE chatteroullete Thanks

[Solved] SMPlayer won't remember time position forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. one of the thing I really like in SMPlayer is that it remembers time position. But in Mint it doesn't, how can I fix that? Thanks

Which website is perfect for Affiliate Marketing? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. mates two days back I posted one topic that "what is the best way to make money online" on Making Money section some friends suggested me Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online can any one suggest me what is best website to join and how to start Sorry for my bad English and Thanks

Current Chrome Stable Window Flickers After Time? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. Current Chrome Stable Window Flickers After Time? Hi, I use Linux Mint 17.1 KDE 64Bit fully updated with the current non-beta AMD proprietary driver from AMD site. I am having a problem with current Google Chrome stable. After about 1-2 hours of use, the entire Chrome window starts flickering rapidly and the only fix is to close Chrome and reopen it and then it works again...

CPA affiliate network cooperation! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Guys, Now i looking for a partner on affiliate makreting. Your work: main is account approval. Then i promotion offer. Last we sharing revenues. About details, Please PM me your skpte. Thanks

Purebits.net ? having a trouble with this network help me ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. i was trying to convert my traffic with this PPD program but i didn't get any result ? i created a link locker and locked a link and send some traffic to that locked link, my link got 150 clicks but 0 leads! why so ? in fact once i tried to fill up their survey and i just completed their survey but nothing happened in their locked link ? and i'm wondering right now that does all this...

unable to install winbind:i386 forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I'm trying to install winbind:i386 for use with wine.I'm using Rebecca 17.1 Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# sudo apt-get install winbind:i386 Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that...

Screenlets forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. downloaded Screenlets. Open icon for Screenlets Manager; application opens up and the box that should display various uh ~ (widgets) is totally empty. so I click "Get more Screenlets" button. Following message appears in dialog box = {{"The Screenlets PPA is not listed among Software Sources. Adding this enables installing individual screenlets from Package Manager (or Software Center)...

Facebook combined with a network www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. everybody. I recently found a great interest in affiliate marketing and would love to start using it with my Facebook marketing skills. I work daily in an agency which handles medium to high-end companys Facebook marketing. I think it'd be a great way to use my spare time to learn more indepth how to use affiliate marketing with Facebook. I've touched some networks like EuroAds, and tried...

[SOLVED] Unable to update Flash Player forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I'm trying linux for the first time , so a total newbie question! I installed shumway plugin on firefox, but I still cannot play youtube videos (But i can play fine on Choromium/Chrome). Apparantly my shockwave flash player needs updating. So when I run this command, this happens Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree Reading package lists... Done Building...

Mame help. forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have been trying to install Mame, and figured it out by following the instructions on this site: http://www.upubuntu.com/2012/10/how-to-install-mame-multiple-arcade.html . I followed the instructions but when I start up mame, I get the message: (No games found. Please check the rompath specified in the mame.ini file. If this is your first time using MAME, please see the config.txt...

Question on referral for an adult website www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. Just a quick question. Has anyone been able to generate good money on lady ommegle zone referral system? It appears you make 1$ for every person you bring on, and that person doesnt need to spend anything. Thanks

Bluefish/update forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. it appears there is a problem with Bluefish and updates or updates and bluefish the html editor I reported yesterday that after an update on Mint 17.1 Cinnamon bluefish kept opening up the browser on my home page and not the web page I created. With this I downloaded Quiana and once again installed Bluefish without the upades and all was ok. After installing all the updates it is producing...

A question regarding multiple domains that make money from affiliate's. www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. For tax purposes, is it easier to have your 5 websites all connected to a parent company? For example, I file a DBA for "TheStylo Marketing Company". Then I use the revenue from those 5 websites to be dumped into my Marketing Company Bank Account. By connecting the 5 websites to a parent company, does it make it easier for taxe purposes? Thanks

Showfoto closes when editing. SOLVED forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. When using showfoto to edit a picture, the program closes abruptly. Some of the menu headers are missing on the top of the screen. I have re-installed the program several times with the same result.drops out too. When cropping a picture, the result cannot be saved, program Any clues welcome. G. ASUS Laptop X551M Mint 17.1 64bit. Thanks

Error launching Radiotray on Linux Mint 17.1 forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. Radio Tray was working fine then all of a sudden, it stopped working? When I launch it from terminal I get this output: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# mint@mint-Inspiron-N5040 ~ $ radiotray (process:13417): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library. Using the fallback 'C' locale. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/radiotray", line 7, in <module> from radiotray...

HDMI, fglrx and Pulseaudio crackling when no video playing. forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. This one is probably borderline hardware support / software. Trying to play audio via HDMI and Pulseaudio and the sound is crackling, as long as there is no 'animation' on the screen. I mean youtube works fine, as do the videos, but pure audio is crackling... unless I also play a muted video, or a visualization of some sort on the screen. Then it plays fine Is that a driver issue...

Virtual US Adress To Receive Checks? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I've found an affiliate program that I can bank with. The problem is that they only send checks to US address's and I'm not in the US. Do you guys think it would be a wise decision to setup a virtual US address and have them forward the check to me? Or is there a risk that the check gets lost along the way? (IE virtual address place don't like the looks of checks being forwarded etc) How...

"mintupdate" -> "no main manifest attribute in /usr/bin/env" forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. When I try to open Mint Update with this command: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# mintupdate I get this error message: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# no main manifest attribute in /usr/bin/env Thanks

Need help regarding pop-up optin page www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I have been stuck on this for about 8 hours.I was using pippity and mail chimp to try and create a pop-up which does not redirects to another page and instead just close after collecting information.However, i have had no success so far, even tried different plugin.Anyone can tell me how can i create a pop-up optin form which does not redirect to Thanks

Getting configuration problems when updating forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. When i try to run sudo apt-get upgrade, the Console returns some errors. Sadly they are in german, but it basicly says there, there are packets unconfigured and some depend on them, therefor no upgrade for you. I'll attach the output below. root@marra-Lenovo-G505s:~# sudo apt-get upgrade Paketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig Abh?ngigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut. Statusinformationen werden...

Maximising revenue on niche site! Advices www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I came here for your advices guys, I will tell just a bit about myself. I've created a niche site, where I got 5000 thousand people comes every 2 days. What I am thinking about is to make a maximum profit as I can. I have my domain and hosts everything sorted all I neeed to do is to maximise profit. I mean do some adverts on my website, what would you do guys? what would you reckon...

Automatic Firefox Updates forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. When I am prompted to update Firefox, the updating window never gets past "connecting to server." If I close Firefox and open as superuser, Firefox promptly updates and I then reopen normally. However, because Firefox had been ran as superuser, some files in ~/.mozilla/firefox/ were written as root and now can't be overwritten in normal user mode. This causes problems not being able to...

Any good worldwide recurring affiliate program? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Im, im looking for a good affiliate program to promote that will build some recurring money for me. Anybody know any? Beside those hosting companies and things like this..id like something more like health, fitness niche. Regards Thanks

No 64-bit support for VBox under 64-bit LM17? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I wanted to create a 64-bit vdisk for the Win10 tech preview using Virtualbox on my 64-bit LM17 desktop.But under "Create Virtual Machine," in the "Name and operating system" window, the pull-down for "Version:" doesn't offer any 64-bot OSes.None, not even under the *NIX candidates. Without thinking first to confirm I had the 64-bit version of VBox installed, I uninstalled it and reinstalled...

Any Affiliate Programs for selling YouTube Views/Subs FB Fans and other social stuff? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I guess the title says it all. I am looking for an Affiliate Program that allows me to sell YouTube Views/Subscriber, Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, ... and earn a few percent comission. Does a program like that exist or should I simply try to resell manually (like fiverr gigs) ? Thanks

Install Playonlinux problem forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I tried to install Playonlinux. In the command window it appeared that ''E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo.....' to correct the problem. What am I supposed to do? Thanks

Recommend a good and affordable autoresponder service for newbie affiliate www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I am just starting in affiliate marketing (again, after a long break due to personal issues). I have not had much luck making money through clickbank and amazon so now I am looking at other marketplaces like etsy and checking competition. The point is, I need an autoresponder service now to promote stuff (I plan to build a review site) but not sure which one to go for. My website doesn't...

<solved>Mint 17, Firefox 36: videos no longer download forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I was running Firefox 35 with Video DownloadHelper add-on, which I have used for years with no problem, but after a recent software update, including an upgrade to FF36, a new problem has arisen: videos are not being downloaded. FF plays them OK, I just can't download and save them. The video downloadhelper add-on seems to be working: it detects the video, allows me to select video...

Advise Me Loans Affiliate Program www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. i need payday loans, mortgage, auto loans, all type loans affiliate programm with Good API. I want to create category at my website where visitors can find credit offers, i want create search filter and etc Thanks

System randomly fails to suspend forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Today I wanted to suspend the computer. After both suspening from menu and `pm-suspend`, the displayed to a virtual terminal (such as tty), the underscore was blinking and after ~20 seconds the computer woke up. I didn't manage to suspend the machine and was force to shut it down. Another day, some time ago, after giving the request to suspend, the display went black and hung. It didn't...

PPL Dating Affiliate Programs www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Anyone know any any good sites that payout $1-$2 per free sign up for a dating site? The only sites I can find are 'sex cam sites', and that's not exactly what my traffic is orientated to Thanks

Mozilla: How can I set Yandex.com as default search engine? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I have added Yandex through prerences and select "Add more search engines...". However the add on is using Yandex.RU and I need Yandex.COM. I don't want .RU as it has bias to results in russian language. Does someone knows how to fix this? Thanks

Resource For Direct Affiliate Programs www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Hey All- I've been having moderate success with a local direct affiliate program here in Phoenix, AZ. It's made me want to start finding more direct affiliate programs to promote. How does one go about finding direct affiliate programs? And is it even worth it to go searching for these direct programs? Or is it better just to go to CommissionJunction or ClickBank? Thanks

Cannot update my system forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I am not receiving updates on my laptop.I am using Mint Mate 17.1.I have the same version installed on my desktop and recieve updates regularly.On my laptop the system update icon always shows the system as being up to date. If I hit the refresh button I will get the following output: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# W: Failed to fetch http://packages.domain.com/dists/trusty/InRelease W:...

Do Adsense pay good? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I would like to know if Adsense pay good as i would like to register on their site so i can put their ads on my site to earn some money Thanks

GPG error on extras.linuxmint.com in Rebecca forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I seem to be getting the following error from "apt-get update" this morning: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# W: GPG error: http://extra.linuxmint.com rebecca Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 3EE67F3D0FF405B2 Clement Lefebvre (Linux Mint Package Repository v1) <root@linuxmint.com> Is something up with the repo or has my Mint install gone wonky? It's worth...

Betting affiliate programs. Huge industry but nobody is talking about this. How come? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Television commercial spots are filled with sports betting ads, and all the big bookmakers in Europe (Bet365, Ladbrokes, Interwetten, etc) have affiliate programs. Yet when I look for forums where this is discussed, they are mainly filled with dead threads. A Bet365 affiliate sub forum that I found somewhere else had posts from 2012 on the first page. Aren't people making serious...

btrfs issues forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I'm running Mint 17.2 x64 and btrfs v1.3 with a raid 50 device. a pair of hw raid 5 devices and sw raid 0. Recently I discovered that several files became unreadable or in the case of audio/video files, unplayable. After a bit research I determined I need to run scrub to test and recover. after several hours it reported several unrecoverable errors. scrub status for 3ae84c08-fee0-4d6a...

why I can't pass the phone Verification in CPAlead network sign up? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. BHW members, Today I tried to sign up for a Non-incentive CPAlead Publisher account, but when I tried to verify my phone number it asked me for a code then I entered the correct code but it said that the code is invalid I don't know why? I tried with different numbers still get the same problem " Invalid verification code " Thanks

Getting Flash to work on Linux Mint forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I have an older system (ASUS A7N8X-E mobo, AMD Athlon XP 3000, 1.5GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce FX5200 AGP graphics) and I have been running Linux Mint on it just to keep it useful. So far I've only been using it to access the Internet from my "man-cave" and I've run into an issue...actually multiple issues...with Flash. At a certain point, I'm guessing due to an update somewhere, I started getting...

A Newbie Looking for a path www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. i know this is not the best tittle to attract readers, but it explains exactly my situation, i'm 22 years old and im still a student, a year ago my father got sick and my family income isnt enough and we always struggle, especially my little brothers are in school, so i'm here trying to improve my self and try to find a way out to help my family, all i got is my laptop and the internet,...

Hash sum mismatch in dists/rebecca/import/binary-amd64/ file forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I am having trouble with one of the index files that i can't figure out how to fix. this is the error Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# Failed to fetch http://mirror.finn.lu/linuxmint/dists/rebecca/import/binary-amd64/PackagesHash Sum mismatch I have read through a few forums and none of the fixes seem to work. I have ran sudo rm -R /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/* and other ...

mobvista is looking for affiliates! www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Affiliates, here I present to you Mobvista, an uprising network. what we have: good payout, professional Affiliate Managers. we may not the best at present, but we sure are making money. and we'd like to share the promising future of mobile marketing with you. cpi ??? games, tools, utility, adult, dating, sports, travel, music, etc. cpa: pin, mo, 1-click, 2-click geo: global traffic...

Need help with OpenVPN forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I need help setting up OpenVPN. I've installed it using apt-get. Then I've installed a .ovpn file from specific servers, used openvpn --config file_i_downloaded.ovpn , but that command always ends with: Sat Feb 28 23:48:16 2015 Exiting due to fatal error Does someone know how I can connect to a server using OpenVPN? Thanks

How to Get Approved by Amazon Affiliate? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. It is now my third attempts in getting approved with Amazon Affiliate. The review site I was building is about cooking appliance. It took me more than 1, may be 2 months to write all 15 pages of content. Most of them are 1000 words+. Turn out that the day before yesterday, I did get a sale from it. I thought they will approve my application this time. But, sadly as always, when checking...

Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome Keep Crashing? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome Keep Crashing? Hi, Running Linux Mint 17.1 KDE 64Bit fully updated on the following desktop: - ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 Motherboard - AMD FX 3.5GHz 8 Core CPU - 32GB DDR3 RAM Memory - AMD Radeon 78xx HD 2GB GDDR5 PCIexpress Video Adaptor - Intel Pro 1000 Gigabit Network Interface Card - Realtek 8111F Gigabit Network Interface adaptor(Motherboard) The...

Question about Amazon Affiliate - Spam links www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I just wanted to know, how serious do Amazon take their affiliation? I've heard they are pretty strict but nowadays I see many people on Facebook posting their amazon affiliate link on many pages and I'm assuming they make money with it. How strict is Amazon with that? Because if that is somehow ok, I would try it myself Thanks

Can one roll back changes in Linux Mint 17.1 64bits? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I'm very much liking Mint Mint 17.1 64bits.Yet as with a lot to learn about it, things go south often, and it would be great to have a way to restore previous versions of the installation.(The way Windows is able to roll back to previous restoration points) That way one might undo things and try differently. Is there anything similar here? After days doing fine with mint, I installed...

Amazon Cancelled Affiliate Account. Now What? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I recently got an email from Amazon stating my account is closed.I'm not sure what rules I broke and I haven't officially launched the website nor verified it yet.I've spent time and money developing the site and as soon as I was ready for the final launch, they closed my account.What should I do next? here is what they mentioned in the email: "We've reviwed your website and determined...

Fire Fox problems forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I want to like it, I like the preference and tools but it just isn't working I cant turn on the spell check.I don't think the pop up blocker i loaded is working.And some pages just to load properly I can navigate my yahoo mail, it wont let me re-select my main mail folder once I have left it.The spell check is killing me a cant spell worth a dip so I need the crutch. I impressed with how...

Serious Plan To Make Decent Money With Amazon Associate Program!!! www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. hey BHW guys, I'm currently earn well with AMZ associate program (over $5000/month passive income) and wanna share my ACTIONABLE plan to help you reach that. 1. Keyword Research: - Choose the MARKET (not product) with average price >= $50 and <= $200 (if the product price is too low, the commission is not worth your effort, but if it's too high, the conversion rate will be low) -...

reset skype and associated sound drivers forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I am using Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca. My Sennheiser PCB headset no longer works with skype. The sound plays through the system speakers, but the input sound plays through the headset mic.Even if I rm -r ~/.Skype Because skype was working from the start I thought I could simply delete and recreate a hidden sound configuration file. rm -R ~/.config/pulse rm -R ~/.Skype But that didn't...

Where to sell Payday loans leads ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I have complete payday loans leads that i generate myself , but i havent found a network yet to sell them to. Is there a network/person willing to buy them ? if yes,drop me a pm Thanks

GnuPG update needed forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. i've started coming across this warning when using thunderbird's enigmail extension: You are using GnuOG version 1.4.16. This is the last version of Enigmail to support this version of GnuPG. Future version only work with GnuPG 2.0 and newer. We therefore recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of GnuPG 2.0.x. Will i be able to keep using enigmail on linux mint? Will GnuPG...

Question on adding another website to Amazon Affiliates www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I am already approved by Amazon Affiliates. I was wondering whether adding another URL under "My Associate Account" will still be subjected to another approval? Thanks

Desktop loads twice with Chrome forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. folks, I have been using Mint 17.1 Cinnamon for sometime now without any major issues, that said there is one slightly annoying trait when loading Chrome. Basically it appears to load then close and re-load the desktop background when launching Chrome. Firefox no problem, launches without this glitch. It's only started to do this recently so possibly linked to a new version of...

How to take screenshots in Mint13 Cinnamon? PrtSc notworking forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I have a fresh install of Mint 13 Cinnamon. I pressed Fn-PrtSc on my laptop and I see a "blink"/"flash", but that's all. I tried pasting the contents of the cilpboard (Ctrl-V) into Gimp, but there's nothing in the clipboard. When i was using Mint 13 MATE, I would see a dialog window after I press Fn-PrtSc, with the choice of saving the file or copying the image to the cilpboard. I was...

Who is the dradisplay-20 - that have ads in every where!!! www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. How could this affiliate Id make this big ads network yahoo facebook adclick ....etc http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/affiliate-programs/654771-use-affiliate-amazon-retargeting-facebook-ads-how-how-dradisplay-20-a.html https://www.google.com/search?q=dradisplay-20 how he can do this massive large of ads directly to his amazon affiliate links. always i see very targeted...

Unseen running processes (Thunderbird & Firefox) forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I have had some fun recently with the desktop and finally had to do a re-install of LMmate. Everything seems ok although slow compared to original set-up. Actual problem is with Firefox and Thunderbird. Despite purging and re-installing the system is telling me that both processes are already running (when I attempt to start them) and therefore I cannot access either. I have run 'htop'...

Looking for Design, SEO, SMM, and ORM affiliates www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I'm looking for an company with an affiliate program that does Web Design, SEO, SMM, & ORM... preferably from ONE company. Ideally I'm also looking for a company that would offer monthly revenue sharing as opposed to a one time payment. Any ideas/recommendations? Thanks

Standalone Dictionary for Mint ? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I'm looking for a dictionary that works offline -- without an internet connection -- and as a stand-alone produc t -- without Office. Is there such a product available for Mint? I've been looking through the repositories and it was hard to figure this out from the product names. Thanks

Need help making just a little www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. BHW!! I've been reading several posts about making money, but none of them helped me to make even a sngle $$!! I'm from a small town, and I'm not greedy, so, just 5 or 4$$ a day is great for me!!! I have a blog and a facebook page with 2500 likes. so, if any one could help with any way to make 5$$ a day, i'll really appreciate that. PS :i'm not good with HTML and stuff ,but i'm a...

?nstalling BLUEMAN forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. i downloaded blueman-1.23.tar.gz file but i can't install to my computer. Please help me. My file stores in /home/bilsay/?ndirilenler. "sudo apt-get install blueman" this code is not working. How can i install? Thanks

Convert mobile traffic www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Here's the situation. I'm in a testing phase of a method and currently have +-200 unique mobile/chat visits to every link I promote, which I can also up-scale very fast. The problem: the traffic is not very keen on spending money and has very short attention span, which means I have to cash in fast and without any hassle for the user-end. Tried dating and cam offers, not happy with the...

[SOLVED] Some updates that shouldn't be there forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I use Mint 17.1 Mate/64 bit. My update manager shows as available, among others, three updates of grade higher than 3 (two of grade 4, one of grade 5). I use to install only updates of grade 3 or lower, so I never give my consent to install them. What I don't understand is that in the settings, levels 4 and 5 are unchecked by default both as 'not trustable' and 'not visible' - so why...

Affiliate Programs with active RSS feeds? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. First time posting, and I have a question regarding RSS feeds for affiliate marketing.What are some worthwhile affiliate programs that have *active RSS feeds? *updated at least once daily Here are the ones that I'm already aware of: - Amazon - Ebay Partner - iTunes Any insights would be much appreciated. Thanks

Bill Reminders? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Is there a program within Mint that has reminders when it's time to pay a bill? Maybe incorporated within one of the finance packages? Thanks

Amazon question? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I've heard of WP plugins that will automatically propagate your website with all the Amazon products and their titles/description. I was just wondering though, if i'm just starting out with Amazon and trying to get approved, will that cause me any issues using a plugin like that? Plus, do you guys have any suggestions for easy ways to get approved by Amazon's Affiliate program? Or...

Login screen behaviour when wrong password has been entered forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have an issue surrounding the login screen. I would like to be able to change the set-up of the login screen to Cinnamon. At the minute, it is frustrating. When the login screen appears on boot up, it only asks for my password. That is perfect, EXCEPT if I type in a wrong character. This is where it gets frustrating. It then brings up a Login screen requiring you to put in...

POF adult affiliate method re-visited www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. Alright guys im sure you all read the title and are like OH GAWD not this POFagain.. For all of you who have any experience with POF in the past know that Markus and his staff are very adamant about fake profiles and take pride in ghosting/blocking IP's,im sure alot of people would still be using POF to this day to make crazy amounts of money if you could only make endless accounts after...

XScreensaver Login Screen *Not Solved* forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. i want to get rid of the xscreen saver login thing. Whenever i put my lappies lid down and put it back, the xscreen saver login screen keeps comming up, and i dont like it. I want the simple login thing only to show up. How can i get rid of the xscreen saver login thing? Thanks

How to set SHMconfig to "on" forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I am trying to map an unused key on my laptop to toggle on / off my trackpad, following the directions from this article; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad/ShortcutKey So far I am unsuccessful. I think the problem is with the SHMconfig, beause at the start of the article it is written that I have to change xorg.config file. But when I typed "sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.config"...

Buy followers on twitter and instagram , get traffic for your cpa site www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. there are few guys offering 1.000 real followers for 1$ on instagram , twitter . I know it'll be not targetted traffic but , i've been thinking of buying some followers -for example 10.000 followers on twitter , 10.000 followers on instagram after that , posting my affiliate link on those accounts . I wonder about the approx conversation rate with that traffic What you guys...

Display Settings when increasing brightness with f3 key forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. so I've always had this small problem since Linux Mint 16 xfce, I now have 17.1 xfce in a HP Pavilion g4 laptop... Everytime I press the f2 or f3 key to decrease or increase the brightness, 2 windows of the display settings panel open and I have to close them everytime and its quite annoying... Please help me fix it =( Thanks

So i just bought a domain name and started a basic website on hostgator with wordpress! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. So i decided to give affiliate marketing a try, i found a niche which is a hobby of mine i do in my spare time. I then thought why not make a website out of it, and so i was directed to BHW to find information on the right way to start. So i have a site up a domain name a little bit of content, but not much. I was wondering about getting into affiliate marketing and reaping some benefits...

How to get Live Streaming Affiliation? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. friends, I was looking for help from you. Actually I have been trying for affiliation, especially live streaming affiliation. I have searched a lot. But I don't know how to get affiliation from live streaming especially for SPORTS? And which sites provide live streaming affiliation? Thanks

Handbrake (rev5474 x86_64) and h.265 forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I downloaded the Handbrake application rev5474 (x86_64), and noticed that there was no encode for h.265. Has anyone been able to generate an h.265 video using this version of Handbrake? If so, what codec did you use? droj Thanks

Adsense alternative for Adult Content in brazil www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I'm recieving a good amount of traffic on my adult website targetting brazil . The thing is i'm not monetizing it ,now i'm looking for a network that has the same ad modelling as Google adsense and that is good for brazilian traffic (ofc , that accepts adult traffic) . I wouldn't care also if it was like crackrevenue model but i noticed that their banners are all in english . Can anyone...

Best way to uninstall LibreOffice [SOLVED] forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I just installed 17.1 Xfce (32-bit) and since I won't use LibreOffice due to its compatibility problems with MS Office, I'd like to uninstall it. What is the best way to remove it from the just installed system? My intention is to install Wine + MSOffice 2013. Thanks

How to use vi forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Have been using Nano for quite a while now and have decided to start learning how to use vi. So i hope somone can point me to a beginners tutorial about using vi on Linux Mint. Thanks

Affiliate Based Money Making System www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Anyone try [h=1] CashCow - Affiliate Based Money Making System [/h]? Just i want some feedback, i want to buy this. I`m not allowed to put link here. Thanks

Level 5 Update for Linux Kernel Headers 3.13.0-46.76 forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Any consensus on the danger in installing Linux Kernel Headers 3.13.0-46.76 (linux-libc-dev is the package name)? This is listed as a Level 5 (danger zone) update in Update Manager in Linux Mint 17.1. The reason I ask is that according to the Ubuntu website, this package supposedly fixes a security problem: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2516-2/ Thoughts? Advice? Thanks

Ppc www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Anyone here who can help me how to do PPC and please explain the methods on how to use it , i am a newbie and needing some guidance from anyone who cares .. Thanks

Debugger ddd "Unable to modify GDB setting forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I'm using Mint 17 and have installed debugger ddd 3.3.12. After opening the ddd console I clicked "Edit" > GDB setting.GDB settings opened.However clicking on any of the GDB check box settings fails to give focus to the "Apply" button.Which mean I can't modify GDB setting Thanks

Pay & Ship with Amazon Affiliates? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I'm looking into Amazon Affiliates as I'm thinking about possibly having a shop on my website using WooCommerce.I know there is an Amazon Affiliate plugin, however that just takes their shopping basket, and then asks them if they want to import it into their Amazon basket. Does anyone know if theres a plugin, or a way you can allow them to shop directly on your website, login to their...

LibreOffice Key Reassignments <SOLVED> forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I am using the latest LibreOffice Writer under Mint Mate 17.1. Can anyone tell me where and in what file LO key reassignments are kept? I use a highly customized hotkey arrangement (including many macros), and it is a pain in the neck after a Mint upgrade to redo the reassignments one at a time. Thanks

Amazon Associate Program Approval www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I decided to apply for the Amazon Associate Program just to promote a few of my books (I'm an author). I provided my author website for approval (but didn't know much of anything about their requirements beforehand). Anyway, since my website is pretty much just a static page promoting my books, and doesn't have any blog content, it was rejected. My question is, can I reapply with a completely...

Using a remote camera to monitor my house forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Firstly I hope I've put this in the appropriate place but if not apologies in advance! I don't know if this is possible but having recently had an attempted break-in at home I wondered if it would be possible to use a camera remotely located outside at the back of the house so that I can capture images/video and save it and also monitor activity remotely via a website or indeed by any...

General questions Affiliate Marketing - Coupon website www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I just started a coupon website in my native language. I've read a lot of information from this site, but still got some questions. 1/ What tool should I use to check my Google/.. rankings. Using the free version of SEO PowerSuite right now. 2/ I want to increase my rankings in Google, should I buy only backlinks, should I go for a complete SEO package? What will work best for a...

setting the screen saver forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. using linux mint 17 mate My computer goes on screen saver very quickly.I'm constantly having to reenter my password. How do I change the lenght of time before screen saver comes on? Thanks

Amazon Search Volume tools www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I'm looking for a tool to analyze the search volume for certain amazon keywords. Please let me know if you have any recommendations. Preferably a free one Thanks

Xcwcp distortion forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. not sure if its just this laptop Linux Mint 17 x86_64 on a Dell Inspiron N5030 laptop It should be upto date ,last checked today for updates.DM cinnamon When running Xcwcp, a morse code tutor prog, the tone quality is good , then after a minute or so the 800 Hz tone changes to , best described as farting sound, If I adjust the audio level on the panel volume control it returns to...

What happens when someone clicks different Amazon Associate account links? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I'm competing with a bunch of Amazon review sites. Let's say I'm number 1 on SERP and they click on my link, then they go back and go to my competitors website and click their link. If they end up buying an item, who gets the referral it? Thanks

are 'Services' supposed to show up in system monitor? SOLVED forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. When I go into Control Center --> Services, and check 'zoneminder', and reboot, there is apparently no process running the system monitor-- at least that is called by the same name.Does 'zoneminder' service run under a different name, or do services not neccessarily show up in system monitor? Thanks

New Affiliate program for those with an Amazon Associate Account www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. So I'm testing out a new process of making affiliate programs to see how it works. What you need An Amazon Associate Tag (sign up as an Amazon affiliate to get one, it's free) How to make money Just send traffic to arcade-machines-for-sale.com?tag= {your-amazon-associate-tag- here} to start making money. How it works This is my first site like this but I will be updating...

Libreoffice GUI Issue forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. as I have manually upgraded my Libreoffice on my Mint 17 from 4.2 to 4.4, I noticed that some of the menu icons (right bar) are missing. I reinstalled several times, but the problem persists. After I tried to replicate the issue in Virtualbox, I noticed that the problem doesn't show up on Mint 17.1. I already downgraded to 17 cause some of my progs have issues with "Rebecca", therefor...

PPS or Revshare (Webcam affiliate) www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I recently brainstormed and got a great idea for traffic to a webcam affiliate website. There's a hard choice to make tho, Revshare or PPS. I know there's alot of these threads, and everyone recommends revshare. But i wanna talk to you ( The webcam affiliates ) Directly. I did my math, here's my situation: PPS: $125 Revshare: 35% Bad thing about PPS: The customer needs to spend...

Docky Doesn't Start After Suspend Mode forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Just as the title says; after waking up my laptop from suspend mode Docky is gone and I have to restart the application. I am using Mint 17.1 Cinnamon Edition 64-bit, installed on a Toshiba Satellite L675D-S7106 ( http://support.toshiba.com/support/staticContentDetail?contentId=2865259&isFromTOCLink=false ). I know this is already a confirmed reported bug ( https://bugs.launchpad...

My first ever affiliate website - dating site www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I'm a newbie here, I just got interested doing internet business when google brought me here at "money making thread" page while searching forporn and dating website. The very interesting one is the affiliate program and that was my first choice and the second choice was the adsense program. But since I always watched porn and spend money with dating site and also noticed that so many...

Recommended Updates (SOLVED) forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I am releatively new to Linux and have Linux Mint 17 (Cinnamon) running without any problems. I have a question relating to Updates which my desktop shows as a shield with a tick for no updates or a number if there are updates - this is great and no problems with that. My problem is that the updates show a recommended number of updates which I install but then I am left with 3 updates...

Looking for affiliate that accepts all traffic source adult dating or whatever www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Been looking for a while now for an affiliate that accepts any kinds of traffic chat traffic or e-whoring technique kind of traffic and others that come from social networking websites.. any affiliate will do as long as it pays and it pays on a weekly basis. send me a message or leave ur reply's here Thanks

Linconnect won't install forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. Here is the code Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# darko@Darko ~ $ chmod +x install.sh; ./install.sh chmod: changing permissions of ?install.sh?: Operation not permitted Install LinConnect server? [Y/N]y Install dependencies automatically (for Debian-based distros) [Y/N] Install dependencies automatically (for Fedora distros) [Y/N]yInstalling dependencies... [sudo] password for...

Looking for fresh payday data www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. We run a call center and are looking for fresh payday leads which are authentic and are of people who are actually looking for loans. We are open to buying the data and for JV. Please send me a contact request on skype "thats.fine" or give me a call on +1-12062037507 Lets do some business Thanks

LinuxMint freezes on Asus X54H forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. topic: LinuxMint freezes occasionally for about one minute on Asus X54H Hi guys, I have Installed Linuxmint 17.1 64-bit on my machine: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# joachim@Asus-Kiste ~ $ inxi -F System:Host: Asus-Kiste Kernel: 3.13.0-37-generic x86_64 (64 bit) Desktop: Gnome Distro: Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca Machine: System: ASUSTeK (portable) product: K54L version: 1.0 ...

Make crazy money with twitter, make $20 an hour easy www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. This is an easy way to rake in some cash. This method involves twitter. I know twitter does not convert well for most people but twitterers do like to click shit... and thats a good thing. This method takes about an hour of initial setup but then its just 5 minutes of work a day. 1. Head on over to http://twtad.com/ if you're nice and setup an account. Twtad pays you to post ads for...

Update Error on Rebecca forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I just installed Rebecca (17.01) and when doing the sudo apt-get update command, at the end I got: W: GPG error: http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 16126D3A3E5C1192 Ubuntu Extras Archive Automatic Signing Key < mailto:ftpmaster@ubuntu.com > W: Failed to fetch http://packages.linuxmint.com/dists/rebecca/import/binary-amd64/Packages Hash...

Amazon affiliate program question www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I'm new to affiliate marketing and i'm looking into amazon affiliate program. Ok, i am from italy and the only way to get direct bank transfers is to sign up at amazon.it Now, the problem is, can i sell products from amazon.com (products described in english and sold by non-italy regions)?? please help me Thanks

Bluefish/update/firefox forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Guys, running Mint Cinnamon with Firefox and using Bluefish html editor for my web sites. Came in this evening, turned on computer and a update was available for firefox which i installed. Since then every time I open a web page in Bluefish it goes to my home page on Firefox. Installed Chrome and made that defaiult browser but problem still persits. Lucky i have mate on hard drive as...

Whipz Guide to Making Money Online $ - $$$ (Semi to Auto Pilot Proof) www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Heres a little guide I wrote to get you some extra sat; I believe this has great potential ! I have been doing this for just under 5 days and already have 500k sat ! Will post pics on payout on Sunday (Less fees to wait) Anyways here is the guide; If links arent allowed to another website to read let me know and Ill post it straight here is there hide tags ? binbox<.>io/Mo83c#52VWAmZ4 ...

Software Manager forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Just come back to use mint 17 , seems when i use manager to load a program it does not put it in the application folder like internet or music , i have had to restart to show them , is this normal now or is there a work around Thanks

Can I safely remove pre-installed appz forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. One of the first things I do with a new Android device is root it and remove all the bloatware. Can I safely become root and do the same in LM? Thanks

Java code to Change mobile landing page text based on country www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Hey Guys, I am looking for a script / code that detects the country and if there a 5 lines of code on the mobile landing page it changes the text to match the country list and text that I can set up. Thanks

Software Management not downloading packages (Mint 13) forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I am throughly enjoying my Mint 13 (older computer, works just fine so not looking to upgrade in the near future) but have noticed an issue. My Software Manager has issues installing programs. I can navigate in the program and click the install button, it starts the download and automatically aborts at around 15 or 16% depending on where you look. Now sometimes it installs the package...

Checking banner refresh IP www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Do affiliate companes that provide various banners are able to track what ip made refresh on my website? Or maybe only ip of person that has clicked on it? Thanks

"ask to activate" shockwave doesn't ask me to activate forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. In Firefox 36, my shockwave plugin fails to ask me to activate in google maps street view, when set to 'ask to activate'.It just renders the region containing the shockwave plugin solid gray, and you can't click on it.If you right-click there is an option to 'activate this plugin' but it does nothing. Youtube does not ask me to activate; it just plays the video automatically. Sometimes...

Anyone using Blackfox? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Any out there using the Blackfox affilate network? Do they pay in time? Any problems with them? Thinking of promoting some offers and just wanted to see if they were legit. Aprreciate any answers. Cheers! Thanks

Mozilla Firefox v36 and Thunderbird v31.5 forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Firefox and Thunderbird where release February 24, 2015.When, if ever, will Firefox and Thunderbird be made available in the repository(ies)? Thanks

Help me get accepted CrakRevenue www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I applied there and got rejected. Please help me. I have and HQ landing page ready with some traffic like 100-200 views / day there. I Use CPALead with Adult offers but they only have a few.f I heard CrakRevenue is very good for these things so I want to try them... Sorry for Bad English. Thanks

'Stylish' the Firefox addon - why is this installed? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. As per the title, what useful function has it? I am having huge problems with Firefox 26.0 repeatedly crashing. Firefox 25.0 also did that, until the 25.0.1 release. If the latter were still in the repositories, I'd have gone back to that weeks ago. More than one user on the same PC has the same problems with Firefox 26.0 and we have just three plugins in common: AdBlock Plus, Flashblock...

what program should I use for a news site. www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I have a blog that I am starting and it is going to be geared towards sports news. What affiliate program do you guys think would be most effective in this niche. Thanks

Wordpress or Joomla any issues with LM 13 -16 forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. GuysI amthinkingof creating a websitewith Wordpress or possibly Joomla, is there any issues with either of theseresources, using LM13 or16? If you are currently creating or have created a website using either of these resources with LM, please advise, and specify if there are any issues , cheers. bernieflint Thanks

clickbank dashboard www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. i made 3 sales in clickbank it shown in transaction & analytics area but not in dashboard is anyone Experienced this before ? is the 3 sales amount count for my paychecks? Thanks

Is there a command to show what apps are using a device? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Everyone, I would like to know if there is a command(s), or software, that would list any application(s) that is being used, or even setup to be used, by any particular device, for example: like a camera (/dev/video0); that would be extremely useful and helpful in diagnosing and learning about the system. Let's say you have a webcam or camera, the device is /dev/video0, then show...

rdesktop screen is blank forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I am running Linux Mint Cinnamon and have rdesktop 1.7.1 installed.When I connect to any Windows machine from CLI I just get a black screen.I checked the RDP server and do not have any active sessions, so I don't think my issue is connecting to a hung session.I cannot think of what else to check.Any suggestions? Thanks

uTrader affiliate program www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. If you have website or other ideas how to promote binary options broker- uTrader, register in our affiliate program on our website. We offering high CPA Thanks

Affiliates needed urgent paying 10% www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. All, i am looking for few people who would be interested in earning 10% from each sell they generate from my site. i have checked for affiliate services but they coming out to expensive for example CJ . i have a built in affiliate program configured on my site which allows for links to be generated for affiliate use.if you are interested please comment and let me know. Thanks

<Solved> unable to open software sources in update manager forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I'm using Mint 17.1 32-bit Cinammon and have recently been unable to open the software sources using update manager.I was manually installing an alternate Java version (in addition to the included OpenJDK) and apparently accidentally added a repository that was already in my repositories list.I then get the following error when running apt-get update : Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# W:...

How can I find what process is hanging? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I'm having problems with cinnamon freezing up. When I Ctrl+Alt+Backspace cinnamon tries to restart but the desktop never loads back up. When I try and reboot I get "Asking all processes to terminate... [fail]" "Killing all processes..." and it just sits there until I reset the system. How do I go about figuring out what process is causing the problem? Thanks

Amazon affiliate question please www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. forum. This may be silly but I have a question. Just starting with amazon affiliate program and I dont understand a thing.If a user click the add on my site but decides not to buy that specific item..and he grabs another item..will I still get my revenue for referring him to amazon ? or the affiliate link is valid only per a specific item? Thanks

Nemo search quirks forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. ya, Still only an occasional Mint (and Linux) user so when i experience something that doesn't seem to make sense to me i figure i should bring it up. I did a search on a NAS and the results came up - cool... but: 1. No horizontal scroll? I couldn't find it. So i had to adjust columns manually. 2. I decided to change the view from 'list' to 'compact' and gee whiz - the whole search...

Video + Amazon ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. There is a software" video auto click " , It auto redirect your visitors to any link you want after watching the video, Can i sue something like this with amazon affiliate ? Thanks

New to Amazon www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. i m confuse about theme for my amazon affiliate store . i am new to amazon i just want to try my luck with amazon . can any one tell me wch themes are best for amazon affiliate stores ? i mean wch are good themes to generate some sales .Need little guide Thanks

[Solved] Dolphin file manager cant search "invalid protocol" forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. There are some threads but none with a solution, that I have came across. I am using Linux Mint Cinnamon 17. I am unable to perform a search with Dolphin file manager There is a popup saying "Invalid Protocol" The search tool worked fine under Mint 16, not in Mint 17, both Cinnamon desktops. Things I tried: Install kfind (it was already installed) Install kde-baseapps,...

Affiliate Network i am using www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I was trying to figure out how could i "repay my debt" to the community, but my knowledge base about topic in this forum is not anywhere close good enough so i could start leaving - How To's or advices, so i have decided to share one of affiliate networks i am using to earn some extra cash. The affiliate network is in one of the "most wanted" niches - Health. This network has 25 different...

Visits To Money www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I joined this site a site called visits to money dot com its where you refer people to the site to make money. Its a quite high CPA and i was able to make $50 in about a month. I then went to withdraw the moeny to find you have to complete some surveys.I thought fair enough its prob how they make there money, i dont mind.So I started the survey and theres loads of questions,...

Avidemux - problem with Linux version and with Wine forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. With a view to making a permanent switch, I'm currently testing Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca on VirtualBox on my Win7 PC.In my Linux Download folder I have some audio files (flac) and a video file (avi) and all play fine with the built-in media players. I use Avidemux a lot for video editing and I've installed it using 'apt install avidemux'.The exact version I got is 2.5.4 with '(GTK+)'...

[Allbuy.com ] seeking for affiliates, up to 30% commission rate per sale www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. Allbuy.com is legit ecommerce store, which update the best deals daily on our shareasale merchant account. If you are the one of top affiliates, you can get extra bonus from us. If you are interested in our offers, pls visit our SAS network to get more details. Or if anyone has question about allbuy.com, you can PM or leave msg below, i will reach on you asap. Regards. ...

[Solved] How to autologin as root, Linux Mint 17.1 Xfce? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Is anyone out thereable to autologin in to Linux Mint 17.1 Xfce as root. If so, I would like to hear from you. I login as root but haven't figured out what needs to be done to autologin.Think some changes need to be made to etc/pam.d entries but trial and error changes haven't worked. Have done it in several distros, know it's possible. Great topic for flaming.Should have a lot...

FB marketing and advertising www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I want to get some recommendations from the experienced people, I'm going to invest money in FB ads but can't decide what product advertise not to lose money, can somebody give me interesting and good information about it? Thanks

Firefox navigates to a random page while scrolling. forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I use Firefox to surf the web and it has a tendency when I'm scrolling with the mousepad on my laptop to usually scroll but sometimes navigate to a random page from my history. Has anyone else had this problem? How can it be fixed? Thanks

Amazon AutoBlog - Is there any tools / plugin which can pull huge amount of amazon product www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Is there any tools that can pull amazon products to wordpress site up to something like 50k products or 200k products. I've tried WP Zongrabbing, WP Robot, AssociateGoliath but they suck at my requirement Thanks

somehow delted... apt-get .... [SOLVED] forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. A few days ago I was playing around with pgp and pgp2, after some fun I decided to uninstall pgp and somehow I managed to remove "apt-get"... Is there any way I could re-install it or is this a "backup your files and re-install" kind of mistake? (sorry, a bit of a newbie) Thanks

CPA Profit Idea : My Girlfriend is surprised on this www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I've been planning this tactic to earn Huge revenue on internet with Affiliate Marketing. I tried this trick and honestly my girl friend is flat to see the earnings i made last night.. Here's my IDEA. Its just like brooking offers. Get approved from some CPA networks that lacks content locking and have an ocean of high paying offers. Now open up a new network easily with...

[Solved] How to make customized iso? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I'd like to make a custom live usb iso to pass on to friends. So I don't want a clone of my system, but one that's stripped out of all personal data. I found tuto for remastersys, but i can't install it, and people in the irc channel told me it's not supported and I shouldn't use it. So I'd like to know if there's another way to do this. Thanks

Which affiliate network would be more appropriate for my niche? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I'm having a website that sells wp themes & plugins. I haven't entered any affiliate network yet and I have the following questions: 1. Is it better to use an affiliate network platform or should I use a plugin like affiliatewp? most theme authors and wp developers use the second option from what I've seen. 2. Some other companies that I've checked that use a third party affiliate...

Change print size in Gimp SOLVED forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I have Linux Mint 17 (Cinnamon) installed a few months ago and am a complete newbie. However having said that I have succesfully overcome a comple of problems with the help of this Forum - so here goes with my problem. I have a Canon MG5550 Printer installed which I like to use to print photos. However I cannot seem to get Gimp to print a Borderless 4 x 6 photo ' What I have done is...

Opening an Amazon Affiliate Store www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I heard that you can earn a great amount from Amazon,Aliexpress Affiliate Stores.So, I'd like to open one. Do you've any specific tutorial or e-book for this? or any advice? Thanks

[SOLVED] Strange bug: URLs reloading constantly to homepage forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I have had a great experience with linuxmint so far. I used ubuntu for about 6 years before switching to linuxmint last years because of the graphical demands of ubuntu. So, now I have a big problem with web browsing that I cannot solve: This problem occur with firefox 80% of the time and with google chrome 60% of the time. It does not happen with Midori yet. When I go to a new...

New Affiliate Website www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I just finished my website http://centerlinetrades.com/millionaire/ I just wanted to get some feedback on the website and let me know what you think? I registered for click bank, jvzoo so far. Would this be a product that will sell easily? Thanks

Can't get acidrip to find my disk forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I'm running Mint 17.1 MATE. The default drive /dev/dvd does not exist in MATE, and acidrip does not find /dev/sr0. Any ideas? Handbrake is so slow. Thanks

Dumb Question :) www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. All.Can I post about an adult shopping affiliate site here? Or, is there another area that is more appropriate? Thanks

Getting The Text Editor To Use ANSI forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I'm on Mint 17 I like to post to a web board that isn't well maintained and behind on updates. The current issue is that content pasted in from web sites disappears.The web board software can't digest some punctuation marks from particular kinds of character encoding. People from the board on Windows tell me that pasting the text into notepad first cleans it out. I tried the...

Make money with Themeforest affiliate www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. If you interested in Themeforest affiliate you can promote our WordPress theme detector with your Themeforest affiliate id, it will use your referral id for the Themeforest links in the results, and for the promoted item as well). Try it: hxxp://wpthemedetector.co.uk/?ref=YOURID Cheers Thanks

Dolphin - cannot drag and drop to another program forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I am using Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon desktop, with dolphin 4.11.5. The problem is that I cannot drag and drop files from dolphin to other programs such as thunderbird, there is a forbidden sign when I try to do so. How do I solve this? I can do it no problem whith Nemo. Thanks

Finding a niche to promote www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. This must be one of the oldest questions, but I am not looking for answers to which niche makes the most. I am looking for niches that don't look commercial on the surface, but can be very well monetized through affiliate programs. Niches that may not seem like there's money to be made, but there is. And niches that spawn a TON of keywords. And niches that don't rely on Adsense but...

Insert Row is Crashing Libre Office Calc Spreadsheet forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. When I try to insert a row on Libre Office Calc Spreadsheet it gives thisd error message vector::_M_range_check and then crashes when I close the message box. I have tried inserting with a row highlighted (right click then "insert rows above") and with just a single cell active and using the insert tab at the top (click insert, then click rows), the same error message happens either way. It...

looking for interesting products to promote www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. i'm not interested in weight loss or vacuum pumps. something funny - like air in a can or something like that some super-product. or drugs. but with good payouts - more than 20% at least. anyone has any suggestions?or a product of yours? Thanks

Suggestions to lower RAM usage forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. My somewhat older, slower system (dual core, 64 bit, 3 (?) gigs RAM) is hitting it's head far too often these days. It's obvious that the lion's share of the problem is Chrome, which gobbles up insane amounts of RAM, but I'm also looking at how much memory Cinnamon is using.After looking over this thread http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=191069 I thought I'd ask the...

Does amazon accepting spammy YT traffic ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. Hey Amazoners Note: it's 1st time to join Amazon affiliate planet ! so it could be silly question "i will ask it anyway" I was wondering does Amazon accepting mass traffic from YT !? let me simplify it , I have couples of powerful servers so i have ability to upload xx,xxx videos daily , so i was ask what about to upload that amount of videos and put my general referral link in ...

Wine HQ & Risk of Rain *Solved* forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. So ive just installed the game Risk of Rain using Wine and when i try to launch the game, the screen goes white and this error code comes up; FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Create Event for object oInit: ds_map_read argument 2 incorrect type expecting a String at gml_Object_oInit_Create_0 Did the game installation go wrong or something i need to install before playing...

Pharma customer leads - where can i sell them? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I have pharma customer leads with full data collected from various sources. Let me know the best place to sell my leads - have seen some people on the forum talking about pharma leads selling for $20 plus per lead, but then again I have heard of some selling for less. Anybody help would be much appreciated! Thanks

Adobe Flash Player + Rap Music forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. This issue is not necessarily related to Linux Mint, as it also happens on a Windows box that I own.Randomly, it may happen once a day, twice a day, once every few days, etc... a five to ten second snippet of a rap song that I have not identified plays through my computer speakers. On both the Linux and Windows computers, I have Firefox installed.I know that the Adobe Flash player...

Twitter affiliate / promotion www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. So I've been running my twitter personal account for a couple of years and have a 350,000+ following... I get a fair amount of impressions/retweets/favourites etc monthly. Does anyone have any suggestions of ways I could earn an income on the side as I work a 9-5 with education on top. Thanks

(SOLVED) software sources errors forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I have heaps of software sources errors. Here they are:- GPG error: http://ftp.us.debian.org sid InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 8B48AD6246925553Failed to fetch cdrom://Linux Mint 17 _Qiana_ - Release amd64 20140623/dists/trusty/contrib/binary-amd64/PackagesPlease use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized...

Help me in Building Amazon Affiliate site. www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Dudes, I'm new at BHW, also new in Affiliate marketing. I need help on Building Amazon Affiliate site. I had already selected a niche. I can't send someone private message because I'm short of 15 posts. I want Senior members to help me through private message. I'll knock there message box whenever I get stuck. Thanks

Chrome Tab forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Whenever i move my mouse to the top and accidentally click the tab, the tab does this: http://imgur.com/iE70k25 . How can i stop this? Is very annoying Thanks

Any good Payday Networks? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I'm looking for some good Payday Networks with good offers to promote. I was working with Yosto.com to promote offers and was generating approx $2k weekly. But now all of a sudden they just closed down without any notice. But I would like to start again with a new company. If you know any, please do help me out. Thanks

Streamate (SexTracker MoneyTree 2.0) Affiliates Question www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. We've recently signed up as a streamate webcam affiliate. Their SexTracker MoneyTree affiliate program looks somewhat outdated. We're wondering though if anyone else here had any recent experiences with them. When I check the stats inside the Wm.Tree panel I notice 4 unique visits so far but no sign ups. We use Google Analytics and we can view the number of times somebody clicked on an...

Play On Linux (Mint 17.1 64 bit) crash on 32 bit application forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. So, I'm trying to print headers and footers using M$ Project via wine and project crashes.Wine and Play on linux appear to still run, but the application crashes.It does the same thing when I try to add notes to project tasks.(Another issue I'm having has to do with the editor for Ocular, which doesn't seem to have a function, though kate is the named editor plugin).I'm not sure if there...

Monetise 20,000 follower vine account www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Basically I have a vine account that I rarely use that has been linked to my Twitter account, I've uploaded 2 videos and it has around 15 million combined loops. i was wondering if either my account could possibly monetised or if it would be worth selling it? Thanks

Reprogramming a new Right Arrow Key to sub for dead one forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Greetings! I wish to resurrect a old R60e ThinkPad. It is in good condition and runs XP well, save for a dead right arrow key. In XP I found an app to reassign the move right page key to perform as a right arrow key and it works well in XP, but I can't find a similar program for Linux. Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks

Getting accepted into Cpa www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Just excited to be accepted into max bounty. Got my phone call interview. Provided them with my method for traffic and showed them some built sites. Just wanted to share what worked for me. Quality sites and my traffic methods via social media. Thanks

SOLVED Total Commander shortcuts to Krusader forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I couldn't find a ready-made Total Commander shortcut import to Krusader.Is there such a thing?Please, give link. I want to use as much of the TC shortcuts as possible. Thanks

there is one big pain for profitkingsmedia login www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. It is weird, when i updated new password on PKM and try to login again, it just go to "Become a Profit Kings Media Affiliate" page, try to email AM, no response, get me frustrated, anyone know what's the issue? Thanks

Random Freezing forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I have a Dell Preciscion M6800 Mobile Workstation (2013 Model). I am running LM Cinnamon (Rebecca) 17.1 (amd64-bit). I've been keeping up with all updates thus far. I am currently running the fglrx-updates driver with my AMD Saturn XL video adapter (FirePro M6100). I am currently runnning the bcmwl-kernel-source driver for my Broadcom wifi adapter. here is the output of inxi ...

Best Affiliate Networks: MUNDOmedia www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. MUNDOmedia is your gateway to world's biggest advertisers and exclusive offers. Regardless of your traffic specialty - whether it be Mobile, Display, Search, Social or Email - they provide publishers with everything that is needed to maximize ROI and take your business to the next level. After all, MUNDOmedia offers an exceptional Loyalty Program. We are very happy to be their partner...

Missing Plugins in Mozilla Firefox 36? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have a QNAP and could access the files etc through the browser, and up until recently even the files on my Computer. Since the upgrade that facility seems to have disappeared... What's gone wrong? I know that Java JRE is (was) important to this function and as Java hasn't been touched, the only other solution is that somehow the Plugin has gone missing. Does anyone know how to fix this...

Affiliate help and advice needed please www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. All, i would like to get some advice from everyone who deals in affiliate programs. i am currently getting my sisters clothing site redesigned and heard by having an affiliate program setup for the site that will help with the sites sales. her site will be offering up to 10% in commission on every sale made via the affiliate link. 1: do i need to have an affiliate agreement on her...

Adobe Flash player 12 on firefox forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I can't manage to watch video on that website on Firefox : http://www.6play.fr/m6/series-fictions#/m6/series-fictions It ask me to update it. I've downloaded but i cant manage to copy it in user folder. I've tried Chromium & Opera but same problem I've updated those software : no change I've also installed flashplugin non free : no change can you help me ? Thanks

Help with referal programs www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I'm new to the forum. Just wanted to check if there is any rules against posting referral links to websites such as skrill or a good binary trading site Thanks

[SOLVED] MATE 17.1 Firefox loading sites slowly forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. to all. I have a Dell 3410 laptop. Was so satisfied with it that I bough another one (used, damaged screen). Connected it to my 24" BenQ screen. The specs are identical on both laptops. i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB SSD (same brand). Problem is - the initial laptop opens sites on Firefox instantly. On the "new" laptop it always takes 10-15 seconds for a website to load. To be clear,...

Real traffic sources that convert well for health niche www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. Friends, after working on adsense and few affiliates with decent money generation, I want to look into health niche with some good traffic sources which convert well, because of lot of changes in Google algorithms and lower Adsense money, I want to move to big affiliate marketing with Health niche, can some one share the details with rea ltime experience on what works well, like what...

Installation Instructions forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I upgraded from Mint 17 17.1 and then i bought a printer. An epson L210. I cannot install the driver because lsb is broken, because package manager is broken, because signatures are broken, because Mint 17.1 erased them as soon as it updated. No matter what i do, i have reinstalled three times, i cannot fix it. On my laptop which i have not upgraded to 17.1 i was able to install the drivers....

What is a good wordpress theme for affiliate programming www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. What is a good wordpress theme for affiliate programming? Which one do you guys recommend ? Im trying to look for one If you guys know one is it alright if you put a download link to it aswell? Thanks

<SOLVED>'Disks' utility in Mint 17.1 Cinnamon. Disk image forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I assume that if I create a disk image using the Disks utility it can be restored to the same disk it was created from. I have two questions: Can it be restored to a different disk of the same size? Can it be restored to a disk that is larger or smaller than the original? Thanks

Cannot switch from Cinnamon to Mate. forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. First, the basics of my system: System:Host: mac-Aspire-V5-122P Kernel: 3.13.0-37-generic x86_64 (64 bit) Desktop: Gnome Distro: Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca I I started out with Cinnamon, but I wanted to try MATE because, as you can see, I'm not running much of a computer (1 GHz processor, 4 bits RAM). Here are the steps I took: 1. Installed mint-meta-mate and mate desktop 2....

Working banner network needed www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. Does anybody know good banners ad network? I mportant that the network must have a full-screen banners type ads. Thanks

[SOLVED] Problem with folder icon in Dolphin forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I am running Mint 17.1 KDE-64. In fstab I have made an entry to permanently mount my NAS disk, mountpoint is the folder NAS in my home directory. Now, this works well and I can read and write as I want to. To make Dolphin look a bit more interesting I have given folders a different look, not just the blue folder icon but an icon which shows what the folder contains: a camera for Pictures,...

Need eBay & Amazon Experienced Sellers (Profit Per Product $20-$100+) www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. My name is Mike and I am selling brand new software products. I have around 50 products to sell and I need experienced sellers with proven feedback to sell it on eBay and Amazon. Minimum profit for a product is $20. Messenger: mailto:buytsolutions@gmail.com Skype: rusty12rusty Thanks

Pymaxe installation issue forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I tried to find the same question on this forum but I have no found. I got dependency problem when I try to install the Pymaxe. I'm using Mate Rebecca version. First issue was package ffmpeg missing, I have installed with sucess and now I got dependency missing point to libavcodec52 and 53. I suspect when I installed the ffmpeg was installed the updated libavcodec54... I guess it may be...

Any webcam affiliate programs out there? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. If there are any WEBCAM affiliate programs out there who accept quality blackhat traffic please add me in skype: m.chol3 Thanks

SOLVED Problem with Google Chrome and Google Drive forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Just installed the latest Mint, Cinnamon desktop.Here's my problem. When I go to Google Drive using the Chrome browser, and I open a spreadsheet, I can hardly read some of the screen.And the grid lines don't show up -- makes it tough to read.I've checked and I've told Drive to display the grid lines. I tried changing Mint's theme, but I don't see a way to "Change Look and Feel"...

Netflix & Amazon Streaming Issues forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have a Compaq Presario F700 laptop with LMDE 201403 installed. I have Google Chrome 40 installed with the Widevine plug-in enabled. All NSS library files have been updated. Still can't play Netflix of Amazon videos in Chrome. Netflix throws this Error Code: M7063-1913. I managed to get Amazon videos playing in Firefox by installing the Adobe Flash plugin and Michael Blennerhassett's...

how to create High Convertible $$$ landing page without know good English? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I want create good convertible landing page for ClickBank offer (for Venus Factor) but my problem is that I don't know good English. what can I do what will your BHW advice? Thanks

Mint 13 installing nautilus-dropbox doesn't complete forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I'm a newbie to Linux ( LM 13 'Maya' ) and still learning. I have an issue with 'Synaptic Package Manager'. It all began when I attempted to download and install 'Dropbox for Ubuntu' via a copy and paste command line in 'Terminal Emulator'. Here's the background to how it unfolded: Copied and pasted in to Terminal Emulator the command line; 'sudo apt-get install nautilus-dropbox' Inserted...

Quality alternatives to Adsense www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I have an adsense account that was made in 2011 but didnt do much. Now I just made a blog hoping to monetize with amazon and adsense while generating traffic from pinterest. But since I am from India the blog must be 6 months old for adsense approval. Does anyone have any experience with this. I would really appreciate alternatives to adsense or any other way. Thanks

Linux Kernel Headers for development - Why so many updates? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. For the last few weeks it seems like we've been getting a lot of updates for "Linux Kernel Headers for development".It's beginning to make me wonder if recent updates have been very buggy or problematic.I know they are marked as type "!" for security updates so it's a good idea to install them.However, they are also "level 5" updates so they could cause stability issues. Any advice...

Affiliate program for an EXPLOSIVE health product! Niche is WIDE OPEN...BARELY TOUCHED! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I'm the COO of a marketing company and we are looking to bring on some direct affiliate marketers to our hottest product in one of today's hottest, untapped niches. We own another company that is in the health/ailment/remedies niche and is a VERY hot product right now and we're looking for JV partners that are in a related niches (Health remedies, ailments, etc). In fact, we did $600,000...

How to Install a Downloaded Packet? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I know this is pretty basic stuff and I seem to have seen something about it in the tutorial but forgot. Downloaded a couple of packets for programs I want which do not appear on the Archive Manager selection - Photo Filtre graphics and Mozilla Sea Monkey browser. I download to the download file, and extract to the same folder, but what do I do now? In Windows 7 I just double click...

Best paying cpa Affiliate Programs? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I would like to know what are best paying cpa Affiliate Programs? I am using clickbank for now, but do you know any better program? Thanks

Wrong association in Firefox for PDF's. How to fix, please? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I'm on Reb.-MATE with Firefox 36 and the FlashGot add-on to make my uGet download manager compatible with Firefox. When I click on a PDF offered on some web page, there's a little window asking me about what to do. Among others it should say Open with... and next to it Document viewer (Standard) . Unfortunately, It says LibreOffice (Standard) which is not my preferred programm...

[Solved] Driver Manager has disappeared forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Mint 17.1 Rebecca Mate 64-bit has been on my machine for a few months now. Sometime recently, however, the Driver Manager disappeared. Normally it could be found in Control Centre/System/Driver Manager, or more easily typing "driver" in the menu search field. I last remember using it about a month ago to check nVidia's proprietary graphics driver. Can anyone help find it again? ...

Earn 20% Commission Selling Expired Domains For PBNs! | Lifetime Commission | SIGN UP NOW www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. At magicdomains.net we are offering 20% commission on all domains sold. Commissions are set to lifetime If you refer someone today through your url and they buy one domain you get paid but if they come back next week by other means and buy 5 you get paid as well. Request and recieve payments within 24 hrs any day of the week No net 30 or biweekly payments... when a sale goes through...

Downloaded programs do not appear forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I am new on this forum. I have a problem with Software Manager. I tried to download youtube-dl and get-flash-video but they did not appear on my computer. I even tried to remove and re-install them but to no avail. Thanks

Buying pop traffic with adult offers...does this simple things work? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I am looking around but can not find real answer. What I am trying is simple promoting some adult offers from PeerFly with PopAds. I've tried few different offers with around 5$ each at ~0.006 ppv and if nothing converts, I move on and choose different offer, or I switch from popUp to popUnder, or to tabUp, tabUnder, different platform, windows, android and so on... All in all, no luck...

Kernel 4.0 live patching question forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Just heard that the 4.0 kernel will be able to be modified on the fly without rebooting.Wonderful. Does that mean that packages like and in particular zfs will no longer need to be recompiled with each new kernel? Thanks

How I want to make money with instagram www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. In this thread I'll explain how I'll try to make money with Instagram. Please give me your feedback on it (I'm new to this.). My Instagramaccount is an account that does giveaways only. Step one: I've created an Instagram account and gave it about 1500 fake followes (that look real) so it looks like more confidentially. On the fist few posts I also buy some fake likes and comments. Step...

Terminal inside Nemo forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. is there a way to have a terminal open inside Nemo, like Nautilus? Nautilus Terminal (i'm not sure of the correct terminology so I have included a screen pic). Thanks

my experience with Amazon wordpress plugin wooZone www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. i searched BHW for amazon wordpress plugin and it appeared to me that woozone is probably the best among what i've found. i went ahead and bought the plugin and after days heres what i found. 1, advanced search returns garbage - manual search on amazon associate returns 350 products, and woozone returns 52, including 10+ products with no prices. i told it not to import those! that's...

libreoffice writer justified alignment doesn't justify text forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I know this is a known bug; have seen it in other posts. I'd really like to see the justification actually align the text edge-to-edge with reasonable spacing between the words. Currently, the words on a line will not space out to align the last word/letter to the right edge.It might as well be left justified. I want to be able to recommend Libreoffice to students and professionals...

Best way to monetize a 350,000+ twitter account www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I run a personal "relatable tweets" twitter account that receives a large amount of impressions per month, I was wondering if anyone had any idea on the best way to monetise this? I also run a few smaller (50k) accounts which are growing daily. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks

How To Reinstall Libreoffice? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. everybody and this time my problem is about reinstalling the LibreOffice package, because when I tried to update it to the version, the package get broken and since then I can't visualice my old XLS files in LibreOffice Calc. The situation began when I tried to update using the repository but something was wrong and I think the process doesn't end. Also I can't use the repository...

What do you think of MoreNiche? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I've been a momber of MN for some years, but its been like 2-3 years since I stopped promoting them and engaged other fields. I just wanted to know your opinion about them and your experience with their products, because I think to try and promote them again. Problem is that when I did that in the past I think the male enlargement market was just expanding so it was a good niche,...

Rebecca 2nd monitor resolution, can only mirror. forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. Good day every one. This is my first post here on the forum. I just installed Linux Mint 64-bit Rebecca and I am having an issue with monitor resolution. Before Rebecca I had LInux Mint Petra installed with no issues. The exact problem is that I have 2 DVI monitors, both with the same resolution, which is 1280x1024 (5:4) One is a 19" Dell, which is my primary monitor (model...

Best Way to invest 250$ ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Anyway I just got a job, and I am also working on internet marketing stuff for a while, After subtracting all the living expenses, I will be left with 250$ a month. I thought about saving those money on the side. Keep working on my project without investing much since Its my first internet marketing project, may be when I know more and made enough newbie mistake then I can spend some...

power management extend time to suspend forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Linux Mint 17.1 - cinnamon Power management drop down allows up to 1 hour before suspend executes. I'd like to know if there some configuration that is possible to allow greater times say 2 or 3 hours. I'd like to see these values appear in power management to choose from. Thanks

[Looking] PPInstall www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. BHW, I'm looking to be or to work in any MOBILE app affiliate program. about my traffic it's all US Social media but my website will be coming soon. or very soon ! your referral links are welcome. Thanks

set MDM or MARCO to use only part of the screen forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. since linuxmint is so versatile i am sure it can handle my odd request my laptop screen is broken. a belt of about 200 pxl in the right side is just black. there should be a way to use a smaller display than the actual screen. "xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1280x800 --fb 1000x800" did part of the trick. it disable the broken part. limit the mouse motion BUT when i maximize the windows...

Hasoffers Competitors www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I've been working in CPA marketing for more than a couple of years now. I came to know about many opportunities. Finally Now I am successfully operating and managing my own affiliate network with a good number of affiliates. I am not inviting any affiliate here because it is already going very smoothly. I started the network as it was very popular money making way that time. As...

Skype 4.3 No icon in system tray <SOLVED> forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I am on 17.1 Rebecca Xfce 32-bit (new installation), I installed Skype from Synaptic and although the option in Skype to start it minimized in the system tray is checked, it does not. What I tried so far: 1) Uninstalled - re-installed Skype 2) Unchecked the indicator app in 'application autostart' 3) Ran in the terminal sudo apt-get install sni-qt:i386 - I had already the latest...

want to learn France mobile offer promoting Methods www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I want to learn France offer promoting system, is there any one here who can teach me everything like how i promote France offer and how to find secret French mobile traffic, i need best teacher, will award you if you teach me best methods.knock me if you interested Thanks

Heroes of the Storm -- Anyone have this working in Mint? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I'm running Mint 17.1 KDE, and have tried the majority of Heroes of the Storm on linux guides out there.I can get the battle.net launcher working, but when I click play for Heroes of the storm it crashes.Does anyone here have this working?I'm trying to get rid of my windows partition all together, and this is the only real windows application that keeps me using windows.Any help would...

Stay with Chaturbate.com or switch to other? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I'm working with Chaturbate and have some good stats, but today i've read some bad comment about them, so i want to know : should i begin with them, or switch to other? I hear that they do not pay for aff, is it true? Is there any member of Chaturbate in our forum? If yes, please let me know. If they're legit, i will continue to work. Thanks

Gmail forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I was a Ubuntu users since it came out but finally switched over to Linux Mint 17.01 Rebecca Cinnamon. Sorry I'm new to Linux Mint. So I was wondering, what's your favorite application for a indicator for gmail? The Applet GmailChecker in avalaible applets online is not working, I can not add it to the panel! Gmail notifier in synaptic is not working, I can not log in. Anybody...

Imageboom.net Earn Money With Pictures www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. We Pay Up to real $3.00 For Each 1000 Image ? 2. Minimum Payment only $10.00. ? 3. PAYMENTS EVERY FRIDAY ? 4. We Will Pay Your Payment Fees. You Will Receive The Money You Earned. ? 5. Payment info : WebMoney, Payza,PayPal,Payoneer... ? TIER 1: ( UK US AU ) 3.00 $ / 1000 views TIER 2: ( DE CA NZ BE DK FI FR CH LU NL ) 1.00 $ / 1000 views TIER 3: (...

why is gmail-notify being so stubborn? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I've used synaptic to install this app today after a fresh, clean install of Mint 17.1 (all available updates immediately applied as soon as they appeared in the channel. Gmail-notify keeps refusing to login to my gmail account. When invoked from the console, I get the following result (myusername=my name) $ gmail-notify Gmail Notifier v1.6.1b (2015/03/08 21:30:45) ---------- xmllangs:...

Any good affiliate which allows redirects? They took my $500 in 5 days... www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I have domain, specialized on developers, which get almost 20k UIP/day . I redirected domain directly to GoDaddy via CJ and got about $120/day, but they blocked my account after few days :banghead: I tried to place banner on site, but have only about 0.1% click rate and after 3 days not any conversion... As domain is quite useless for me, I'm looking for affiliate which allows direct...

Korean/English language switch within the Hangul Ibus forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I got a question. I've just been using Mint Rebecca for a few days now, and it seems great. However, there's one thing I'm wondering about. I use quite a few 'input languages'. I use Ibus for those. Now my question is, is it possible to switch between Korean and English within the Hangul Ibus? So not by changing languages (I use many languages, so to change this every time would...

Looking for Credit Score/Loan PPL Offers - HIGH VOLUME www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. We run various kinds of promotions and have tons of volume for credit score check offers. Do you have any offer or know some which has a good pay and doesnt shave? Please let me know! Thanks

[SOLVED] MATE 17.1 - turn off "pre-play" forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. to all. Whenever I open a folder containing music and then switch from one tune to the other, sooner or later the folder freezes and I need to force quit it. I noticed that it most often happens when I scroll over a tune icon with my mouse and that is when the tune starts to play without any additional program being opened. Is there any way to remove this function? The issue exists...

[LF] Fitness affiliate program that lets me make a white label www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I've been working with white label websites for adult affiliate programs for quite a while now and it's going great. However, in the meantime, i have been growing a fitness blog and right now it has a good amount of followers. So, naturally, i'm going to try to monetize it. I'm loving the white label websites. Therefore, i'm looking for a fitness affiliate program that offers its...

<SOLVED> Banshee starts only when runned by root forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I am a newbie with linux so sorry for stupid question. Couldn't find an answer anywhere so I am asking you. I reinstalled banshee on my mint 17.1. When I start banshee it flashes before me and crashes. This is the terminal output: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# [Info11:11:03.859] Running Banshee 2.6.2: [Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (linux-gnu, x86_64) @ 2014-05-07 01:29:59 UTC] (Banshee:3178):...

Loadedcash.com 2015, still active? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. BHW, is anyone still working with Loadedcash? no new news from them, nothing! no more threads on Loadedcash, what's going on? are they still converting? still shaving? not trying to blast them here, just want to know if they are still active, last time i worked with them they had cancelled their PPL which was an excellent program and now only doing PPS. Anyone? Thanks

DVDs in MATE {Fixed} forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. This from the release notes for MATE 17.1: "DVD Playback with VLC If VLC does not find your DVD player, click on Media->Open Disc, and specify '/dev/sr0' as the disc device." It's not just VLC. Neither SMPlayer nor Videos will accept a desktop click-and-drag opening of DVDs in the DVD drive. SMPlayer will not open DVDs at all, but it still plays my on-board (ripped) videos perfectly. I'm...

Competition of dropshipping products www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I am a newbie in dropshipping and affiliate. How can I find the products with minimum competition (profit margin can be low) to invest? And which criteria to specify the level of competition of a product? Thanks

Running an Excel Spreadsheet containing VBA code in Calc forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I'm investigating Linux again after not having used it for some years.I found Mint much easier to install than Red Hat (7 I think it was), Mandrake, Turbo Linux, Corel Linux etc.I've forgotten most of the commands I knew and am wondering why I'm doing it again.I generally use Access, Word, Outlook and Excel at work, Explorer and Outlook at home.I HAVE to use MS Office at work, as I work...

Welcome Screen Woes forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Sometimes I go to ?Welcome Screen? to navigate quickly to this forum or the hardware section. However at least one time in three the Welcome Screen refuses to close and behaves like a modal window stopping me doing anything else until I force a reboot ? to do this I have to Quit->Restart. To select the restart I have to use the arrow keys as if I use the moue the Welcome Screen comes to...

Earn Cash with Supersonic?s Referral Program! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Supersonic is excited to launch its Referral Program! Invite Mobile developers to sign up to Supersonic, and receive 50$ into your paypal account once they start running campaigns! referral[DOT]supersonic[DOT]com Why is this the best referral program you can use? Because we want you to make money! To help you generate more signups we included a special media kit with a designated...

Firefox pre-loaded malware? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. HI. Relative newbie here. I went to the linux mint board index page (here), and had a window telling me to install java. Didn't. Any blank space on the page that I clicked brought up many new windows selling things. Did "complete" removal of firefox with Synaptic, then deleted the .mozilla folder in my user account. Downloaded and re-installed firefox with the mint Software Manager. Same...

Easy way to making $10 fast www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Everyone, I am telling you the legit website that paying 10$ for everyone who sign up on this site. 1. Go to happy miner coupon and signup 2. Post about it on 5 different forums 3. Redeem your free coupon 4. Go to virtaexand sell your coupon 5. Receive your easy $10 to PayPal or Skrill This is legit and paying website. Thanks

character map forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Mate Linux Mint 17 I frequently use the gnome character map that was installed in previous accessories. Any reason why this is no longer in the repositories? Is there a reasonable work around? Thanks

Detect-Kit LLC Presumtive drug test for harm reduction. www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Hey I'm looking to bring on afflitate marketers to help me promote my new company. Detect-Kit provides the same type of presumptive drug test kits that areuse by the United States department of justice, but as a harm reductiontool. Detect-Kit allows individuals to screen unknown substances sothey can make educated decisions. The demand for access to thesechemical reagentkits has grown.Research...

'Unexpectedly' unavailable NFS mounts, Cinnamon/Nemo forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. So, on my laptop I use FSTAB to mount a few NFS shares from my FreeNAS server into my /mnt dir.When I'm not using it, my laptop sleeps.Then when I go to class, I take it with me, while it had already been sleeping.Upon waking up, and the mounted shares not being available, Nemo refuses to open and I will sometimes get freezes throughout the OS that require a hard reboot.Also, if I try to...

whats ur ideal affilate program? input wanted! www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. i have a bunch of successful eCommerce sites and i may consider adding affiliates. i usually do all my own inhouse seo work. however im looking to do some research to see what you all are looking for i would love to have any feedback as i may start to build my program on a womens fashion niche does $ 10 per a item sold commission sound good? how often do you look to be paid? every...

Can Nemo do these? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. This date format5/25/147:36:51 PMdon't need 4-digit year, and don't want it out front Set current sort order to persist across sessions. Set current pane/tab config and folder locations to persist across sessions, and maybe facilitate several user defined configs for quick selection. Key focus switching between dual panes Key access to the (places panel) Thanks

CPALead - Getting Leads But No Response! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I am a newbie here so, don't know if I am posting this in the dedicated section or not. So, ignore my mistake!Well, if anyone is having good experience with CPALead then, he/she can tell me when they update their servers for leads? The scene is I signed up with them, got approved and then, ask 2 of my friends to fill up the offers. Both the offers are completed perfectly as required even...

Looking for Standard C include files [SOLVED] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I installed Linux Mint 17 (32-bit) on an old desktop computer and Linux Mint 17 (64-bit) on a new laptop. I had some old C programs which I wanted to update and run under Linux (the old ones were developed on MS C and Borland C for Windows). The programs use sqrt() and trig functions. When I tried to compile with gcc I received errors, and I found there were a number of missing include...

Worth to create an amazon site with low priced items? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I've been reading many threads here about amazon from danny, THESEO, DearSanta and some others but I've just got this one question in mymind.. I've already choosen a niche about a month ago, I even did keyword research and had already written an article for this new website that I got started with.. it's low competetition and one of the top results is amazon which shouldn't be hard...

Mint 17.1 Cinnamon issue forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I managed to break cinnamon once again. I have no idea how. I am playing around with archiving, compressing and patching the whole day. The patching process shouldn't have caused this, because I only changed the /etc/group file and I restored a backup, trying to fix my issue. I ran one tar command without "-cvf" option and i think it may have damaged something to do with cinnamon.. Basically...

Do I really have a bluetooth device plugged into my system? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I was searching the contents of: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# lsusb -v when I came across the following entry; what appears to be a bluetooth device: Bus 002 Device 005: ID 8087:07dc Intel Corp. Device Descriptor: bLength18 bDescriptorType 1 bcdUSB 2.00 bDeviceClass224 Wireless bDeviceSubClass 1 Radio Frequency bDeviceProtocol 1 Bluetooth bMaxPacketSize064 idVendor...

Got rejected twice by Amazon associates www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. this is my first post here, hope it will be helpful I have a site with alot of amazon products. The first time I was rejected they gave me the reason of not enough unique content reason. So I hired someone to write me all the products description and added alot of unique content. Then I applied again and got rejected again with no given reason. Does anyone have an idea why I got...

Installing WINE Removes AMD Proprietary Display Driver??? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Installing WINE Removes AMD Proprietary Display Driver??? Hi, Have a major problem with Linux Mint 17.1 KDE 64Bit and the WINE in the Software Manager. Installing WINE in Software Manager will REMOVE my AMD proprietary display driver? I am running the current non-beta proprietary display driver from AMD website. How do I install WINE and still keep my AMD proprietary display...

Can anyone in Adult answer this please? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. Is there anyone doing Adult that can answer this please? I have my own PBN i have been using for rankings whick works ok, but i see people on an Adult forum i use advertising hardlinks on aged blogs etc.. How does Google view hardlinks?Have they given you a good serp rise and are effective? Do they have to be dripfed like usual links? Thanks

Skype Mastermind Group For IM's, Care to Join ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. You are an average of five people surrounding you". "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn". I really believe those quotes and that is why I think mastermind group is really important, though I also believe that I can achieve success without one but if there is a better way, why not try it. I am just a newbie internet marketer. so why would...

Suddenly, can't open pdf files forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. A week or two ago I noticed that I couldn't open pdf files from inside Nemo by double-clicking. Evince would come up but instead of the file I'd get a warning dialog with this: Unable to open document ?file:///home/***/Calendar/calendar 2013-2014.pdf?. Failed to load backend for 'application/pdf': /usr/lib/evince/4/backends/libpdfdocument.so: cannot open shared object file: No...

Anyone can give me a $5 seoclerks coupon? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I post it on affiliate programs because I need to be someone's referral. I'm about to buy a lot of gigs from seoclerks, but I want the $5 coupon Anyone can help me? Thanks

Update mysql hangs on "Setting up mysql-apt-config" forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I am having a problem with the latest update to mysql on linux mint 17.1 It hangs on Setting up mysql-apt-config (0.3.3-1ubuntu14.04) ... Unfortunately I cannot purge mysql as it keeps prompting me to run dpkg --configure -a Any Ideas Thanks

Anyone with AliExpress Portals? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Anyone an affiliate with AliExpress Portals? How do you put in your payment information? They ask for the card number, but for bank transfers you usually need to give the account number, right? So basically if you're with them and you've received payments successfully, how did you set up your payment info? Thanks

VirtualBox Open Error ! forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Failed to create the VirtualBox COM object. The application will now terminate. Callee RC: E_OUTOFMEMORY (0x8007000E) what is the problem? How can i fix it? Thanks

Looking got email submit offers for uk www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I'm looking for some reputable networks to sign up to, targeting uk users. I'm especially interested in uk email submits as that is what I'm currently hoping to focus on Thanks

Messaging Menu Add to panel failed forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon I'm trying to install the messaging menu from "available applets online".... This works and then I trie to "add to panel" and I get the following error.... Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# There was a problem loading the selected item, and it has been disabled. Check your system log and the Cinnamon LookingGlass log for any issues. Please contact...

ShiftCash.net - A new innovative PPD Network. www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. What is ShiftCash? Shiftcash is a new PPD Network where you get paid to upload and promote files. Depending on the time and effort you put into shiftcash, you can earn between $10 - $500 per day, but that all depends on you. The average download can generate between $1 - $2 per download. Features of ShiftCash 1. Ranking System - ShiftCash has a unique feature where its users...

Solved ! No ?View? button in Synaptic Menu Bar forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Every so often I check to see if new updates for the Linux kernel (I'm currently running 3.13.0-45) which seem safe to upgrade to (I stick to the 3.13 series) have become available. I do this by launching the Synaptic Package Manager, clicking ?View? in the Menu Bar, and then choosing to display available kernels. To my surprise, this morning, when I thought it was time to check again,...

New Product Launch on JvZoo www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. Hey community, I just launched a new product on JvZoo https://www.jvzoo.com/affiliates/info/164925 This is my first product to ever launch on an affiliate website and I'm excited to join you guys. I was wondering if anyone could inform me on how to get my product out to people that want to sell it. I'm offering a ridiculous 75% commission just to start. Any advice would be appreciated. ...

*Cinnamon* Unresponsive forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Sometimes when I am using 17.1 Cinnamon I encounter a situation where the GUI becomes unresponsive except for being able to right-click on any open window on the taskbar and click on close.Then, and only then, will the rest of the GUI become responsive again (minimize and other window buttons, desktop icons are able to be clicked on again, Menu works again, etc).I didn't encounter this...

Amazon affiliate links text and image not showing up on Wordpress website posts?! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. So i am starting the proccess of adding amazon affiliate links to my website. all the youtube tutorial videos are telling me to copy and paste the html link from amazon and post it into the text viewer of a blog post, now supposedly after i switch it to visual mode its supposed to show the amazon product image and link. When i hit publish it never shows up. Is the link broken? had amazon...

Any Gimp gurus here? A question about photo manipulation. forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have a set of photos of a woman dressed as Wonder Woman (it's Erica Campbell, by the way ). The problem is that she's wearing white boots. Well, Wonder Woman didn't wear white boots?she wore red boots. A few weeks before I went Linux (which was only last month), I played with Photoshop a little on my son's computer, and, even though I didn't know what I was doing, I became aware enough...

( ADULT ) What is your most high pay for the first order and PPL that you already see ?? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. What company that you see , that pays most high for the fist order ?, i found Anastasia 200 USD , but have bad reputation . And The high pay per lead that you already see ? ( i found most high on Together Networks, around 10 USD ). And about You ? Thanks

linux mint not connected to wireless network forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. i could install windows 7 and linux mint 17.1 on same hdd, my first question is why doesn't mint connect to my wi-fi network, my usb wi-fi adaptor was recognized and seen my SSID but connection was lost when i tried to connect. now, i've booted windows 7 and connected instantly. i'm about to lose my mind, why am i having an issue like this without a reason, my other question is...

Dropshipper here look for resellers with ebay/amazon account or established blog/website. www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I make and sell high quality vinyl lettering, for wall art decals . wall quotes decals. Car graphics . car bumber stickers or bespoke lettering of the customers choice. I only use 5/7 year quality vinyl. I am looking for resellers with websites/blogs or ebay/amazon accounts. I can offer 40% discount on All my products.Plus supply you with the photos and all the text/information you need...

[Solved] Can't open programs as root forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I'm having a really strange problem in Linux Mint. I can't open any programs that require authentication. For instance, if I try to open Synaptic nothing happens, but I can run them through terminal (either using gksudo, sudo, or without command). I can run synaptic or synaptic-pkexec in terminal fine. Software manager runs but can't install software without a password. Basically,...

Earn20%-Looking for someone who sells Social services/anything else online(through PayPal) www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I am looking for somebody that already sells some kind of service online(social service, or anything like that...) and is generating a decent amount of income already. If you are already making some money through social media, or whatever and you are having quite some sales already ; I would sell through your PayPal and you would get to keep 20% off each sale, you'd send me money through...

about converting tar.bz2 to deb forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. i've barely found my usb wireless adapter platoon pl9377 (ralink 3070 chipset) driver but it's not deb package http://www.filedropper.com/dport5572linuxsta261320121022tar_1 can anyone convert the file to deb i uploaded above , i couldn't do it because alien converter requires some dependency packages so i have no internet access on desktop pc i have mint 64 bit. Thanks

Mobile redirect to adult sites www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I was using the mobile redirect of JuicyAds on my sites and it was very profitable for me until last year. My CPM on December 2014 was 5.4, but it began to slowly decrease and never stopped to decrease. Today it is only 0.7. I?m very unhappy about that, and now I need some alternative. The mobile redirect of Juicy is the only that redirects visitors only once. The others, such Plugrush...

Pidgin tray icon: no longer reflecting status changes forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I've just upgraded from Mint 17 to 17.1, running Pidgin 2.10.9, and the icon has changed from the usual green circle with speechbubble to a sideways purple smiley face. I have no problems with the icon change, but it doesn't update to reflect my pidgin status / new messages? Is this a new "feature" or is something amok? Cheers, Craig Thanks

I need a network with lots of email/zip submits www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Any recommendations? I was going to use Peerfly, but they don't allow much Facebook traffic I like peerfly because of the ability to withdraw your funds whenever you want, for a small fee. Is there any other networks which do things like that? I hate waiting 60 days to receive my payments Thanks

A good PDF reader? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. you all, I used Foxit in Windows, and now I realised that the PDF readers available on Linux Mint aren't as good, particularly with heavy PDFs. Which ones do you recommend me? And why not Foxit isn't available in Linux? Thanks

Looking for pay per call adult network www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I am getting back into CPA after a big 3 years pause. I have good social dating/adult traffic, and I need a good offer for it. I am looking for something similar to livelinks.com. Applied for them but, they've said that they don't take any new affiliates at the moment. The idea with livelinks is that they provide a phone number that I have to promote not necessarily a link. But if the...

Model referral program, lifetime share on NeedLive www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. We have just released our model referral program. Models can refer models (or PSOs) to the site for a one-time referral bonus of $50 plus 5% lifetime share from the referred models' earnings. No matter if you are not a model or a studio, you just need to create a performer account and use your unique performer referral link for inviting new models or phone sex operators. Thanks

gcc compile and direct run with one command ? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. there are any way (command) in order to compile and run with "gcc" a text file (pluma), directly throught "only one" command line in terminal? Thanks

Amazon branded(not private labeled) products, 40% margin, looking for affiliate marketer www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I am product creator, have branded(not private labeled), patent pending products with 3 models on line in the amazon, since sale rank is lower, we need market them, I am not familiar amazon affiliate referred rate, but since it is creative products, I have 40% discount room for marketer, but I do not know how to give away to marketer or combine amazon affiliate program. any advise appreciate,...

QT and Lib5core5a forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I currently use an application, Qelectrotech, for doing my control panel wiring drawings, and they have recently updated to version 0.5.Unfortunately this requires lib5core5a > 5.3 and Mint contains version 5.2.1, so I'm stuck at v0.40. Does anyone know if it's possible to update, or if there is a PPA.I've found the updated version on Ubuntu pages as a deb package, but there are other...

Why wont my amazon code work with WIX!!! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Whenever I plug in the html code given to me by amazon to my WIX website it doesn't go to my link when I test it out once I publish it, it simply does nothing. I should've stayed with Weebly but Wix is a bit easier except for this silly issue I am having. What am I doing wrong?:banghead: Do I need to put a code in for open in a new window and if so can you tell me where and how? ...

PDF creating + editing + commenting forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Can anyone suggest a Linux program (to be used in Mint) to create PDF files from AbiWord files. Plus a program to edit-comment existing PDF files. In Windows I am using PDF-XChange Viewer to add comments to existing PDFs -I am trying to get away from dependance on MS Windows I am a very inexperienced newbie Thanks

Mobile PPI Network? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I am trying to monetize a app and searching for a PPI network thats eaither got the tools or API that lets me create these pointsystems. You know where you can download a app or look at a movie to get ingame points. Best regards / Snatch Thanks

mint 13 apt-update stuck at 97% (solved) forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. when I run sudo apt-get update it sticks at 97% then give the message "Fetched 17.0 kB in 14s (1,201 B/s) Reading package lists... Error! E: Read error - read (5: Input/output error) E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened. running sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf and sudo apt-get update as well as sudo dpkg --configure -a and apt-get install -f hasn't helped,...

Shutdown / restart launcher not working forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Xfce I created two launcher buttons on my desktop: shutdown -P now shutdown -r now When I click any of those, nothing happens, I tried run terminal option, nothing. The pre-defined buttons work fine. Also, any document I delete, disappears, it does not go to the trash. This is a fresh new install, I did not change anything, how's this possible? Hope you can help Alex ...

Ideas with what to do with a vaping related domain? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I recently had to shut down my small retail vaping (e-cig) website due to financial reasons. I also own another great vaping related domain which I haven't done anything with yet. How can I use the domain to make money with little out of pocket? Jason Thanks

[Solved] Calendar in Thunderbird forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Following other threads in this forum, I have installed Lightning and Provider for Google Calendar in Thunderbird.I cannot get the two calendars to sync.A test entry in Thunderbird does show up on Google Calendar but several entries in Google calendar do not show in Thunderbird.Any suggestions? JC Thanks

Installed LibreOffice with sudo, LO won't launch forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I removed the Mint version of LibreOffice and installed LO 4.4 using sudo. LO 4.4 shows in the menu but LO won't launch. Any sort of advice is appreciated. Thanks

Blackhat seo for affiliate marketing www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I'm new and very green so bare with me. I have researched the threads and I see there is a very strong emphasis on using facebook advertising for affiliate marketing. It's pretty clear that it is becoming harder and harder to start, let alone sustain a campaign on fb. Why not blackhat seo x amount of site to rank high within google and make hay before it is blacklisted. When...

[Solved-ish] Disabled touchpad 'while typing' doesn't work forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I want to disabled the touchpad 'while typing', so I went to the system settings and ticket de appropriate box, but it has no effect whatsoever. How can I trace where the problem is? I do not want a disable the touchpad command, for that I have a switch on the touchpad itself. I found another thread about syndaemon starting with a -t. I killed syndaemon and restarted it without...

Any good USA gambling affiliate programs? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I'm looking for good affiliate programs for USA gambling traffic. affiliate programs like casino, poker, bingo, etc. please share if you had success with any that work for the U.S market Thanks

Men vs. women: Who's smarter?while shopping online www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. What to do you guys think who is more smarter Men or Women while buying stuff online. which group ll you prefer for your affiliate marketing niche for maximum revenue.. I think that women's are more smarter than man while buying stuff online and its just a old myth that women's easily convert in sales. Thanks

Cinnamon Crashes after a Few Hours [Solved] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I have noticed Mint 17.1 crashes at times, particularly after a few hours of use.I'm really not doing much except using Chrome and Clementine when this does happen.I keep thinking it is my Nvidia Driver.I always used ATI cards but my new computer has an Nvidia card, which was not nearly as easy to set up as an ATI card.That was a surprise and it may not be the problem. Here is the inxi...

Best Affiliate Program www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. So I am looking at getting into the affiliate game. I am in process of setting up 3 twitter accounts all aiming at making money off affiliate (promo codes etc) Will be looking into the areas of supplements, gifts and betting. My question is there ONE affiliate program that will provide me with links to these 3 niches OR do I just sign up to individual programs - Such as for betting...

Chinese input, Linux Mint 15 (Olivia) KDE forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I recently installed Linux Mint 15, Olivia, KDE. Interested in setting up Chinese as a second input language, and being able to switch between it and my main language (Norwegian) easily with a keyboard shortcut. I have searched, but so far not gotten very far. The Ibus packages are already installed. I added Chinese Simplified and Traditional to "Preferred Languages" under the Locale...

Cooking Niche www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Can anyone name a couple of affiliate networks where i can find a wide range cooking and recipes products to promote beside CB? Thanks

No sound notification playing with Thunderbird 31.4.0 forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I have just completed my Linux Mint 17.1 installation. Thunderbird works fine except sound notifications. I have tried several wav files but not sound is playing, the visual notification works well however. Thanks

Looking to join as an affilliate in any network which has more dating offers. www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. i am looking for cpa networks which has more dating offers with net 15days payouts. recently i joined in a affilliate crossing network and made around 400 signups in just 13days. but the payout is very less. So canone suggest me best CPA Network. Thanks

[HELP] New IMer with that to start Amazon or Clickbank? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I've been looking around the forum, learning about Internet Marketing for a week or so. But i guess its time to take action, no point in reading all day if you don't try. I need your help, since i am new to this thing i was wondering which is easier to start? I am planning on buying a domain and hosting it but should i start with Amazon or Clickbank (should i flood the website with amazon...

gFTP Command Line Syntax forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have been using gFTP successfully for the last few weeks. However I now need to schedule some downloads out of working hours. Although I have read the documentation I cannot get the command line syntax correct so that I can schedule a job in crontab. Basically I need to pull a file from a directory once I have logged, with password, in via an IP a address:port. Any help much appreciated ...

$245 a sale, highly converting offer, *instant commissions*! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. guys and gals -------- + The sales page is here: http://websidekicks.com/special-offers/multiblogger-jvzoo/ + The affiliate program sign up page is here : http://websidekicks.com/affiliate-program/multiblogger/ I'm also running a sales thread here on BHW: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/content-copywriting/743981-100-content-automation-looks-human-written-p...

mintupdate errors affecting /var/lib/dpkg/status forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. im new to linux and this forum but whenever i try to do anything with my linux i keep getting errors such as this one cp: error reading ?/var/lib/dpkg/status-old?: Input/output error cp: failed to extend ?/var/lib/dpkg/status?: Input/output error that one came after trying the solution that was posted. help please. Thanks

What is a good price for per sale on affiliate programs [READ MORE] www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I have my hands on a product that retails online at about $50.I plan on selling it at 39.99 shipped.This product is almost the same as other products but this product is new and will have famous endorsers.It is in the weight loss/energy/muscle category. I was thinking of starting an affiliate program where people would get $6.99 for each one they sold.What do you think?How much is the...

Filezilla... forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. i have 2 questions first...I have a bunch of file to transfer from pc to ftp server but cant do a select all file from folder withleft mouse buton...is there a setting for the multiple file selection ?..ive checked in the menus but... 2-On my qiana i have filezilla 3.7.3 installed but theres the 3.10.2 available...can i install it via repository ? can someone help me with the...

Problem with Mintupdate forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. i got a problem with Mintupdate The icon of Mintupdate doesn't show at the bar I have tried in the terminal Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# $ mintupdate And i got this message Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# Invalid line at line "1". I have tried reinstalled from the synaptic and it doesn't solve the problem Thanks

Giving 5 services , looking for someone who can bring clients www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I have my Company setup and we have 5 services to offer worldwide , services are :Graphic and Branding / Video Production / Web design & Development / Animation & VFX / Mobile Apps Design and Development .... I need someone who can bring Clients works and project profit will be 50% Legal Share . Thanks

affiliate marketing help www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Ok i have been interested in affiliate marketingand making money online for a long time i am signed up to clickbank and i have made absolute nothing. problem is i am clueless every time i start to try i read forums/websites then get confusedthen lose enthusiasm because dunno what im doing then stop trying. is there a absolute newbie guide on how to get started? id be happy making...

Make money by affiliate marketing www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. every one, According to me, advertising is best way to earn money for market guys. And nowadays, affiliate marketing is fresh path to walk for advertising and marketing. So these time is not for those sales man, who have to knock door to door. It time to be a smart affiliate. What you say people. Thanks

Cannot open Luks encrypted external HDD [Solved] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. dear Linux Mint people, I'm trying to mount a Luks encrypted external 500GB HDD, on Linux Mint 17.1. I can mount this disk with Mint 17 (Cinnamon) and some version of Ubuntu: I just plug in the disk, enter the password and then the contents of the disk appear in the file manager. However, with Linux Mint 17.1 64 bit (and kernel 3.19), Cinnamon, what happens when I plug in the drive...

Gthumb freezes cinnamon? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Since updating from 17 to 17.1 I've had my computer freeze up a few times.I've tried reading through the forums and I've found others with issues that sound quite similar, but not exactly the same either.I was tempted to piggyback on one of their topics but that might just confuse the issue and I've usually not had the time, or I've had so many windows open I wouldn't know where to start...

Any affiliate programs to promote www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Things that I need help: 1.)I need to know any affiliate programs to promote that pay within a month. 2.)I also want a affiliate program that pays around $50-$100 per lead. Thanks

how to download pictures from a nikon camera forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. friends, I'm the newbie that has Linuxmint 17 installed in his computer as ONLY operating system. Recently I have been considering the use of a Nikon D3200 camera but the software (NX-2) for transferreing the pictures to the computer is downloadable only towindows and mac. I like the idea of using this camera but how could I tranfer the pictures to the computer if possible? There's a...

How to Promote the DS Domination ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. All BHW Affiliate marketing is my Hobby . I love to make money online. Few days a go i got a client on oDesk who is promoting DS Domination. Im doing the major things for that campain, im posting ads on CL & also promoting this on FB. I only know how to promote but I dont know the how to start the DS Domination Affiliate Marketing. How to get Approved & who give the Approval. I...

Latest flash plugin not working... (SOLVED) forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Using LM17.1 MATE DE Since installing the latest update on 14 Mar 2015 the flash plugin (v11.2.202.451ubuntu014.04.1)doesn't appear to work, inasmuch as when I click on a site that requires flash I get the message a plugin is necessary. Is anyone else experiencing a problem and,If so, any ideas how to resolve it, please? The site I was visiting when the error message displayed...

Advenue.org - Highest Pay Per Download Network www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. How does it work? Everything you add is locked by content locker. In order to view the content, "customer" has to complete an offer which will pay you from $0,08 even up to $25! What we provide ? *Earn up to $25/lead *Mobile Friendly platform *Refer people and earn 5% life time on their earnings *Link Locker / Content Locker *24/7 Support *Accurate Statistics Payment...

Is anyone here an affiliate for DS Domination? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Absolute long shot, but is anyone an affiliate for DS Domination? I see that it dominates the Warrior Forum. I want to be an affiliate for them, but I've been inside their members area and I don't like it. They have clearly spent all of their money on their front-end portion (which, while it looks bare, is still reasonably slick) and pulled together left-over funds to make a members...

How do I upgrade spotify forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I'm running ?linux mint 17.1 cinnamon 32-bit? on my desktop. I just installed spotify and it gives me an older version ?spotify version how do I upgrade to the newer ?spotify version Thanks

Dating Affiliate - What To Use - Advice Needed! www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I have a site which was set-up as an online dating advice guide, with a free download and a paid download.It's creeping up to around 200 uniques a day.There are a few download purchases, but I want to push a dating affiliate offer. I'm using adsense and the ads are rubbish - Russian and Asian scam dating mostly, paying a few cents a click. There don't seem to be any quality dating...

Update Error forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I get this error every time when checking for upgrade Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# Failed to fetch http://archive.getdeb.net/ubuntu/dists/rebecca-getdeb/apps/binary-amd64/Packages404Not Found [IP: 80] Failed to fetch http://archive.getdeb.net/ubuntu/dists/rebecca-getdeb/apps/binary-i386/Packages404Not Found [IP: 80] Some index files failed to download....

Promote Manny Pacquiao's eSports & Casino site! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Fellow Marketers, VitalBet is the official eSports betting and live casino site of Manny Pacquiao. The site is licensed and offers the highest odds and have a variety of payment methods, including Credit cards, Skrill, Neteller and Bitcoin. In preparation for the next football season, during the summer a new sportsbook will be launched. The eSports (gaming) industry is growing on...

What level updates should be accepted? (solved) forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. What level updates should be accepted for safety sake?They are graded in number. I will post a screenshot as soon as I can get one to upload - slow server at the moment - Sunday. Thanks

I need Societyinvite invite www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I need an invite from Publisher for Societyinvite affiliate network. Also if you have worked with them, what was your experience? what type of offer they have? Thanks

Burning app opening when trying to open home folder [solved] forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Strange as it may seem, when I click on my Home Folder, the K3b burning app launches, and the Home Folder doesn't. Has anyone else had this problem? Running LinuxMint 17 (qiana) with MATE 1.8.1 desktop environment. * Note: This is only happening from the "Main Menu" app that I added to the top panel. It looks more like the old Gnome menu. I also have the mintMenu 5.5.8 on the bottom...

Wine OLE Error 80004001 forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Fellow Linux Mint Users, I started using Linux Mint about a month ago, and I am loving it.I have Windows installed on my Host, and find myself going to it less and less.I just upgraded to Rebecca Cinnamon, and noticed an OLE Error 80004001 when running AltBinz using Wine.I suspect this is due to the upgrade, because I was able to run it successfully prior to the upgrade.Let me clarify,...

How is Ali Express affiliate program www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. can anyone give me his review about Ali Express affiliate program? Are you accepted automatically? Any experience? I don't see too much discussion about it, except people trying to sell some plugin Thanks

Reb.-MATE - Autokey doesn't start minimized to tray forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. On my netbook, I've set Autokey to start automatically when I login. It used to start minimized to tray, then, but a few days ago it began to show the main window of the tool, so I always have to close it manually. I installed Autokey with Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# sudo apt-get install autokey-gtk This command installed both autokey-gtk and autokey-common . How...

[Need Help]Amazon closed my associate account www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Today i received mail from amazon Thanks

Solved using password forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I have been running Mint 13 for a few years. About 3 months ago system stopped asking for super user password for things like software manager, network manager, etc. Any clue how to fix this? Thanks

Up to $329 per sale - 50% commission - affiliate marketing with Winespotter www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. We are launching an affiliate program for Winespotter net - new b2b network and marketplace for WINE professionals. Basically, we empower wine suppliers and distributors build ideal partnerships. We have a proven subscription-based business model and now we want to expand our sales channels with the help of affiliates. Here is what we offer: 50% commission - up to $329 per sale PLUS...

[Solved] Reminder apllication for XFCE 17.1? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I'm looking for software, replacing physical timer in Pommodoro technique, for reminding to take a break at preset intervals of time. Alarm-clock from Software Manager doesn't show in menu after installation, Workrave is for gnome and kde. Anything else, that works under XFCE? Without installing a lot of libraries, as for kde programs. Thanks

h2htrk What is this affiliate network? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I can only find its tracking link,h2htrk So, what is its affiliate network website? I hope you can help me, Thanks

Unable to change default repository in Linux Mint 17.1 forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. This is my first post here. I want to apologise for two things. First if this is not the right section for my topic, and second - for my english. A few days ago i've decided to make a clean install of Linux Mint 17.1 on my PC. Everything went fine. After installation, i've wanted to change the default repository through Software sources. There was 2 buttons. One for LinuxMint base...

Who knows Dating CPA networks www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Who knows CPA networks who works good for a especially for dating? We work with many CPA networks and want to expand our affiliate program. Thanks

?Que versi?n de lua y uso sinaptyc o linea de comandos? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Buenas tardes forum. Quiero instalar el lenguaje de programaci?n lua, pero no se cual versi?n debo instalar, ya que al ejecutar: sudo apt-get install lua --install-recommends https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzWNvQJCZkipU0VGSHlxNUM1dEE/view?usp=sharing La salida me pide que especifique uno de 5 paquetes que muestra, y pues no se cual es que se debe poner. Asi mismo quisiera que...

G_Child_Watch ?? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. During my last update i clicked the arrow to see the details of what was going on,,at the top of the list i noticed this [screenshot] what is this about ?? is my surfing being restricted ???? Thanks

Good fitness affiliate program www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Whats a good fitness affiliate programs excluding all that 'Get six pack abs in 1 month' Dont know if this is in the right section so my bad if it is Thanks

indicator-cpufreq do not start forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I have a problem with an application. I have installed indicator-cpufreq but do not start at Mint startup. If I open it in terminal or F2, it opens perfectly. Any suggestions? Thanks

U.S CALL REVIEW PROCESS - Is it FAKE or Genuine? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. Yesterday I recd one mail in my inbox stated U.S CALL REVIEW PROCESS, details given below: ========================= U.S CALL REVIEW PROCESS : a. Work load ? (Un-limited) b. Shift timing ? (7pm to 6am ) c. Payment ? Weekly Payment Online work Benefits :- a. No targets. b. Unlimited work. c. Weekly payment. d. Reward money. Work Details :- a. There will be an official...

Software Updater VS Apt- Why Different Results? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. Why does the software updater (with all level options enabled) not show the same updates that apt-get update shows on a new install.Whenever I do a fresh install, there are usually over 30 additional updates that apt shows.Does mint become unstable if using apt to update vs the software updater? Thanks

Deleting e-mails in Thunder bird forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I am very new to Linux and so fa I am impressed. I am using Mint Cinnamon 17.1 I have installed Thunderbird for my e-mails. All works fine but I am unable to delete mails form my inbox. I cant delete just with the delete tab or by right click and then clicking on delete. Under my e-mail address on the left is only two folders: Inbox and Trash. The writing next to the Trash folder...

Facebook + Amazon Store = Commission Allowed ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I have been reading on this forum that facebook traffic is not allowed on amazon. My Question is: 1. Is it allowed ,the traffic from facebook to your amazon store where your affiliation link is , then from there to amazon. 2.Is it true amazon now only keep cookies for 24hours ? please clarify this for me before i start on wrong journey Thanks

Firefox Hello black screen video forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I'm trying to use firefox Hello (webrtc chat) and when my video goes up, the screen is black instead of showing me. Firefox has the permission to use the cam, the cam turns on when firefox ask for it and sound is working. When I use chrome I have the video of my web cam with no problem. I'm on mint 17.1 and Firefox is 36.1 Any Idea? Thx Thanks

A few products or a lot of products? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Hey Everyone! I'm an Amazon, CB, EBay, Apple, and Microsoft affiliate (and Microsoft partner). I've built a few sites that are my primary income sources online - they have nothing to do with selling products as an affiliate. Now that I have those up and running I want to make some money using these affiliations but having a hard time figuring out which products to work with - and how...

(SOLVED) Synaptic Package Manager still showing error forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Every time lately I have been getting this error message from the SPM whenever a software update is attempted:- (synaptic:6724): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_child_watch_add_full: assertion 'pid > 0' failed I think I've reported this previously but cannot recall what the outcome was. allenb@allenb-P7812 ~ $ uname -a Linux allenb-P7812 3.13.0-24-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Fri May 2 23:30:00...

Good alternatives to Crakrevenue? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. nowdays i are redirecting my traffic to CPA Crakrevenue offers. But some offers page are blocked for my antivurus. What other adultCPA networks you can recommended me ? Thanks

Virtualbox on LMDE 2 or Linux Mint 17.x? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I'm looking to run Virtualbox on my main desktop but not sure which distro to use. I've used ubuntu/ubuntu-like destro's for 2 years and feel comfortable with the ppa's and what not. I also have a question involving PCI passthrough. Is it possible to use the PCI passthrough with a nvidia gtx 460 se or even the gtx 960? Looking to run it on my desktop so I have the windows as a guest...

Looking for Amazon Affiliates - Top 100 List Product + Extra 10% Commission www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. HI Guys, I am an Amazon seller and my product is in the Top 100 list in one of the Amazon Categories. I am looking for Top Amazon Affiliates who would be willing to promote our product as affiliates and Earn Extra 10% commission (+ Normal commission from Amazon) The deal will be transparent - whoever sells will show me proofs of sales and i will (same day) send you the extra 10%...

what is a segfault error? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. So I'm having issues with my Mint install. Browsers keep crashing, torrent clients shut down, all with segfault errors. I'm running Mint 17.1 64 bit on an Athlon x2 with 4 GB RAM and an Nvidia 450 GPU.... and it seems like its getting worse with time.... Anyone have any ideas? I'm trying to figure out what's going on and it would help if someone could at least push me in the right...

With 70 uniques a day, what are some affiliate programs for me? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. My niche website gets anywhere from 60-100 uniques a day, most traffic from USA. It's about Japan, animation, gaming, and TV anime shows. What are some affiliate programs I can sign up with for the most benefits? I used niche affiliate programs, but they weren't too popular (like J-list). I got like 400 clicks through my affiliate link in a week, but 0 sales. So I need a more effective...

cdrom no longer pops up upon disc insertion forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I'm still running Mint 17 cinnamon, not 17.1. All of sudden I can no longer get a list of files on any CD/DVD when I insert it into the cdrom tray. It was working fine today; then came changes from the update manager; now I can't access those files. The CD/DVD no longer pops up, and I'll be damed if I can figure out how to get a list of those files. I need access. Help! Thanks

cann't open update as well as software manager forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I cannot open update manager or software manager. They were working fine yesterday but now I cann't open them. when I type the following command gksu mintinstall the terminal shows following output.. add_categories took 0.839 ms build_matched_packages took 0.146 ms OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.5.3) (7u71-2.5.3-0ubuntu0.14.04.1) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.65-b04,...

Libreoffice 4.2.x 64 bit does not work forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P and I use Ubuntu 14.04.2 64 bit LTS GNU/Linux. Let me describe what is going on. Libreoffice is not working. Previously, I added the Libreoffice PPA by opening a terminal and typing in sudo apt-add-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa. Next, I did a sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice*. Then, I did a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libreoffice. That...

Please give me a clue on how to get approve from Crakrevenue. www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I applied Crak for two months. and used to mail them. but the answer is no. Please help give me your experience on how to get approve. Thanks

Tigrinya language forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. for a friend out of Eritrea I installed the Tigrinya language in Linux Mint cinnamon 17.1. When I choose for it to be the language to use and after a restart I do not see any changes, I noticed that the install was verry fast. (not like my own Dutch, that took some while) So Iwonder if it is complete or does the language package need to be worked on in the community? Other languages...

[WTB] CPA Accounts From You www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. revenueads.com linkoffers.com flexoffers.com impactradius.com If you have any of these accounts you want to sell. PM asap. Thanks

Installing mysql-server-5.5 fails forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. i want to install on a LM17.1 Mate mysql-server-5.5 but i fails when the root pw has to be set for mysql. so i switch to root (sudo su) and remove mysql-server and install it again as root. But also at the same root prompt for the password it fails. How could i install mysql-server? Thanks

Amazon Associates www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. Amazon now allows you to shorten a affiliate product link (amazon com/gp/product/B004S8F7QM/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creat ive=9325&creativeASIN=B004S8F7QM&linkCode=as2&tag= xxxxxxxxxxxx&linkId=FEOP2WB3CRHZAYYQ) to amzn.to/xxxxx I never knew about this until i payed attention to the "New Link Building Browser Extension" banner at the top of the dashboard. I Didn't...

Anyone using Steam in Linux on INtel NUC 2820? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. Just curious if anyone with the Intel NUC 2820 is successfully using Steam in Linux Mint 17.1 for some gaming? If so, which games actually works for you and did you need to tweak anything? I get a black screen when I try to launch any half decent looking game. Thinking it is the Integrated graphics card that is the problem but not sure. Specs: Processor Intel? Celeron? processor...

ASOS affiliate program - Anyone running with them? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. ho, Have started a pretty big ass project (magazine style) and I was going with the usual cpa/adsense/etc plus amazon for the products. Just spotted ASOS affiliate program and saw that they offer a freaking 45 day cookie!!! as well as giving you a 7% commission straight up from the start... Sounds pretty good, but I wonder how is it working with them? Obviously they do not reach...

Thunderbird 31.5.0 mail spool file forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Sony VAIO laptop (5 years old) 64 bit Intel CORE i3 CPU Dual boot Windows 7 with Linux Mint 17.1 Thunderbird 31.5.0 Home LAN I like to have access to Gmail on all of my devices. Seeking help with tackling this Thunderbird Alert: Unable to locate mail spool file. I feel I have read a lot on this subject today but have become no wiser for my efforts. I get a feeling this one...

Accepted in MaxBounty ! Now what ? :D www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. So i was Accepted in MaxBounty , i have no idea how i was accepted .. Lol , my english was really badand sometimes i didn't even understand the guy who talked to me ,i was like *WTF* but anyway he was really cool guy , and finaly told me that i'm accepted .. If you need any helpyou can PM me and i will help you how you can get accepted ... But its really easy to get into MaxBounty .. Now...

[SOLVED] Is this a bug in nfsfs? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# Mar 18 03:55:56 Inspiron kernel: [ 3128.270599] ------------[ cut here ]------------ Mar 18 03:55:56 Inspiron kernel: [ 3128.270611] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 16211 at /build/buildd/linux-3.13.0/fs/proc/generic.c:522 remove_proc_entry+0x155/0x160() Mar 18 03:55:56 Inspiron kernel: [ 3128.270613] remove_proc_entry: removing non-empty directory 'fs/nfsfs',...

Pipelight/silverlight issue forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I'm running mint 17.1 KDE 64 bits with nvidia proprietary drivers, and i have some troubles with the pipelight silverlight plugin. I've tried with both the stable and the daily ppa, and with different nvidia drivers, and the problem persists. Ok, if i try the siverlight animation test ("balls" : http://bubblemark.com/silverlight2.html ) I can hardly "guess" the balls (meaning that...

Looking for Adult Dating Affiliate Program with PPL www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I have a source of adult dating traffic. I'm looking for dating company that has PPL program. In the past i have worked with several dating sites and made them lot of bucks. They converted like crazy. 2013-10-24 9250 7007 365 1:20 $ 2013-10-25 10275 7583 431 1:18 $ 2013-10-26 7601 5798 336 1:18 $ 2013-10-27 7635 5645 ...

No sound with .webM videos from Youtube forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. It seems that they are encoded i the VP9 codec, I've got GStreamer 1.0+ and VLC 2.2.0+ installed with all the supporting packages and still I only get video, no audio. I tried adding this PPA https://launchpad.net/~mc3man/+archive/ubuntu/trusty-media/ and still no joy. Thanks

Dating CPA / Affiliate Program Details www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. AS BHW is best forum of the world , I want to ask all the member which is best Dating CPA / Affiliate Program ( I am fine with adult also ) which i can use and get some money either by free signup or user visit the site . I know lots of affiliate whichonly pay per sale but i am looking money for free signup also. I have huge source of traffic which i want to convert into money . so please...

Linux Mint KDE forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I don't really know if this is the right place for my question or not, but I couldn't find more suitable place than here. Mods, please feel free to move it if it's not appropriate place. I have Cinnamon 17 installed but I want to try KDE as well, how do I install Linux Mint KDE? Thanks

Loadedcash.com www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Does any one have experience with loadedcash.com. Any ideas on thier offerings, reputation etc, what do you think Thanks

Raw thumbnails forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. Is there a way to navigate through my pictures in Raw format (Canon .CR2) directly in the window manager. I do not want to open Gthumb or such. I use 17.1 Cinnamon. Thanks

Can i hide my identity when purchasing through an affiliate link? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Not sure if this is the right forum.if not, please move me. Ive been looking everywhere for a dropshipper for the category of products i want to sell on my site but haven't been able to find one.The alternative would be to stuff my site (non affiliate site - my legit business with branded products) with affiliate links but i don't think that will convert well and look good on the brand. The...

Red5 error following Adobe Flash update-Solved-Re-installed forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Since the recent Adobe Flash update, which seems to have gone slightly skewed(?), I notice that each time I get fresh updates, it attempts to load Red5-server, or some such, and at the end of each (and every) update, I get a message saying there was an error with this item. - Have tried doing a copy 'n' paste a few times, but it fails, but Red5-Server is quoted. AMD A6 5400 K (3.6...

Webcam HD only 640x480 on skype and others forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I have a Logitech C310 and it works on ekiga and skype and also firefox hello but at max 640x480. This camera can do much better and under Cheese it goes and record video up to 1280*960 I have a network of 200Mb/50Mb so it should be enought for HD. Why video is only at 640x480 on skype for exemple? I have linux Mint 17.1 Thanks

no hassel affiliate program payouts www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. What affiliate programs give you the least hassle about getting paid? For example, my ideal would be you could opt for a check made out to 'cash' I suppose after that would be a check made out to a real name. Then bitcoin then paypal then starting over at the top but wanting a taxpayer id. At the bottom would be asking for a thumbprint which I'm sure no one does. Thanks

Failed to install Oracle Java 7 and 8 forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I am using Mint 17.1 and I failed to install either Oracle 7 or 8 after I removed them. I removed them because I could not upgrade Java to the lastest using apt-get upgrade. Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# $ sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done oracle-java7-installer is already the...

YA - How to easily get LEVEL 3 and a "Top Contributor" www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. Yahoo Answers, hmm, tons of daily questions, don't you think you should use it? Many are using Yahoo Answers, many fail, few succeed (Know few people making good money from it). Well many FAIL because they simply just make tons of accounts , and spam links on non-related questions. TOTALLY WRONG You should start promoting your site/product/cpa offers when you are in between LEVEL...

Samba Issue forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have noticed some weird things with the samba setup. Yesterday I did a fresh install, shared a folder and checked the network to verify it could be seen. Then I decided to wipe and try another distro for testing purposes. Wiped again and did a fresh LM install today, shared a folder and nothing appears in network in regards to the shared folder. Other samba shares i have on others servers...

Any way to monetize 10k League of Legends Facebook fans? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I got a league of legends related fb site with about 10k fans, any way to monetize them / any Affliate Program you would suggest? 1k - 15k reach / post (And do you think it's worth it to put effort into that?) Thanks

unable to set up e-mail services forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I am a complete novice to linux mint and I am having problems setting up my e-mail services. I have tried thunderbird,clawsmail and sylpheed. I can install and set up the programs no bother, It is when I want to send or receive e-mails that I have a problem. I get notification of such things as (mail spool file not found or 535 5.7.0 authentification not found) . I have tried unistalling...

Trying to install dvdstyler forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. i am a newbie and i understood that this forum is very active and helps a lot, so i would need your help if you dont mind. I need to install dvdstyler but cant because when follow the steps of this link: http://linuxg.net/how-to-install-dvdstyler-2-7-2-on-ubuntu-14-04-and-derivative-systems/ Just after the$ sudo apt-get update , i get: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# Ign ht...

Dropbox login issue forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I have installed Live Linux Mint 17.1 (64 bit) Cinnamon to my Sandisk USB 3 flash drive 64 GB. I enabled persistence and created partition namedcasper-rw. Everything works fine except Dropbox which is unable to store my login and password information for login to Dropbox account. Every time I start Mint I need to provide login and password like it was first run after installation of D...

Affiliate that's paying decent $ per signup www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. title says it all. If you know any affiliates that is paying a decent amount per signup, please post below. Thanks

tubecamgirl question www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I just joined tubecamgirl and decided to try it out and see how hard it was to actually get paid. Used tor browser and signed up using a temp email. I heard you have to be logged in for a minimum of 5 minutes to get paid. After twenty minutes still nothing. Does it take the server a minute to update or is it fast like chaturbate? Thanks

Software manager won't open forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I'm using 32-bit Linux Mint 17.When I try to open the Software Manager from the main Menu, it prompts me for a password but then does not open. After some reading, it looks like it's either a problem with synaptic or mintinstall.One recommendation was to uninstall and reinstall synaptic.I tried this: sudo apt-get remove synaptic Reading package lists... Error! E: Encountered a...

Apperciate your Advice.... www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Guys and Girls I'm working for an Ad Network, and we're taking our very first steps in starting our Affiliate Network. We have experience running offers ouselves but i'll very interested in hearing how are things looking from your side. I wanted to get your input on what kind of offers you feel works best? what verticals would you be looking for? are you focusing on only one vertical...

transparent terminal forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. im just looking a way to configure terminal so that i can see my desktop wallpaper just like in debian wheezy, when i have terminal open i can see wallpaper through an overlapping window any help appreciated Thanks

I can bring pretty good adult traffic. Any CPA network suggestion? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I was experimenting with something and it seems like working. As said, I can bring a good stream of traffic for adult offers. Would you suggest me the best network or offer? I was looking for something that paid weekly or net 7 payment. Would really appreciate your reply. Thanks

Source Engine randomly freezing for a second at a time forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Tried to fight this one on my own but could use help. I've been playing TF2 and get great performance out of my laptop (Dell XPS L502x, Nvidia Geforce 525m) but the game randomly freezes for a moment, often leaving me dead and swearing. It seems to me to be a graphics issue as the game appears to still let me control my player while frozen (ie if I hit the space bar right before the...

Bleachbit - cant find and delete 226GB temp file forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I am running Linux mint 17 mate-64bit. I used bleachbit, it exited abnormally and now the temp file is stuck somewhere using half my HDD. Where do I find it? I have looked in / and /root .. Thanks

Have 20k e-mails , best way to monetize ?! REWARD awaits www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. i've got 20k e-mails and i were wondering how is the best way to monetize these emails , if someone helps me and shows me good way to monetize them , ill give away more than 5k of the e-mails that i own , and they're fresh e-mails . Thanks

Oracle VirtualBox Black Space in Full Mode forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I am running Linux Mint 17.1.I installed Oracle Virtual Box version 4.3.26 r98988. I am running VirtualBox on Linux Mint.I set up a Windows environment within VirtualBox.All works well.The issue I am running into is that when I go into Full Screen Mode to run linux I get the black areas around the screen which is completely unsatisfying.I want to be able to run Windows in Full Mode on...

300K emails to monetize. a good affiliate network that works great to make money ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. All, I'm looking for a french affiliating platform. I got around 300k emails from french people interested in food stuff. this platform should have french offers. Pay well and not 6 months later. :cow04: Any idea guys ? Thanks

unable to change flash player settings SOLVED forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I'm trying to edit my Adobe Flash settings and have been unable to find any working settings panel. I'd like to know how to edit ~/.macromedia/Flash_Player/macromedia.com/support/flashplayer/sys/settings.sol and manage all settings from the terminal if possible.The Adobe website says to manage settings from the main menu under 'Settings', but no such item exists in my menu. The...

Affiliate Marketing in India. Beauty Niche www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Hey Guys, I have been doing research and I want to cash in on the ecommerce boom in India and get in on some affiliate action. I reckon that as Indians are getting more and more comfortable with online shopping, there is a lag for advertising towards Indians; i.e. since Indians traditionally didn't buy online, cpc ads towards are indians are dirt cheap. Before the CPC rates from advertising...

How do i contact the owner of FreeLifeTimeFuckbook? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Any idea how i can contact the owner of FreeLifeTimeFuckbook/MegaFuckbook? I have been promoting their offers and i'd like to work direct with them, cant find their number or email anywhere. Thanks

How to Identify version of Java forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I have just installed Linux mint and one of the software packages I want to use requires Java * hoe do I determine the version of Java I have. Is there a simple way from the terminal? Thanks

Whats better on my affiliate site - iframe or external (affiliate) links? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I have a (payday) loan website. I list several loan providers. Whats the better solution to make money from it - use an iframe with a loan calculator directly on my site from the loan provider or just use a button (e.g. "get this loan") with an external affiliate link to the loan provider? Most providers provide both. In the first option I retain the visitor on my site, in the second...

Rebecca's XFCE Panel Dosen't Display CopyAgent Menu Icon forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Greetings! After testing on two separate drives, I found that Rebecca's (17.1)'s XFCE Desktop Panel's Notification Area doesn't display Barracuda's CopyAgent icon like prior Mint versions, which is critical because that icon is Copy's main menu control panel otherwise you're operating in the blind. I also notified Barracuda and XFCE.org, but this quirk only popped up in 17.1. Jim...

Affiliate Programs that Pay Per Click www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Any good affiliate programs that pay per click? I'm working with job sites, but any other good ones? Besides adsense the obvious. Any product based ones or service based ones that pay per click? Thanks

Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Hmm i downloaded it. made it a exe. ANd it wont install via wine/termin/or as plane run... can anyone help me newbie guide Thanks

Clickbank and Amazon together? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. BHW members! I was just wondering, if we could promote both Clickbank and Amazon products on a niche site. Would it effect anything? Is it against the terms of each of the companies? Would amazon mind the site to be working with other Affiliate partners? What is your opinion on it? Thanks

[Solved] VLC + Software Sources + Mint 17.1 forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I have an authentication key for VLC listed in software sources. The version of VLC that is being used on the computer is 2.1.4 Rincewind.In Synaptic, VLC 2.1.2 is also an available version. What I was wondering was if someone could tell me if this setup is normal for Mint 17.1 or did I, without now remembering doing it, add an authentication key for VLC and have a version of VLC not...

Trying to get good results www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. again! So, I finished building my Amazon based website and put in online. I searched a little about some things and I found about "Domain Authority" and "Page Authority". So, I decided to check my website DA and PA... I have a 93 DA and only 1 PA. Why? That's something I should worry about? Thanks

SSH + SCP/SFTP GUI Connection Managers forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. As part of my day to day job, I'm working a lot on remote servers. So I want to minimize time spent typing in connection details by using connection / session managers for SSH and file secure file transfers via SCP / SFTP. I was previously doing everything on the CLI using 'ssh' and 'scp'. Any good ideas on programs to use? I would prefer open source but if a proprietary tool is good...

Clone to SSD? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Has anyone cloned their Linux installation to an SSD drive? What software did you use and what problems if any did you run into? Thanks

How to get affiliate with Amazon.com www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I want to be an affiliate of Amazon.comProgram to make some extra money. I plant to build websites to promote Amazon products and get commission. Can you please guide me briefly, the procedure and practical step required to get approved by Amazon. Thanks

Torchlight 2 crash forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Just purchased TL2 as a Diablo 3 alternative for my new laptop that I've put mint on.However I can't get past creating a character.I get past the character creation and the pet but then when I select single player normal mode the game starts to actually load the game then just exits with no error message... What can I do?I got Portal working via another thread on here but I can't seem to...

Amazon Affilate Account www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I was never such disappointed today. I did a hard work, set up an auto blogging site, got a lot of views, and I finally had my 4 amazon sellsin a single day. And after this they send me a mail that I didn't get accepted because my site lacks original content and delete my account with all my revenue. I was never such disappointed in my life. Does somebody here have an unused acceped amazon...

Windows backup and Virtualbox forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Just a quick question about installing Windows via Virtualbox. I have a mirror image of the last time I used Windows 7 (from 3 years ago) on an external HDD and was wondering if this can be installed by way of Virtualbox. I'd like to be able to run the Windows Rescue Disk (DVD) and then install my backup directly from that.Is this possible or do I have to install Windows from scratch...

Need help w/ amazon site www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I posted a similar thread in the White hat SEO section, but I do not know how to delete that thread there as no one is really responding to me there. So please allow me to repost this one. I started an Amazon niche site about a month ago, and it already contains about 20 articles with a simple and clean WP theme and some useful plugins. I write the articles myself and make sure that...

[SOLVED] Libreoffice 4.4 on mint 13 maya forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. i'm a fresh user of mint. I have to install libreoffice 4.4 on my mint 13 maya. The ppa of libreoffice doesn't provide support for ubuntu precise. How can install the last release of libreoffice and integrate it on cinnamon 2.4 ? Thanks

How to choose best affiliate program ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. How to choose a best affiliate program ? 1. select your hugely profitable and relevant niche. and remember that, on the basis of your niche only it depends to select the best affiliate service. 2. select the highest gravity(ratio of money) providing service. 3. and search for the reviews of the affiliate customers and choose the better affiliate program. > Once you select the program...

[solved] gnome-screensaver-command custom message forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. i am looking for a terminal command that will invoke the screensaver with a custom message. I know I can add a permanent message in the System Settings, and I know i can invoke the screensaver by Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# gnome-screensaver-command -a The --help screen says -m is a valid argument, but none of these work: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# gnome-screensaver-command...

Why Aliexpress redirect change? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I cut the banner ad code on an Aliexpress item removed ahref at frontand redirected to domain but after a minute when refresh it went to main site. Why? Thanks

(solved) Mintinstall wont load forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. is a corrupted package somewhere and its quite anoying i even try to reinstall mintinstall and thats what i get E: Encountered a section with no Package: header E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/packages.linuxmint.com_dists_rebecca_import_i18n_Translation-en E: Les listes de paquets ou le fichier d'?tat ne peuvent pas ?tre ouverts, ou sont incompr?hensibles. [ ERR] Lecture...

Looking for Current Amazon Affiliates www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Everyone, I apologize if this is in the wrong section or I'm not allowed to post this here (I can delete it). I'm looking for current Amazon Affiliates to promote select products from our stores. We will provide an additional 10% commission for each sale and will provide a unique 10% off promo code for each affiliate (so we can track on our end). The promo code will help you guys provide...

Good ways to encrypt an archive for web upload forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. despite my research, i find it rather confusing trying to choose a tool. I am looking for something with good security, but I'm not trying to hide from authorities. for files uploaded through a web page. I know that the internet is not secure etc. so far it seems these are good: ccrypt and gpg. but I also saw a simple how-to for using mcrypt. what would you recommend and why?...

Looking For SEO / Marketers For Our Affiliate Team www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. we currently have a group of web devs / designers who are looking for experienced marketers that can produce good results. We can churn out landing pages that look amazing and other types of web development and simply need marketers who know how to drive the proper traffic. We work very cohesively with group chat and like to make very quick turn arounds. PM me for information or a link...

bittorrent forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I am using mint 17.1 and using synaptic, I installed bittorrent as my torrent client. I Downloaded lxle14041.iso.torrent Went on google, no success. How do I get bittorrent to download lxle14041.iso.torrent? jozien Thanks

Is it allowed to use affiliate with adsense ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I have health related article site with adsense. Now i want to use affiliate ads on my website. Will it go to against adsense rules ? If i use affiliate in my site, will adsense will ban me for that ? Thanks

(Solved) Cannot install winUSB (Mint16 Cin 64bit) forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. pretty much newbie Have Mint 16 Cinnamin 64bit running on HDD.I think I have Debian version, but how would I find out? Have new SSD installed and partitioned; want to make it the boot drive.Objective is UEFI dual boot (Win7/Linux) on the new SSD, probably using rEFInd. I have Windows 7 iso downloaded and need winUSB to create Windows 7 installer on flash USB I do have access to a...

Problems installing Apache2 [SOLVED] forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I've got a problem installing Apache2 (I want to run PHP scripts). I already installed and removed it multiple times, but that isn't working. This is the Apache2 error I get: * Restarting web server apache2(98)Address already in use: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:80 (98)Address already in use: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address no...

Doubt about promoting cpa offers www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. friends! I am new to cpa network. My question is that if i promote usa offer then what would happen when other country click my usa cpa offer? pls give some information. Thanks

qt creator can't find qt [SOLVED] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I'm running linux mint 17.1 64bit cinnamon rebecca, I tried many things to get qt to work, I tried installing qt creator from repo but I didn't find any qt versions under Tools->options, I also tried installing qt from the official site which I installed in home with no luck. Finally I removed the one I installed in home and instead of installing qt creator, I installed qt-sdk which...

Caja won't open forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I hope this is the right forum to post this. I'm working on Mint Mate 17. A couple of hours ago, the Caja file manager suddenly crashed (while double-clicking a folder). No big deal, I thought I'd just re-opened it but that didn't work. The mouse pointer spins for a few seconds and then stops, nothing else happens. I tried running caja from the terminal but that doesn't work and there's...

Asian affiliate networks www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I'm looking now for the best asian-based affiliate networks for japan/korean/chinese/... traf. So am seeking for smthng like CJ, Linkshare but for asia - with great amount of good offers. If there is no english language here - no problem. I need the list of the best asian affiliate networks. Hope someone work now with this kind of traf. Thanks

<SOLVED> Chromium Text Selection not working forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I encountered some weird issue. I find myself unable to select text with the cursor in chromium. made a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmyZWflnLak&feature=youtu.be I am running Mint KDE 17.1 32-bit in Virtualbox. Inxi -Fxz output: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# System:Host: xcd-comp Kernel: 3.13.0-37-generic i686 (32 bit, gcc: 4.8.2) Desktop: KDE 4.14.2 (Qt 4.8.6)...

Trying to start a CPA campaign www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I remember from my past experiences, cpa ads on myspace were very successfull So I'm thinking they would be just as successful on twitter or facebook.. Right now I have about 25 twitter accounts (20-30k followers in all) in food niche... Could anyone possibly point me in the direction of some good cpa ads to show these people? The accounts are currently being built to promote...

ISP drop outs corrupting /var/lib/apt/lists files forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I am using Rebecca (17.1 [32bit]) as my primary operating system on a dual boot system and in recent times have been experiencing some ISP drop out events. When these drop outs occur, several files within the /var/lib/apt/lists directory become corrupted (see list below). The corrupted files then prevent the GUI Software Manager and the terminal mode apt-get from functioning. File corruption...

Clickbank, ShareAclick, Myliker.. www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. do can you give some reviews on these websites for making money through sharing content/clicks ? I've read not few things for them and reviews of people and some say that it's crap, not worth it, while other say that they have managed to make money from these websites. Is it worth the try and can you give any tips? Cheers, eternal1912 Thanks

Clone USB Memory forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I purchased a USB stick (4GB) with a SW to learn the theory of driving. Before giving to my sonI would like to make a copy just in case my son destroys it. I have tryied with dd and also with imegeusb SW but also if all the files are on theUSB memory if I try to start the programit tell me that the program is not registered and I need to connet to Internet ot register it. For sure there...

[Question] Redirect Domain to Affiliate link www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. im absolutely new to this kind of scene and im looking forward to earn some money with ewhoring and affiliates. My level is: I had to google what domain means. Somehow i managed to buy a domain and my problem now is that i dont know how to lead the ppl to my affiliate link when they go to my domain. Here is the option menu on my Domain, what do i have to do there? Host A Records HOSTIP...

<SOLVED> Running old windows/DOS games on Linux Mint? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Does anyone know how to get an old Windows/dos game such as "3d Monster Maze" to run on Linux Mint? For example: http://www.pc-download-games.com/maze/3d-monster-maze.htm Downloading this game will get you an .exe file, 3dmm_8bit_v102.exe, but neither DosBox nor Wine seems able to load or run it. Even PlayOnLinux bombs out. It appears as if this game requires Windows 3.1 to run...

What sort of Traffic and Alexa rank do your websites have? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I am new to making money from websites and blogs and have a few blogspot blogs that have had a few thousand views and they never really made any money despite the fact i had adsense, clickbank and ebay ads all related to the blog topics. My goal is to make $50+ per day online and so far i have had no luck from my websites so i figured i should ask so i have some sort of goal to reach for. So...

is there a linux app that will import MPO files? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Can anyone recommend an application / utility that will import MPO files from a camera ? Say, for example, something like Shotwell? ...except that Shotwell doesn't recognise or import such file types, so I'm looking for an alternative. TIA Thanks

[BHW Exclusive!] GUIDE! 1,000 Clicks = $3! New Adfly! All Traffic, same pay!! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Use bhw as the vouchercode to receive $3 as a signup bonus towards your first $6 payout! The Basics: GCa.sh is a URL Shortener by the owners of GProfit.de. GProfit.de paid out over 550.000? in the last 5 years ! It is run by a registered company in germany with 25.000? in registered capital. You can earn 2.5$ per 1000 Visits on WORLDWIDE traffic . No shitty up to 10$...

Gimp Guides shortcut? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any shortcut keys that work for displaying guides in Gimp? Some other Linux users, not Mint, are able to use shift-ctrl or left win key- ctrl for a horizontal guide. shift-alt or l eft win key-alt for a vertical guide. Also they can use ctrl-alt for both horizontal and vertical guides. The only shortcut I have found that works is shift-ctrl-t to...

Email Blasting Service www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I am new to email marketing and i want to send promotional emails to a list of 30k+. Can someone recommend a service that will allow me to do this without getting banned? I'm not looking for a desktop software, i'm looking for a browser based service that can offer the whole package i.e html templates, reports etc. Thanks

Skype error message - advice please... forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I'm trying to get Skype video working (flickering blue video problem) and when I start Skype from the command line and look in the video setting screen (Skype -> Options -> Video devices) in Skype this error pops into the terminal: (skype:4114): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_get_direction: assertion 'GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed Googling doesn't show an exact match. Can anyone offer...

Someone already used Advidi? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Itried to apply to Advidi affiliate program and they send an email to me with some question that i don't know how to answer, because I'm new to this. Someone can help me to answer this? What verticals are you currently promoting? What are your strongest GEO's? Do you do WEB or mobile? How many leads are you doing currently doing on a daily basis? How much revenue are you...

Evolution Signatures Page Frozen forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. All, I am new to linux and have been using linux for my business for about two months now and it is working very well. Using Mint 17.1 with Evolution, Issue that I have is I have been trying to insert image and script to Evolution Composer Preferences under the tab Signatures, if I click on ?Add?, ?Add Script?, ?Edit? or ?Remove? buttons the whole page becomes non-responsive. When I try...

Apt-get update takes a long time (14 minutes) to run forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. Fresh install of Linux Mint 17.1 64-bit takes a long time when sudo apt-get update is run. I have tried changing source repositories a few times to no avail. Speedtest.net shows normal download speeds, and web browsing is quick. Oddly enough, the wait is highly consistent - every time I run apt-get update, it takes about 14 minutes and 3 seconds. No idea what to make of that. When...

Top Affiliate Programs for Health Products? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. Can you help me out....I'm looking for good affiliate programs for health products. ClickBank does mostly digital products....but.....I'm really looking for health products. I know about Market Health.....and they're good.....are there any others? Thanks

VLC 2.2.0 forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I would like to install VLC 2.2.0 on Mint 17.1 I found it in these repostories but I'm new and I don't know which one is better maintained. Could anyone advise ? * ppa:mc3man/trusty-media * ppa:videolan/stable-daily Thanks

Amazon affiliate vs adblock www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I used to sell via facebook, but now i started building sites and i really like it, so i would like to give it a shot, monetizing my website via amazon. For test purpose i put few ads on my site and adblock ofc. hides them. How do you work around it? Uploading your own picture and adding link manually instead of using amazon's banner? Thx for reply in advance. Thanks

[Solved] March 19 release of new OpenSSL Security Fixes forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Community, I was reading Krebs on Security ( http://krebsonsecurity.com/ ) and saw his comments on newly discovered OpenSSL security holes. He writes that "OpenSSL project plans to issue the updates on Thursday, Mar. 19" which has past already. Since I'm a slow learner and still green when it comes to Linux I was wondering if there is a special patch or update coming for Mint? I recall...

Firefox wrong version number forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Sometimes, when I click Help - About Firefox in the top menu, it says that it is version 32.0.3, when I know it's version 36.0.1. If I type about: at the adress bar, I get the right version. Does anybody know why this happens? Thanks

Unlimited Followers Quick www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I have been talking to a guy from UkSocialPromotion and they promote a large number of accounts quickly, getting them large numbers of followers, likes etc. I was wondering how I can do this for myself? for cheap ofc if there is a way? Like 200k in a few days please. Thanks

Shared Word docs show blank when opened forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. fresh installation 17.1, withMS Word/Excel/ppt 2010. Everything works fine in Linux, however, when I try to open from Linux any shared Word doc on W7, Word launches as 'Document 1' blank. I have no idea why, has anybody experienced this? All the other shared documents, like, Pdf, pictures, videos etc. work fine when launched from Linux on W7, so it must be related to the Office...

[LOOKING FOR] Affiliate Lottery CMS website www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I bought great Ex-Yugoslavia domain for Lottery niche. Now, I cant find right way to monetize it. So, I wonder, is there a way to install some CMS or website that looks like Lottoland or Multilotto? If that's not possible, what do you think, what is the best way to make money with this domain? Thanks

Power Managment not working forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. When I try Menu/Preferences/Power Managment nothing happens. This is on a desktop with Mint 17 and Mate. It used to work but no more. Even if I try Control Center/Hardware/Power Management, it *starts* to work - I can see "Power Managment" in the taskbar - but then nothing. Again, this used to work. Thanks

I am looking for adult affiliate www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I am looking for adult affiliate program which is good paying and pay rate is $50 or higher per sale.. i an using pps method.. Anyone? Please help me Thanks

Change Number of Recents in Gedit (Mint 17.1)? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Ok. I tried dconf-editor but this gedit setting is nowhere to be found. It's apparently gedit 2.30.4 on 17.1 Cinnamon. How the hell can this setting be so hidden? Woul dit not make sense for it to show up IN gedit when I go to preferences? damn. Thanks

A blogspot question www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. everybody! I have affiliate with Amazon and i'm trying to build a blog focused on it... I already choose my niche, but I have a problem... I don't have any money to buy a domain (I just have $1 on my PP) and my only option is blogspot. I'll get good results without a domain or I need to choose another way to do it? Thanks

x11 forwarding not working properly forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I have a fair amount of experience with Redhat-like distros but not much with Debian. I've run into this problem today while trying use x11 forwarding to my newly installed Linux Mint 17.1 from a server at work running Scientific Linux 5.4. Forwarding works with other clients OS X, Windows (Cygwin + xwin), Fedora, and CentOS but not with Linux Mint. With Mint, it looks like the session...

Chat affiliate www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I'm new here in this forum. I'm from philippines. Anyone here can help me find a good paying adult or dating affiliate program who accepts chat traffic . Thanks

[SOLVED]How to get around lack of Adobe Flash? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I am trying to view the content on http://www.railstream.net using Firefox in Mint 17.1. I get a message saying " No playable media found" in the box that has the streaming content. Yet the content plays fine in Win7 so I have to assume it doesn't care for the version of Adobe that's in FF even though it was updated via Synaptic fwiw.The page in question says it's built using HTML5 and...

Disable Keyboard Suspend Key in Cinnamon forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I recently purchased a logitech k750 wireless keyboard.It works extremely well, however, they placed the suspend key right next to the volume keys, and I episodically press it by mistake.How can I disable this key? I am running Linux Mint 17, Cinnamon 2.2.16. I can get the keycode using xev, but I can't find a way to disable the key.I tried: xmodmap -e '150 = NoSymbol' which still...

Help with Copa America Football Website Monetization www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. BHWers, I have a website on an upcoming event "Copa America 2015". The website is ranking in top #5 position for multiple "live streaming", "live score" sort of keywords (for example, Copa America 2015 live streaming, Copa America live streaming etc). I am expecting a good amount of traffic. How do I monetize such website with affiliate or CPA offers? Which offers are recommended...

[SOLVED] Software Manager fails to open forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Mint Pro's I have an issue with the Software Manager (mintinstall). I click on it to open, I enter my sudo password and then I get nothing, not even loading... I wait for 10-20 min, still nothing. I'm running Mint KDE 15 - Platform Version 4.10.5 on an Acer Extensa 5635Z , specs: Intel Pentium Processor T4300 (2.1 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) Intel GMA 4500M 3 GB RAM 320 GB...

Earn $10 Coupon www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Everyone can get $10 on happy miner coupon - Post 5 messages to 5 different forums - Send the Link to the happy miner coupon - Receive your $10 coupon! ** Just as easy as that! Thanks

Linux Mint 17.1 KDE-artefacts after hibernation forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. today i turned on my laptop after i hibernated it yesterday. After i opened Firefox, Linux get crazy, so i had to make cold reset. I am using laptop Acer Aspire 5536G.Here are some shots: Thanks

Thinking of Starting an Affiliate Program- Advice Needed www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. So we've been basically doing all the marketing ourselves. I've never really tried anything with affiliate marketing before. Was hoping to get some guidance here. I know there are quite a few networks. Which one should I go with? All of them or select ones?(CJ, Linkshare, Google, ShareAsale,etc) What are some general rules I should put in place? Our average order value is around...

apt-get upgrade crashes with segmentation fault on https forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I've installed Mint 17.1 Rebecca on my new desktop and everything works great with the exception of apt: when I run apt-get upgrade, the program crashes with the following error Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# ... Get:1 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty-updates/main libssl1.0.0 i386 1.0.1f-1ubuntu2.11 [779 kB] E: Method https has died unexpectedly! E: Sub-process https...

WTB big volume traffic www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I don't know where to open new thread, I want to buy big volume traffic from usa europe,just PM me asked price and volume please Thanks

Syncdrive error forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. It's my first time on this forum, and I'm a former Ubuntu user and an enthusiastic new Mint Mate fan. In the past days I've had big problems with Syncdrive. New files on my Google Drive account were deleted and not syncronized with the Syncdrive folder in my Home. Then this message started to appear: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# This application has raised an unexpected error...

Got banned from Crackrevenue, still don't know why www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I recently got banned from crackrevenue due to "illicitly generated leads." So i opened the ticket to see what went wrong as I know I didn't do anything shady - I was just promoting few offers on my tumblr blogs, same as I did for more then a year. However, I never got any answer on my question could they tell me where the allegedly illicitly generated traffic came from. I then decided...

can someone recommend a gmail notifier/checker that *WORKS*? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Until some time ago, gmail-notify used to be my preferred app. to advise me or new mail, and to go directly into mymailbox. Now it no longer works, no matter what I do. (apt-get autoclean, apt-get autoremove, apt-get update, etc.). Kindly refer to this link: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=191517&p=992074#p992074 . The only option (for Linux Mint cinnamon) seems...

AliExpress Affiliate Program www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. Anyone already tried ? What's your thought about it ? As i can see the payment took 1 month +. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks

I need to update QT5. How? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I use Musescore for music notation, and they have a new version out that has features I've been wanting for a while. However, this version requires QT 5.4, and LM 17.1/Ubuntu 14.04 only has QT 5.2. So I can't install it. Does anyone know of a PPA or repository that has Trusty-compatible QT 5.4? I'd really rather not compile it, if I can at all avoid that. I hope I don't have to wait until...

[SOLVED] Mp4 to Flv to mp3 software Mint 17.1 Mate forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Sorry if this has been asked and answered before but i did search but came up with nothing I used to use Anyvideoconverter to convert some mp4 and Flvfiles i have to mp3 files Is therealternative software in Software Manager that will carry out this conversion Thanks

Best way to monetize traffic to aliexpress www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I am new in this field of affiliation and all, so i seek help from people that are experienced. I have website that have very targeted traffic to aliexpress, by very targeted i mean they go through my website when they are intend to buy product they want. I know about the aliexpress affiliation program, but it seems that they have bad payment option alipay or bank account and bad payment...

Desktop Gui No Longer Loading After Software Update forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. fellow Minters My internet was out for something like a month. For all that time, my second desktop was in use but obviously isolated from the 'net. After service was restored, I was unable to start amule. In and of itself, this is not a problem: I move amule's 'temp' folder, uninstall, re-install and after a first boot of the program I move 'temp' back to its original location....

Building Vaporizer Reps for Wholesale Deals www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I have an online Vaporizer Shop and I am building reps for the company to sell products through wholesale deals. I provide Online store, affiliate sign up page, and products while you will provide either The traffic OR Accounts and proxies. i will be running FollowLiker (I have a license key) for Instagram and Twitter and throwing all the accounts on there. i will give you access...

CPA vs RevShare Whats your thoughts www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. CPA vs RevShare what do you chose and why? Affiliates find it difficult to decide whether to promote CPA (cost per acquisition) or RevShare (revenue share) offers. Both seem to have their benefits, but they are structured very differently which can make it hard to make a reasonable comparison. So, what are the factors that should enter into the decision? . Thanks

Does anyone know of a lyrics plugin for Banshee? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I like the program, but it seems that Rhythmbox did the job.I could find a lyrics plugin easy enough.Not for banshee.Help? Thanks

Universe - Affiliate CPA Network www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I would like to Introduce UNIVERSE CPA NETWORK, a unique CPA network, with only trend market offers. Creators are a team of veteran affiliates, with 12 years of experience in Direct Response Marketing; we understand how much hard work it takes to build out your traffic sources. We provide a large amount of exclusive offers that are 100% internally tested, compared with different CPA...

dvdstyler broken after Update forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I am using Mate 17.1 A couple weeks ago I had compiled a family tree video using dvdstyler.I saved the project and kept the entire folder of those videos intact. Today I wanted to burn additional dvds but dvdstyler closes as soon as I select create iso and Start. This has all been working normally. Here is what seems to cause the problem. The problem occurs after installing the latest...

How to put software in menu? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. The software Quick 'n Easy is not available in software-manager so I downloaded and installed manually. When I did it before, it appeared in the menu as Development or something like this, but not now. I should like to put it in the menu. Is it possible? Thanks

The first thing a newbie needs to understand about IM. www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. A lot of people get into Internet Marketing because they've seen some sales page saying how easy it is. Often they're people attracted by the 'Get Rich Quick' idea. Once they read whats involved and maybe even give it a quick try, they decide the whole thing is a scam and give up. You may or may not be one of those people, but either way it's worth letting you know that Internet Marketing...

mesa 10.1.3-0ubuntu0.4 update conflicts with Cinnamon SOLVED forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. folks. Suspected problem: mesa 10.1.3-0ubuntu0.4 update conflicts with Cinnamon? System environment: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# $ uname -a ; lsb_release -rd Linux unimatrix0 3.13.0-46-generic #79-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 10 20:08:14 UTC 2015 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux Description:Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca Release:17.1 Desktop environment: Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# $...

Affiliate with booking.com - who use it? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. If I make a website with hotel reviews or others and connect with aff program to booking.com will be winning way? Do you have some experience in that? Thanks

Advice on creating a proper launcher/shorcut forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Greets all, There are a few games which i've installed and would like to create launchers for them on my desktop. Obviously, the way i'm creating them is not working properly....i'll give two examples: 1.) The Witcher 2. If I go to the ' game ' folder, I can double-click on the desktop-launcher executable and it runs. If I open a terminal and type ./desktop-launcher , it runs...

Affiliate Marketing X Review - GET IT NOW! www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Affiliate Marketing X Review: Best Revolutionary Affiliatemarketing strategy that will change your entire approach to onlinemarketing Firstly let?s see the explanation of Affiliate Marketing X .Chances are, you have been already loaded with favorites softwares, butthere?s a wealth of exciting software to be found when you dig a bitdeeper. Affiliate Marketing X will load you with...

How to improve my daily earn using adult affiliate network. www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. Now i am work with 2 very good network. ANd i have lot of source of traffic. I want to increase my sale. please suggest good technique to improve my daily sale. And can anyone suggest me about good Adult affiliate network . Thanks

Shy spell-checker in OCRfeeder 0.7.11... forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I can't get OCRFeeder's spell-checker to put in an appearance despite the fact that it's been installed (/usr/share/ocrfeeder/spell-checker.ui exists). I'm running OCRFeeder v0.7.11 installed by Synaptic using the standard repos in Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca (64-bit, Cinnamon). Can anyone help? Curiously, I don't get that issue with OCRfeeder v0.7.9 running in Linux Mint 13 Maya (32-bit,...

mate-system-monitor forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I've been using Mint for several years and love it.Currently using Mint17 - 64 bit.Sometimes my hard disk starts working it's way through files and folders in the background.I opened the system monitor to see what process what runing and found "mate-system-monitor" was very, very busy.Not sure if this is common and part of the Mint funtionality or if it was because I opened the system monitor.Just...

StrongUpload.com Earn 50% of each sale 1,000 downloads. $ 30 Start Earning www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. day clearing period on all PPS rewards. Next update 5th July 2015. PPD recent earnings are added to your unpaid earnings each night. Earnings can be withdrawn when balance is over $20.00. How To Start Earning Earn 50% of each sale you refer to this site! You can earn money from upgrading users in 2 ways: Using your unique affiliate id, simply link to the site via your existing...

SimpleScan: scans in b/w but not in color!? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. Some time in the past (after some patch?), SimpleScan quit scanning in color. My scanner -I am on LMDE1 MATE 64-bit UP8, talking to a Brother MFC-820CW over wired network- starts scanning, but does not continue after the first "step" of the scanner head. SS keeps running in circles until I "force quit". The device is no more available, and I have to reboot both LMDE and the all-in-one. Anyone...

Affiliate products/links and AdSense on same site? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I was thinking about this for a long time now. Started to compare the pros and cons of affiliate products and AdSense. More pros to affiliate products = more money earned. But I want to keep AdSense on my site (one of them). Does AdSense and affiliate products/links work together on the same site? it is ok? Thanks

LM17 Cin: apps quit working until I re-login forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Mint 17 Cinnamon 64-bit. After a while being logged in, I find that the update manager and kill x-server functions quit working. Suspect it's something in the keyboard. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace quits working.i have to logout in order to restart the xserver. Running the update manager, I click "Install", and the Authorization popup appears.I enter the password, hit <enter> and the password...

Where to find a good affiliate program. www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Hey peeps. I am new to affiliate marketing so i have a question. Whats the best way to find a affiliate program? im looking for pet related (i prefer online not physical) stuff. Thanks

Error updateing packet sources forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. i have a problem by updating my Linux Mint. At First Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# inxi -Sr System:Host: tssss Kernel: 3.17.0-031700-generic i686 (32 bit) Desktop: Xfce 4.11.8 Distro: Linux Mint 17 Qiana Repos: Active apt sources in file: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list deb http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/packages.linuxmint.com/packages qiana...

Content Locker CPA System That Allows Adult Websites? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I want to lock some of my wordpress content (i.e. links etc. in posts) with CPA affiliate programs that contain content locker and it should allow adult. Which affiliate program do this? Thanks

Matlab on Rebecca (Cinnamon) forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I'm trying to get Matlab 2015 going as per the instructions posted here: http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/1493 . However, I'm having some troubles. I tried installing earlier versions of Matlab, thinking that might help, but these problems have persisted. I've tried installing in both the /home/user/Matlab folder and the /local/bin/Matlab folder (which is the Matlab default)....

Can you redirect to Peerfly? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Can you redirect Peerfly stuff to a domain name and why is it I suddenly cannot get page up for Peerfly but other pages? I did not change my Antivirus. I went to net cae and its OK there I have Chrome browser Thanks

Need help on how to rip a CD with VLC forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Good evening all: I will apologize first.I am (was) a frustrated Windows user, picked up some nasty Malware that I couldn't shake (even though I did try).After being told about the benefits of Linux, I decided to run a dual boot, just t make sure I was able to do the basics.Once that was done, I decided to jump all in and do a destructive install.All my baiscs are still working and...

Anyone know about Best Hosting Affiliate Program www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I am looking for best Affiliate program. It should have low fees and minimum $100 or little less would be fine. It should always pay. Which hosting affiliate you are using and how is it paying. Need to know Thanks

Amazon Associates Ad Unit Migration www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. Have you guys received this mail from Amazon ?I guess many of us have thousands of links to change into their new ad code. How do you guys do it ? Only good thing is at least they have this page where it shows all ad units we have in sites. Thanks

[SOLVED] Craigslist issue - radio button 'reply' broken forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. Since updating Firefox Mint to 36.01 I found the craigslist 'reply' button not working if javascript (craigslist.org) is allowed. If I block it with NoScript the 'reply' button works in HTML. Tested with addons disabled. Same issue. kernel 3.13.0-37 Booting into W7 no issue with Firefox 36 or with Firefox 36.01 (just updated this am) I don't know what else to check. I allow...

Best place to purchase solo ads in 2015 www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I would like someone to tell me the place to purchase solo ads.From my research I have discovered that udimi is good place.Are there any that are even better? Thanks

need help with old gpg secret key in a new OS forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I had previously created a key pair, made back ups and put them on a usb stick. Did not know about first creating a revoke key. Now I know. Since the first key pair I created, and published the public key... I had problems with my OS and wiped the drive clean and reinstalled LM17KDE. I then foolishly created a new key pair with a different email address. So what I have now is a new secret...

I want to start work with Amazon Affiliate need guidelines !!! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Guys ! I want to start work with Amazon Affiliate Program and for that i need some guidelines plz help me. My queries are as under: 1- What are best niches for beginners to start with these days. 2- Best WP theme and plugins for more sales 3- Tips to Rank my platform easily and fast. I will be Thanks

google chrome forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I try to install google chrome via a .deb file . it seems to work but impossible to launch it ? So I tried to install it via synaptic and by this way it works fine ! But I don't have the latest version of google chrome. Does anyone could explain me this ? Thanks

Crakrevenue PPL OR PPS? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Not sure if I posted this on the right Thread. But hey... What is the fastest or best way to get money *fast* between those two? How are the conversations for those? if from 1000 people 10 would sign up at PPL i'd get about 20$ ... but if from 1000 only one would sign up for a membership i'll get like 30$ depending on the offer. is that right? And what offer is the best converting...

Texmaker not openning forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I was working on a document with texmaker and I don't know what I exactly did but I can't view texmaker anymore. I can actually open it and it appear on the panel with my other software open. However if when I try to maximize it doesn't. (I checked the other desktop I have in case a weird thing made it appear there but it doesn't) I tried turning my laptop on and off. I tried reinstalling...

OWN Incentive CPA network? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. We are looking forward to get into the CPA business. Our plan is to create a new CPA Network for people who would like to lock their content. We have a budget of $XX.XXX and would like to get the right "script" or software. I have already heard of HasOffers, DirectTrack, Cake and LinkTrust. But those do not include content lockers etc. How is it possible to get a CPA Software done...

Javac in root not working forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I downloaded jdk from oracle website and put these lines in /etc/profile: JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/jdkmay JRE_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/jdkmay/jre/bin PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin:$JAVA_HOME/bin export JAVA_HOME export JRE_HOME export PATH Now, javac is working when I am not in root. But when I type su and password in the terminal. javac doesn't work, it says: The program 'javac' can be found in...

Can't open Software, Package or Synaptic Manager forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. This is on Linux Mint 17.1, Mate 1.8.1 When I try to open the first two they just fail to open, synaptic returns a string of errors, here is what I pulled from the teriminal (synaptic:21044): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_hide: assertion 'GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/sbin/update-apt-xapian-index", line 106, in <module> indexer.inc...

just a step or 2 away :) www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. after 4 long months and everything is ready, i think i'm a step away from monitizing, now i'm gonna put the affiliate links into the banner that the visitor will click at, i'm gonna use cpagrip but i dont know how to fill those cases CSS & HTML, i hope someone using cpagrip helps me https://www.blackhatworld.com/attachments/66284/ Thanks

Does C P A L e a d Content-Locker Unlock On Completion Of An Offer ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. Does C P A L e a d Content-Locker Unlock On Completion Of An Offer ? Does anyone have experience in it ? Can you please elaborate on how does the content-locker UNLOCK ? Thanks

Turn off initial side bar in Mate Document Viewer (Atril) forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. When I open a pdf file, the Mate Document Viewer (Atril) always shows the side bar with thumb nails of all pages in the document.I would like to turn this off,because I rarely use this side bar and it takes a lot of screen space. I am not sure why this is happening; as far as I remember, this didn't happen in older versions of Mint. Also it doesn't seem to happen for every user (not...

Admitad. Increase your income with us. www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Admitad - it is affiliate network with payment on CPA. We help our partners to monetize traffic more profitable, andpromote advertisers to get leads with many different tools and promo materials. There are more than 50 affiliate programs for Europe/America/India/Spain, which promote more than 200 000 publishers. Join us. Our benefits Huge choice of tools and apps Personal assistant Direct...

Pale Moon tells me Flash is out of date, but Firefox doesn't forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. My system is fully up to date but for some reason Pale Moon treats my Flash player plugin like it is out of date, and deactivates on all websites by default, forcing me to activate it manually. I do not think my flash is out of date though, and Firefox simply displays flash like usual with no problem. Do they use different plugins? Is it a bug in Pale Moon? How can I find out? Thanks

Finance niche blog Review www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Hey people I'm in the process of launching my affiliate campaign/program on my blog. I want your honest opinion on it. Im still tweaking minor things on it but its 90% done. I was gonna join the whole clickbank movement but i wanted to give people more things to sell than one while under the same umbrella. Im insured/bonded and certified to do credit repair. No scam or funny business...

cinnamons tries to start a removed application. forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. A while ago i tried to the parantal control program timekpr. I didn't deliver what i wanted so i removed it. In the log, i see that when cinnamon starts, it still tries to start timekpr. Mar 23 08:21:42 richard-desktop cinnamon-session[2092]: WARNING: Failed to start app: Unable to start application: Uitvoeren van dochterproces ?/usr/bin/timekpr-client? is mislukt (Bestand of map bestaat...

Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon Google Chrome forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I find some youtube videos play no sound when running chrome or chromium. This is only true with a limited number of videos. The ones that won't play on chrome or chromium play perfectly when I use Mozilla. Experts please weigh in with a cure. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nzkZpcaZVQ Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcszBi5xpCQ These play with NO SOUND using...

systematic GUI freeze after disk writing forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. HI all, after last updates I see systematic freeze after disk writing. I'm running Linux MInt Rebecca 64bit with Cinnamon onAMD A8-6600K using standard mint radeon driver. Editing any files using any editor, after saving, the system freeze for 4/5 sec... GUI doewn't respond neither using mouse nor keys. I look at syslog and .xsession_errors but it seems all ok. I cannot understand...

Where do i Find a list of all affiliate networks in the world www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I know there are so many affiliate network active on the internet. but I can't get them all. I have to apply in all of them. can anyone tell a good directoty to dig information about networks.? Thanks

Prototyping Web Application forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Some of you may have noticed that I am running a relatively large database under Mint 13 (although evaluation of Mint 17 has now started). So far all the queries I have carried out have been either direct from MySQL or from a few small Python programmes. The ultimate am is to develop a web application. I was wondering if anyone new of a prototyping tool so that I could generate a fewexample...

Libreoffice-base won't start [SOLVED] forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I've not found forum or online help for this specific problem. Any advice would be appreciated. Dell 1525, Mint 17 (32-bit,) mate desktop. (Edit:) By default, LibreOffice is installed in Mint 17 but without the data-base component LO-base has now been installed - & reinstalled - with Synaptic and appears on menu, but will not start up. Task bar says "starting LibreOffice Base" but...

HTML Login Themes and User Images with Encrypted /Home/ forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has found a workaround to the user pictures not showing up in the login screen when the home directory is encrypted when using HTML login themes? Using any of the GDM themes, the avatars work as expected. I've already taken care of the .face being owned by root problem by just deleting the file and selecting a new picture using the correct account. Thanks

Cross compatible bit encrypting software forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I would like to know if there exists some reliable bit encrypting software which works on all major platforms, such as Mint, Windows 8 & 7 and Mac ? Best Wishes , Darjeeling Thanks

Looking to get back into Amazon associates www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I have a niche that I want to pursue, but after running it through google keyword tool, I'm a little discouraged. I already knew it was a high competition niche, but even the long tail phrases I was planning to go for are still considered "high" and only get about 50 unique searches anyway. On broad search terms like "cheap niche" "cheap niche reviews" "best niche" etc.. they are easily...

mintinstall fails to run in Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# anvo@deadend ~ $ mintinstall add_categories took 0.923 ms build_matched_packages took 0.228 ms add_packages took 4486.844 ms add_reviews took 892.108 ms File "/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintInstall/mintinstall.py", line 1895, in <module> Application() File "/usr/lib/linuxmint/mintInstall/mintinstall.py", line 53, in wrapper res = func(*arg) File "/usr/l...

caja sort preferences unchangeable for each folder forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I am unable to permanently change my file sort preferences in caja for any folder that I view. They will only change temporarily.If I refresh it reverts to the previous sort preference and opening a new caja window in the same directory ignores my changes. It's inconvenient; I use caja all the time. Are these settings stored somewhere that is for some reason read-only?It doesn't...

Newbie need dating/adult affiliate program www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I'm newbie and I'm looking some dating/ adult affiliate programs. Programs may pay via Paypal and easy to registry. Tks. (Sorry about my english) Thanks

Gnome terminal is completely transparent after update forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I did an update tonight and upon rebooting gnomer terminal comes up completely transparent. Attached is a photo showing what I am talking about.It is the box that can be seen atop a google search line. I also tried starting konsole, but the same thing happened. Any ideas? Thanks

Networks who want addiction treatment www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I have a brand new addiction treatment offer.we have both a CPL insurance verification form as well as a pay per call.But im having trouble finding a quality network to promote my offers. I have a few affiliates and networks signed up but no action.The payouts and terms are in my opinion really fair so im not sure why its so difficult to get quality networks/affiliates on board. does...

Name of this widget? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Saw what I believe is a cpu/memory/temperature/storage widget which overlays itself on the desktop. The image is at https://plus.google.com/photos/115526653443007105911/albums/5998885813791343025/6026981888632467778?banner=pwa&pid=6026981888632467778&oid=115526653443007105911 Does anyone know where I can this app? Thanks

What to do next? Website created www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. So I've made a site within a niche which I am hoping will be successful, for arguments sake lets say it's all about siamese cats. I've made 20 pages all about siamese cats, traits, chacteristics, common ailments etc. All of the pages have hyperlinks between them so the site has many interal hyperlinks. I've wordpress with the SEO by Yoast plugin and every page is showing green. I'm...

Nvidia Prime forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Has anyone gotten Nvidia Prime to work without LightDM. The last time I did the route with Lightdm I had a update from LM and somehow my system go switched to full ubuntu and crashed. So unless that bug has been fixed. Anyone else have any suggestions? I've tried using bumblebee but it just doesn't work the way I need it to. Asus G551jk 16gb ram, Nvidia 860m 2gb vram, 2 1tb hd, intel...

Anyone know any car affiliates? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. Does anyone know any decent car affiliates, if there are any? I've referenced/am referencing some types in my articles/website and would like to link to them. I've done quite a bit of searching over the last few weeks with not much luck for the types of cars I was looking for. The few sites I did find used to have affiliate programs but no longer do. Thanks

Solved Unable to open Software Center problem with MergeList forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I am unable to open the software center from the menu in Linux Mint (as I have in the past). It would not open... and when trying to download and install mplayer_1.1+dfsg1-0ubuntu3_amd64.deb from the Ubuntu Software Center I got the following error messages: E: Encountered a section with no Package: header |E: Problem with MergeList/var/lib/apt/lists/extra.linuxmint.com_dists_qiana_m...

BlackHat Exclusive Offer: $2.00 per free trial at TurboFlix (a Netflix unblocking service) www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. THREAD CLOSED 12/02/2014 ---- TurboFlix is a Netflix unblocking service and is already becoming a leader in the smart DNS and VPN industry. To set our affiliate program apart, we decided to offer an exclusive rate to you fine folks here at BlackHatWorld. $2.00 PER FREE TRIAL. There's no credit card requirement for our free trials, so every time a unique visitor you send our way...

Google-Earth in coarse colours and no pics forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I installed google earth via apt-get. When I zoom to a coast area for example, I have rectangular stains which only disappear when I zoom in very deep. Prob no.2: The picture view doesn't work. I use LM 17.1 64-bit. Google Earth gives me: Google Earth Build Date 10/7/2013 Build Time 12:34:45 pm Renderer OpenGL11 Operating System Linux ( Any idea to circumvent...

[SOLVED] What cmd will change permissions for drive forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I did a command when setting up a second hard drive that gave the permission to treat every file as an executable. I didn't mean to do that and I don't remember what I did. It is only Text files that give me a problem wanting my permission to run/display/execute. How do I change that permission for the contents of a folder? Here is a screenshot of the box I have to un-tick to set it...

Can't get AMD CCC to open forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I have successfully installed the Catalyst 14.12 drivers on a fresh install of 17.1 Mate.I rebooted and the screen came up not quite as large as the monitor, as is normal.I go to open the catalyst control center to make the screen bigger but it won't open, whether trying to load the normal CCC or administrator version.I don't get any errors, it just doesn't open.Any help would be appreciated. ...

CPA Movie Streaming Traffic. www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Im looking for a partner who has U.S or worldwide traffic that could work with a very good movie streaming offer. Please pm me if interested. Weekly payouts or daily. PM me. Thanks

Screen recording program suggestions forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. i was wondering if there was any good Screen recording programs you guys would recommend i try. i had looked around before but couldn't really find any that seemed like they were up to date. i ended up installing Kazam but that seems to slow down my computer a lot and i believe also make Flash crash as well. Thanks

get $14 for ordering on fiverr !! www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. just found a super cool method to order my own gig and get $14 cash back as well. The website we are going to use topcashback.com This site is paying US users to make a purchase on fiverr with a new account. Although It is for US users, you can do it from anywhere using a proxy or VPN. Remember to use elite US proxy though. Now get registered on topcashback and search for Fiverr...

running linux windowed on a chromebook? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I recently came across this chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/crouton-integration/gcpneefbbnfalgjniomfjknbcgkbijom . It is to allow running linux in a window on the chrome desktop rather than switching back and forth between the two. Can someone kindly direct me to where / how to use this extension? ...I mean: must tbe extension be installed first? ......

MuseScore 2.0 official release annoncement forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. On the MuseScore site the 2.0 version is going to be released on March 24th for all other platforms than Windows and Mac. Thomas Bonte from the MuseScore staff wrote on the MuseScore user forum to me: Hey Joe, currently we have lined up Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, PCLinuxOS, OpenBSD. If your distribution is missing, please leave a comment and if you know who is your distribution...

How to Start Getting Traffic/Orders as a RX Affiliate www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Here are the steps I recommend that you follow in order to start getting traffic/orders as a RX Affiliate. 1. Register as an affiliate - please ask me your the registration URL if your interested and I will send you the registration URL. 2. Find a good domain for SEO, under this domain you will promote multiple products. 3. Once you find a good domain, I recommend that...

[Request] Script to disable devices based on xinput ID forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=192462 asking for help overcoming a few minor issues with my Mint install to make my switch complete, and while I got some good responses, I still haven't developed a thorough, elegant solution (due to lack of programming skills/not understanding how to control the OS via a programming language).So I'm appealing for a little bit of scripting...

Pay-Per-Sale & Tier Affiliate Program up to 25% Commissio Rate. Free 10$, 100$ payout www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Product is: IntelMobi Mobile Tracking App for Android and iPhone Program Details Commission Type Pay-Per-Sale: Level 1: 10% for each sale you deliver Level 2: 15% for each sale you deliver Level 3: 20% for each sale you deliver Level 4: 25% for each sale you deliver Level Type Level 1: Default first time sign up Level 2: Minimum 10 users commission Level 3: Minimum...

'Unattended-upgrades' forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. Hallo all - I wonder if someonee can give me some information/reassurance?About two weeks ago, an update appeared in Update Manager on Mate 17.1 called 'unattended-upgrades'.There was no real explanation and, after thinking for a day or two, I let it go and installed it. Does anyone know what the specific purpose of this update is? Thanks

First time affiliate program. www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. how to set up an affiliate program. I've searched Google many times but can only find sites that talk about the process rather than how to actually set one up. I'm looking for a program or software or anything that will allow me to have affiliates sell my product and and get their commission or notify me of their earnings so I can pay them out. I have quite a few people who are interested...

Folders and emails disappeared in evolution. Fix. forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I didn't do it! Honest. I didn't do a thing! I get up in the morning. Turn on the computer. Then it is on all day. I open firefox first. Then evolution. They, as well, stay open all day. Both opened normally, and all was well. Today I was doing a bunch of research about webhosting companies. Went to a lot of websites. You know how it goes. A bunch of strange websites....

[For Newbies]So Many Affiliate Programs! Which One Do I Choose? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. Ask questions first before you join an affiliate program. Do a littleresearch about the choices of program that you intend to join into. Getsome answers because they will be the deciding point of what you will beachieving later on. Will it cost you anything to join? Mostaffiliate programs being offered today are absolutely free of charge. Sowhy settle for those that charge you some dollars...

WINE and/or CrossOver Linux creating lots of .lnk files? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I've recently noticed an issue with a http://imgur.com/e1HvX0K in my home directory.It seems to only happen with .docx files I open.I purchased CrossOverLinux and have been using that with great results, but I wanted to get advice here (to make sure it isn't a setting I'm overlooking) before filing a report with them.I do have 12 months of email support from that team. Currently running...

How i can earn money by affiliate marketing www.blackhatworld.com

Hey there. I need know brief m just new in this market , so need to know much about that , if anybody can suggest i will Thanks

the dd command forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I would be very grateful for help with the syntax of the dd command. I have downloaded Linux Mint 17.1 Xfce to a USB stick and I now want to make the USB bootable. It is the exact syntax that is defeating me. When I insert the USB it is shown on my home screen as 'USB Stick'. Clicking on the icon brings up another screen showing location /media/gam/USB Stick and the contents as lin...

application to send large files forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. is there an application for sending large archives over the internet? i want to send some archives but i have a feeling they are too big to send as attatchment in email Thanks

Anybody know where to download an Affiliate Network Script www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Hey Guys, I want to build a micro affiliate network for a handful of marketers in my area... anybody know of a good script that is available to download, maybe in the special place? Something like hasoffers, I just don't feel like spending money for it... Thanks

Aisleriot -- Problem installing more card themes forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I'm running Mint 17 32 bit with Xfce, and the Aisleriot solitaire card game that installs via Synaptic, verison 3.10.2. I tried to install more card themes via --> View -> Card Style -> Install card themes... and received this message -- Catalog could not be read. The catalog file '/usr/share/aisleriot/aisleriot.catalog' doesn't exist. I researched this forum and found this...

Is Chaturbate worth it? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I have seen the Chaturbate affiliate program on an email i was sent and thought it looked ok for free sign-ups, but then saw somebody on here saying they pay you once, then you won't get paid again. Anyone had a good experience and had a few payments from them? Cheers in advance! Thanks

Linux Mint 13 kernel update forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I am using linux mint 13 and my current kernel version is 3.2.0-23 generic.I have downloaded the latest 3.19.3 kernel and compiled it and installed it.But after reboot my nvidia driver is not there.the whole graphics changed and when i tried to install using add hardware option it shows error.Can anyone help me with this? Thanks

mintMenu 5.6.0, error at first login after boot / reboot forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. In relation to Advanced MATE Menu (mintMenu 5.6.0) I have an odd problem and I need advice on how to diagnose it. I have the mintMenu Applet in my default panel. Recently it started failing to load the first time I login after a boot / reboot. The system prompts with an error message asking me if I want it deleted from my configuration. If I logout and then login in it loads fine but...

Amazon Add to Cart Cookie Baking Cooking Question www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Folks If you link a visitor to an Amazon product with an add to cart link, how is the 90 day cookie applied? a, Have they got to ADD IT ACTUALLY TO THEIR CART WHEN THEY LAND ON THERE? b, What if they don't add the linked to item, but they decide to search and buy something else? 90 day or 24 hour cookie? c, If they don't ADD TO CART, but like in b, do something else and buy some...

Syslinux error with Unetbootin forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I'm having a problem with Unetbootin, whenever I try to create a new bootable USB to upgrade to a newer version of Mint I'm getting the same error: extlinux not found. This is required for EXT2-formatted USB drive install mode. Install the "syslinux" package or your distrobution's equivalent I've checked and syslinux is installed, the USB drive is formatted to FAT32 and I'm currently...

What counter should I use for wordpress to analyse traffic? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Where can I find a great traffic counter to analyse traffic? My primary source of traffic is from pinterest. Jetpack and kstats have been tried, I don't like them. Any suggestions? Thanks

PPAs not working in 17.1 forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I can't seem to get PPAs towork in 17.1. It looks like they are added successfully but I don't see the software I expect to see after apt-get update. I have tried both banshee PPA and digikam PPA. It makes no difference if I add them with add-apt-repository or through the software sources app. Code: http://forums.linuxmint.com/# $ inxi -r Repos: Active apt sources in file: /e...

Afilliate Idea Feedback www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Everyone, I have been reading this forum for years but never really had anything to post so I just recently signed up for an account. I want to start by saying sorry if I am breaking any forum rules I dont mean to so if I am please just let me know as I am here to learn. Some Background Information On some of the other forums Ive been a part of it turns into a bit of a community...

110 monthly searches too low? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I'm thinking about creating a website with an EMD phrase for a problem. Already checked godaddy and domain is still open, I can't see it being registered any time soon, so I am taking this time to get my ducks in a row. Basically I'm planning to create a EMD for a problem, and looking to use organic traffic from google, and maybe stumble upon. The website would offer different solutions...

GPS watch and Wine forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. i just purchased a gps watch for when i go biking, running, and hiking. it is put out threw timex ironman. when you connect the watch to the comupter via usb you can down load the training data from the watch to the computer or program provived threw timex, which is a free download. my question is that it is not working threw inuxmint 17.1, there something i can do or a program i can...

How long before you see results from CPA schemes? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. weeks ago I set up a competition website where the entry to win the prizes is free, the only catch is you have to complete a survery constructed though a content locker to unlock the entry page. I am using FollowLiker to blast up Instagram and Twitter and I am getting a steady following. My problem is I haven't seen a penny yet and when I log into my CpaGrip dashboard I see other...

Why do I need to remove Canonical Partners repository? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. Just installed adobe acrobat because I need it to view a specific document. On this website, I was instructed - after the install - to remove the repository for precise. My question, why? 3 After properly installed Adobe Reader, don?t forget to remove the Canonical Partners repository for Precise: sudo add-apt-repository -r "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ precise partner" sudo...

MaxBounty Shaving Clicks and commission! www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I switched over to max bounty for a campaign i was running with another affiliate. I soon learnt the original aff was un-reliable but heard good reviews about MAxbounty. One thing i do know is my campaign is a one page submit and is the perfect match! However, my stats reflect differently to theirs! The offer is so easy that a monkey could take part and all leads are targeted...

Using MS Office in Wine forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I have never used Wine before, but as I have a couple of old databases I wish to view, I installed it on my computer that runs Mint 17.1 Cinnamon. Having copied MS Office 2000 into a folder on the hard drive and installed it on Wine I now get the different applications shown. Word and Excel run but Access says that msjet40.dll cannot be located. As I primarily wanted Access, I wonder...

Can't get updates , can't install program forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I have Mint 13 Maya. - I can't make the updates of the system , I get a message "you have two broken packages". - I have a new strange message since yesterday (I deleted medibuntu from the list as recommanded ): "E: libdrm2: libdrm2:amd64 2.4.39-0ubuntu0.2 cannot be configured because libdrm2 E: libdrm-intel1: probl?mes de d?pendances - laiss? non configur? E: libdrm-nouveau1a:...

i need your help www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. im new here and i wanna make some money but i dont know much so anypay per sing up networki mean that every one sing up under your link with his email you earn money thx Thanks

Mint 17.1 Cinnamon updating EXTREMELY slow forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. In the last couple of weeks I've noticed that updating has gotten EXTREMELY slow.This is true regardless of whether I use the terminal or the gui update manager.Usually I run out of patience and just kill the process.Here's the result of my latest effort using the update manager: Failed to fetch http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/dists/stable/InRelease Failed to fetch http://s...

Looking for affliates 15% commison and helps save lives. www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Detect-Kit provides the same type of presumptive drug test kits thatare use by the United States department of justice, but as a harmreduction tool. Detect-Kit allows individuals to screen unknownsubstances so they can make educated decisions. The demand for access tothese chemical reagent test kits has grown.Research chemicals, alsoknown as ?synthetic designer drugs?, have become increasingly...

Is there any provision for using a dial-up modem? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I just installed linux mint 17. I insert my modem in one of the ports but nothing comes up, is there a way to install a modem or linux has no provision for this? The modem is the only way I can connect. Thanks

[Question] Amazon Affiliate Website www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. So I'm about 4 days into working on my website, coded it from scratch, looks damn good I might say. Working on selecting products at the moment so I can have a list of review articles to write. Finished the homepage with 1000+ words on it, so thats good. My question regards in content. Since Im not using a CMS, and its just a html website from scratch, how should I go about updating...

Exclusive deals & coupons + High Conversion Rate + 15% Commisson Rate www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Everyone, Now ALLBUY have joined in these affiliate networks below, welcome to join in one of our affiliate network. if anyone have any question about our affiliate networks, pls PM me or email us via affiliate@allbuy.com . 1. Shareasale.com Allbuy Merchant Page - https://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=45370 Cookies Period - 60D Comission Rate - 10% 2....

Calendar? forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I don't consider my self as newbie, but several years has passed since I have used Linux. Many thing has happend with Linux since I gave it a try. I have installed Linux Mint 17.1 with LibreOffice but I miss a calendar. At work I use MS Outlook 2013 with it's calendarfunction. Where can I find a good calendar? Regards Peter Thanks

audacious forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I have installed this and like it very much, however when I try to export playlist I just get an error message can not save unsupported file extension.Can anyone help? Thanks

UK job/employment PPL or affiliate programs www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. Please be gentle with me as I'm new to the site. I've been researching the basics on here for a few days and I've come up with an idea to get some leads within the UK job seeker niche. I've been looking around for ways that I could monetise these leads, and just wanted to know if anyone knows of or can recommend any UK job site PPL or affiliate programs? I know the Simply Hired website...

gnupg folder ownership questions forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I just backed up my /home using Grsync as I usually do and had an error because permission was denied for the ~/.gnupg folder.This folder was owned by root even though it is in my home directory.I was able to change the ownership so that I could back it up, but I have a couple of questions: 1. Shouldn't all directories and files in /home/user be owned by user? 2. There was an update...

uk bookmaker affiliates www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. Need some bookies that pay per sign up rather than revenue share. Have totepool and betfred but can't find any others? Thanks

Problem with package manager on FRESH mint install [solved] forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Really hoping for help with a resolution to this. I'm not a newbie user but I'm by no means fully competent. Last week my laptop developed some infuriating issues with apt-get and in an attempt to fix the problem I completely screwed dpkg and had to do a completely fresh install (you know that XKCD sketch about fixing IT issues leading to sharks? Yeah, that was me). SO, yesterday...

Anyone using Dating Gold? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I am thinking of promoting some adult dating programs on the Dating Gold network as they pay $75 per sale on one of their sites. Is anyone here using them, and are they very fussy about traffic? And do they always pay for legit traffic? Cheers Thanks

How to change the scale factor in Cinnamon? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Is there any way to scale the user interface? I can only find under Settings -> General the possibility to scale on Hi-DPI and under Fonts the Text scaling factor - I'd like to shrink everything, in order to have better overview on my 1080p display. Thanks

[Solved]Trash fails to open-simple fix? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. Trash fails to open-simple fix? Would like to open trash and recover one file from trash. When I double click on desktop icon "Trash" or right click on trash and select "open" , my two (Trash icon and Computer icon) icons on the desktop disappear and the screen resets to a blank Welcome wall paper with no icons. To get my two icon to reappear on the Welcome screen, I open "files' and...

Beside Amazon Affiliate program, are there other affiliate programs ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Since my amazon affiliate acc has been closed by Amazon, i spent a lot of time to find other affiliate programs like Amazon. Could you guys recommend some affiliate programs?Especially like Amazon, Cuz i built a nich site for two years and focus on the specific product. Thanks

Porting Mac Pages documents to Linux forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I have quite a bit of Pages documents saved on an old iMac. I still need to work on sevaral of them today, but before the Mac gives up the ghost foor good, I would like to find a painless way to port those documents to my Linux box. I've researched on the subject, and there doesn't seem to be a converter of any sort. I've often read the suggestion to export the documents to Word or...

Affiliate Program Advise Needed www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I am starting a new service that provides Amazon F B A sellers premium online buying opportunities, also know as OA or online arbitrage, so that they don't spend all of their time sourcing for good deals online, this creates massive value for the F B A sellers and is a no brainer for them.What I need help with is what affiliate program would you use to guarantee that affiliate and JV partners...

Solved?difficulty installing Adobe Digital Editions forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Recently I discovered openlibrary.org, which is very handy, but which expects that users will install Adobe Digital Editions. I am not sure if Open Library is a creation of Adobe, but I assume that they must be at least affiliated in some way. I hoped I would be able to install ADE with Wine, but so far have had no luck. I have downloaded ADE 4.03 from the Adobe site, and attempted to...

Amazon Ecommerce Website ? www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I have build a amazon ecommerce website with arround 200 product, it has on built in cart system and it redirects on final step to amazon. Is there anybody who used this kind of system before ? Products are imported by amazon and spinned but spin quality is not so good, do you think will i have a problem some later ? Thanks

USB Image Writer and USB Stick Formatter Not Working forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Hey folks, Did a fresh install of LM 17.1 .. for some reason USB Image Writer and USB Stick Formatter aren't working. Any thoughts? Thanks

Want to give a shoutout to CrakRevenue www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I've been working with them for a few months, and so far I've made over $2k with them. They payout on time every 2 weeks with no problem. But, the best part: Their affiliate managers. I have been compiling data from my split testing, and I found several offers that seem to be converting well and worth pursuing. I was trying to come up with a plan to split test 4 different offers...

Nemo in Mint-17 forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. Earlier, on right clicking, "Open as root" and "Open in terminal" Options were available in Nemo. But I failed to find this in Mint-17 Cinnamon. Am I missing something? Or I am right about this. Well some one just help me tweak in to get this two options in my Nemo file manager. Thanks

Aliexpress affiliate rss feed? www.blackhatworld.com

Hi guys. I just apply for Aliexpres affiliate program but I can not figure out how to create rss feed with products from chosen category. Any tips? Thanks

Please help!! Massive problem:( forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. people,,i hope someone can help,,,im running linux mint(think its maya) and canot update packages (i have red cross in shield) cannot use synaptic package manager( get this error ) E: Encountered a section with no Package: header E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/packages.medibuntu.org_dists_precise_free_binary-i386_Packages E: The package lists or status file could not be...

Newb. Looking for crypto affiliate www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. Looking for a bitcoin/crypto or faucet affiliate for my first domain. Set up with Adsense now but most ads are useless. Im open to any/all suggestions. Thanks

Software Manager wont open? forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. Soooo... When i try to open software manager i get a authenication message, Right? Well when i type in my password the screen flashes grey like its trying to open but closes immeditly. Any ideas? Thanks

Are paid courses worth it? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello there. I'm pretty new to SEO and Affiliate Marketing so I was thinking about buying a course. Are there any tips with finding a legit course? I don't want to get scammed. Asking because most of them feel so snake oil-ish. Thanks

Passwords use forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I know and want when i start mint17 I use my password But once mine17 is open is there a way, to not having to use passwords for software manager synaptic ETC , I think i saw this in mint debian when i tried it Thanks

Amazon affiliate question www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. Do I get commission with Amazon affiliate if I sell products that other companies(the seller is not amazon) sell on Amazon? Thanks

How do I use MPlayer? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. Based on the instructions in the Easy Linux Tips Project, I uninstalled Banshee and installed MPlayer. Problem is, I really don't know how to use MPlayer. Can anyone give me an idea how? Thanks

Movie affiliate program question www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Could you give me some ideas of affiliate programs to join, to promote such sites as hulu, netflix, cinematrix or something. And maybe a way to join them, i find it quite hard to find them. Thanks

LibreOffice Borders forums.linuxmint.com

Hi everyone. I'm back on my MintKDE-64bit lol.I am trying to make my Resume and Cover Letter look nice.I would like to put a nice border on them.As of now, I can only get the border as a solid line, what I want is a double line with one as an accent like in the software choices.This looks good in the Print View but does not print properly.I am also confused about the border around the paper in blue.I...

Loadedcash delay payout problem www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. Who among here are affiliates of loadedcash , who haven't receive July 16, 2015 cut-off?? I tried to contact them however until now NO answer . I met the minimum target to release my payment out. It is my first time to encounter this kind of delay on my payout. I just get back to promote their campaign,and before I did that I asked the manager if my account is still activated and...

[ Kind of Temporary SOLVED] CRITICAL ERROR: Gtk-CRITICAL forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I installed eric from software manager. When I started the eric python IDE from command line, I get these warning: ~$ eric Warning: translation file 'qt_en_US'could not be loaded. Using default. Warning: translation file 'eric4_en_US'could not be loaded. Using default. Warning: translation file 'qscintilla_en_US'could not be loaded. Using default. (python:20159): Gtk-CRITICAL...

Best adult PPL or PPS www.blackhatworld.com

Hey everyone. I had good time with livejasmin PPS, now that time is finished and i want to start over a newPPL or PPS affiliation on my website. Generally i've around 700-800 unique visitor / day Mainly my traffic is coming from Italy (expanding worldwide) Any advices? Thanks

md5sum of bash forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. I would like to hear from anyone who has a satifactory copy of besh on 17.1. I am getting bizarre behavior when trying to execute a simple script from the bash that comes with Linux mint 17.1. If you would post the md5sum of /bin/bash then that would be great. Thanks

Okular does not work properly after upgrade to LM 17.1 forums.linuxmint.com

Hello guys. I just upgrade from LM 17 to LM 17.1. Okular does not work properly after upgrade to LM 17.1 Rebecca Cinnamon I tried this per release notes, http://www.linuxmint.com/rel_rebecca_cinnamon.php : ~ $ apt install kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins ... ... Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done kdelibs-bin is already the...

Virus scan file moved stupidly by me ..What now! forums.linuxmint.com

Hello there. After being pig headed and running another virus scan with ClamTK (i know i know ive been told but its trying to wean yourself off of Windoze thinking) Clam found 110 PUAs Now being silly i right clicked on one thinking it saved the result as a text file and saved it to Documents ..Having read further about what they were i think they were all from my Windows system (Is that possible...

Boxing Marketing Ideas www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. Guys, my passion is boxing. I know pretty much everything about boxing and I just can't seem to figure out what to do with affiliate programs if any. Does anyone have any ideas if their are affiliate programs or any recommendations how I should go about my passion? My writing skills are not the best so blogging I don't think would be the best. Thanks

Disable CD-text in Brasero forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. When I make an audio CD from flac files with track names, Brasero will automatically write the names on the CD as CD-text data. I want to disable this behaviour, but can't figure out how. There are no gui options and the config file is quite undocumented. By the way, I have version 3.10.0 (I resorted to aptitude to find out: there is no --version option in the command; strange, eh?). ...

Could you create a script that installs preferred programs? forums.linuxmint.com

Hi guys. I have some immediate downloads that I like to perform upon a new distro installation: I'd like to know if I could write a shell script or something that uses the software manager to install all of the specified programs sequentially. Thanks

Amazon Associate Terminated. How to get a new account? www.blackhatworld.com

Hello all. I got my account terminated because i was using pop up console with the amazon link. Can i just create a new account with a new business name and email? If approved can I replace all my existing links with the new affiliate ID? Thanks

Restore sound forums.linuxmint.com

Hello all. I'm on mint 17.1 Cinnamon. I ran remove pulseaudio and now "Sound" is not in the menu anymore. I reinstalled all the removed packages it said and still no sound in the start menu. How do I get it back? Thanks

Joining Turboflix www.blackhatworld.com

Hi everyone. I would like to join Turboflix but the say that registratins are closed. Do i need an invitation to join? they say "The TurboFlix affiliate program is not accepting any new affiliates at this time. " Can you help me please? Thanks

I want Firefox to use Google.com(USA), not IP-based Google forums.linuxmint.com

Hey everyone. I am using the Firefox that comes with Mint 17 Cinnamon. (The Firefox package that is now version36.0.1).I type keywords in the URL bar and Google searches, but it ends up on Google.ca.I want Google.com (Google USA) to be used. 1. How can I tweak the exact search URL that Firefox submits to google? I want 2. How can I make Firefox using the Google.com (Google USA) search, and not...

Amazon Reviews $3.00 Each www.blackhatworld.com

Hello guys. I am looking for USA based amazon reviews. I am willing to pay $3.00 per review. Please send me a link to your recent reviews. Thanks

Libronix with wine forums.linuxmint.com

Hey there. I want to use libronix for my linux mint rebeca via wine but it doesn't work! so I need help for make it work! I've already see someone use this on ubuntu by not in linux mint! need assistance! Thanks